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Girl Castle was a stronghold and an important obstacle for enemy passage through the Tangab Valley. The general features of the architecture and especially the comparison of the palace inside this castle with that of Ardeshir palace in Firouzabad plain show that the girl’s castle was founded by Ardeshir Babakan, founder of the Sassanid Emperor, during his clashes on the road to Pars and before the victory. His final building is on the great King Parthian, Ardavan V in 224 AD. Some of Iran’s sights and tourist attractions are from the historical and ancient monuments. Buildings that have survive from different periods and governments.

Girl Castle

Girl Castle , Firouzabad

Girl Castle

The main fortifications of the Daughter Castle include a continuous outer wall that extends over a mountain on a sloping cliff and encloses the overall shape of a trapezoid. These fortifications started from the lower part of the valley to Tangab and extended to the highest part of the mountain where the inner castle of the castle is located. The geometrical mode of the palace, which is located on several levels, is in complete contrast to the non-geometrical mode of the castle, which is built on the natural shape of the mountain. The walls of the main wall of the castle (the outer wall) are decorating with alternate recesses, like the outer walls of the inner palace. At two separate points the barrows extend from the cliffs to the river. The walls seem to control the ancient road, which is almost the present-day road crossing the castle.

Girl Castle

Girl Castle , Firouzabad

Castle Girl Castle

The Castle of Daughter Castle includes the residential and royal section of Daughter Castle and is located within its fence. In fact, due to its strong and defensive walls, the palace is a small castle located within the larger outer fence of the girl castle. Building of the palace was on a large rocky bulge in the upper part of the castle. To build the palace, first artificially prepare the site at three elevation levels, and then build a palace with a rectangular structure of 120 meters (east-west) and 40 meters wide (north-south), on the surfaces. They have created the trilogy. To build the entrance palace, the palace is rectangular in its southeast corner. Also, each level contains various architectural spaces that are interconnected to create staircases. At the top of the palace is a magnificent veranda leading to a domed hall, the tallest part of the palace.

The architectural decorations of Ardashir Palace are simple yet eye-catching. The exterior walls of the palace are decorating with shallow vertical shafts and troughs. The main rooms have deep shafts, the exterior of which is decorated with plastered Egyptian guillotines. Given the architectural features of the palace, and in particular its comparison with other Ardashir palaces located in the Firouzabad plain as well as other archaeological evidence, it has now become increasingly clear that the Castle of Daughter by Ardeshir Babakan is a royal residence and Also a fortified fort, before his final victory over the last Parthian king, Ardavan V in 224 AD. it was made.

Where is Firoozabad?

Firoozabad, located in Fars province, is one of the ancient and very ancient cities of Iran, which had a great reputation in the Sassanid period.  Firoozabad is one of the famous cities of Iran in the Sassanid period with the letters of the city of Gour or Ardeshir Khoreh meaning “Far Ardeshir”. Also, this city, built by Ardeshir, was the founder of the Sassanid dynasty during her time as the capital of the government and was one of the famous urban centers of the Sassanid era. Also, Firoozabad city has many historical attractions due to its ancient history.

How to go to Firoozabad Girl Castle?

After leaving the city of Shiraz and passing through the airport, you will reach a village called Fasa. Then you go to Kavar and after about 1 hour drive you will see beautiful nature such as green plains and dams. Also, there is a parking lot at the bottom of the castle. There is also a cable car to climb the mountain, but most of the time it is close.

Attractions near Firoozabad Dokhtar Castle

Bas-relief of Ardeshir. This bas-relief is a painting of Ardashir Sassanid II, which is located at the bottom of the mountain and on the right side of the Tangab River and in front of Dokhtar Castle.

More details about Firoozabad Dokhtar Castle

It is interesting to know that in this castle; a stone reservoir has been created in the heart of the mountain to meet the need for water. Also, another feature of this castle is the different architecture in different parts. Also. in part of this castle, there is a large opening like a cave, which some believe is like a secret escape route to the castle. In fact, when the enemy attacks, people stay in the castle and could not get out. This was an emergency route as a means of communication with the city, providing food as well as adding combat forces to defend the castle.

Girl castle architecture

The outer walls of the castle are fortified. According to the ancient method of oriental architecture, they are placing on rectangular columns. The construction of this castle and its permanence so far is a masterpiece of architecture and engineering. This building is from many materials such as carcass stone and plaster (in the style of Sassanid architecture). It also has three main spaces as follows. Security facilities and water storage (at the lowest level). Courtyard with surrounding rooms (in the middle level) and a high porch and magnificent domes (on the highest level). Although today, the arched roof of the porch has collapsed, but it can be considered as a type of rocking arch. Fortunately, the dome of the main hall still remains in its original form.

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