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Flag of Iran

What do you know about the history of the Iran flag from the beginning to the present day? Iran Flag in green, white and red and these three colors depending on the governments that have ruled Iran, sometimes the lion, the sun, and sometimes the white (without a badge) was among them.

At present, the center is “Allah” and the slogan “La Allah El Allah” showing the victory of Islamic Revolution on February 7th, which is located at the lower margin of green and the upper margin of red.

Achaemenid Empire

Iran Flag , Achaemenid Empire

The meaning of flag colors

Green: A sign of love and friendship

White: Peace and Friendship (From Zoroastrian Signs)

Red: Blood Sign of Missing in Iran Road (Martyrs)

These three colors have long been used in Iranian symbols. For example, in the paintings obtained from Susa’s palaces, these three colors can be seen.

Cyrus the Great Flag

Iran History , Cyrus the Great Flag

Iran flag from the beginning till now

Kaviani Flag

Kaviani’s veil in Iranian mythology goes back to Kaveh Ahangar(blacksmith) uprising against the oppression of Ajaydak (Dhahak). At that time, Kaveh lifted his leather apron on a wooden head to lift people up against Zahak to raise people around him. The palace was then crushed by the bloodthirsty ruler, and he placed Fereidun on the throne.

Fereidun, after ordering that Kaveh’s apron beads were adorned with yellow, red, and violet trims, and added to the gem, called it a royal flute, and thus a Kaviani flute. Later, every king would add a gem to it, just as you would shine in the Caverns at night. Kaviani flag was also called as Jamshid badge and the Fereydoun badge.

Forouhar , Achaemenid , Iran Destination

Forouhar , Achaemenid Empire

The flag of Iran during the Achaemenid Empire

The only Forouhar decorated in the three colors of green, white, red from the Achaemenid era shows us the rivets of Iran at the time.

Sasanian Empire , Kaviani Flag , Iran Destination

Sasanian Empire , Kaviani Flag , Iran Destination

Iran Flag at the time of the Parthians

The Parthian Flag was adorned only with the sun.

Parthian Empire , Iran Destination

Parthian Empire , Iran Destination

Flag of Iran after Tazyan (Arab invasion)

After the Arabs invasion to Iran, Iranians had no flags for up to three years except two of Iran’s national champions, Abu Musalm Khorasani and Babak Khorramdin; Abu Muslim had a black flag and Babak had a red flag. That is why fans called these two blacks and reds. Since Islamic scholars forbade imaging and painting, for many years no animal prints were depicted on the veil.

Abu Musalm Khorasani

Abu Musalm Khorasani

Babak Khorramdin

Babak Khorramdin Flag

Iran Destination , Iran History

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