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Iran Desert Safari

Safari is new to Iranian tourism even in word. The charming amusement that is now quiet rests among its lovers; the pleasure of speeding among the cavernous sand dunes on the natural runway without any hindrance. The nature of Iran also has a great potential in its corner for this excitement. From Shahrud Rams to Maranjab Desert.


Desert Safari

Desert Forbes, Land Rover and Land Cruise are one of the most exciting cold season tours, though the history of such tours as Safari Tours in Iran is very low. The main feature of Safari Tours is the excitement and professional hiking that takes you to the hidden corners of this nature.

In this type of tour from origin to destination, landlords travel with three passengers on the specified route and members of the tour take the adventurous traveler to different destinations with the general order. The main theme of these tours is the experience of living in nature and camping for a few days.

Maranjab , Iran Desert Safari

Maranjab Desert

An amazing desert, Maranjab is a popular name for travelers to the deserts and deserts of Iran. Situated 50 km northeast of Aran and Bidgol in Kashan, its caravan (on the edge of the desert) is a good place to stay. About 4 kilometers east of the inn is a freshwater well known as Duncan Well. The presence of freshwater in the well is due to the enormous sand filters that purify the underground brines and make the water relatively low in mercury.


Jara Desert (Varzaneh)

The beautiful Jara Desert is located 100 km east of Isfahan and 150 km west of Yazd in Isfahan province. Jara Desert derives its name from a village on the southern edge of Jara. The area has been known by this name in recent years. Other names in the area include the Varzaneh Desert and the Hassanabad Desert.

The scenery of Gavkhuni Wetland above the eastern hills is very beautiful and exquisite. The salt marsh is accessible from the salt mine on the Hasanabad dirt road. The sand dunes of the area are also suitable for Aphrodite and Camping.

Lut Desert , Iran Desert Safari Tour

Mesr Desert

If you are a cinema-goer, you may have heard the name of this village, because the memorable film “Very Far Very Close” was filmed in this village and the natural beauty of the area was properly recorded in Mir Karmi. This village is 45 km east of Jandagh city and 30 km north of Khor Esfahan city.

However, within three kilometers of the village, Amirabad has sand dunes and rich vegetation rich in shrubs and nuts and beautiful palm trees that create beautiful landscapes, while Farahzad village in the north of Masr Desert is full of beautiful palm trees surrounded by fine sand and well-drained sand. It’s a safari. Masr Desert is also six kilometers to the east of the village, which is caused by beautiful spring water. It has tall reeds, some up to four meters high.

Iran Desert Safari Tour , Lut Desert

Shahdad Desert

،Amazing one, Shahdad is 100 km to Kerman and 40 km to the legendary city of Kalut. Lut Desert is known to geologists as one of the “heat poles of the earth”. It also has a well-equipped campground that makes it easier and safer for safari lovers. To reach Shahdad Desert Camp, two kilometers from Shahdad Road to Mahan, Shahdad ـ Nabandeh Road and after 15 km to Camp Desert Road. (East side of the road) After arriving at Camp Road after a distance of about ten kilometers, you reached Camp Desert Shahdad.

Desert Safari

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