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khuzestan Tourism: Iran’s oil province near Persian Gulf shores and Arvand river is one of the oldest places on the earth where civilization grew. In ancient times it was residence of Ilamics one of the four ancient civilizations. In some parts the weather is moderate in summers and cold winters but in most parts it has dry and humid weather.


Arvand river cross through this city which is one of Iran’s old cities. It is the main center of oil exploration and other oil related products. This city was severally damaged during Iran-Iraq war but still is an important industrial and commercial center.


One of the most important civilization centers in ancient world dating back to 7000 years ago is 135Km north of Ahvaz. The most important monument of this area is Choghazanbil ziggurat. It originally had 5 stories which now only two of them has remained. This Ilamic structure is registered as UNESCO Heritage sites. Suse also has a museum.