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Iran Tour Comments

  • Hello to the Iranians from France! I can only say that this is the best trip I have ever experienced. My guide was very professional. Iran Destination, you are the best!

    Aghbozorg Mosque, Kashan
    French Tourist
  • Thank you Zahra for such a nice arrangement. The trip was exactly as we expected. We liked to visit the Zoroastrian parts and the tour was really inclusive. We loved Iran and specially its people. We will certainly tell our Malaysian countrymen about Iran and Iran Destination tour operator.

    iran destination - Malaysian Testimonial
    Malaysian Group
  • Chère Zahra,

    Nous sommes effectivement rentrés sains et saufs après un merveilleux voyage en Iran.
    Vous trouverez nos commentaires en annexe. Nous espérons retourner en Iran avec vous et nos amis Milad et Milad!

    Dutch Group
  • Iran is a fantastic, great country. Every day we visited a new attraction. Many thanks to Iran Destination for a very great family reunion in Isfahan. It was one of the best of your offers on our tour.

    Italian Group
  • Vielen Dank an Saba und das Iran Destination Team für die Organisation meiner Reise. Ich mochte die Berge und das Trekking sehr. Ich schicke Ihnen Umarmungen.

  • Iran Destination! Thank you for this nice trip. The guide was wonderful, the explanations were so amazing and comprehensive and the services were just excellent.

    Should we visit Iran another time, we will for sure contact you again.

    Persepolis , Iran Ancient Attractions
    Chinese Group
  • An unforgettable visit to millennial Persia and the gentle lifestyle of the city of Shiraz. A big thank you to the whole Iran Destination team for all these discoveries!

    French tourists
  • A couple and their daughter travel with a local travel agent to Iran, Iran destination.

    A family from Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Sam! It was great meeting you. This travel agency helped us explore Iran. This is really amazing. Thank you for the travel plan and professional driver guide.

  • It was a bit difficult to find a Spanish-speaking tour operator in Iran, but we could find Iran Destination. They help us to discover Iran in 30 days. Thank you Sam and your team

    Spanish Group
  • I’d like to thank Fatemeh for arranging this tour just based on what we requested. And your quick reply was really valuable for me and this was a sign of reliability. We’ll miss Iran and its people. We felt very relaxed during our trip and had no problem.

    Iran tour for Mexican passengers
    Mexican Group
  • Paola, our traveler from Panama City, visits Iran with one of the best English speaking tour guides of the Iran Destination Travel Agency.

    Panama Tourists
  • A nice French couple travels with Iran destination to Iran and spends an evening with our French speaking travel agency.

    French Tourists
  • We’re from India. We had a really incredible time in Iran. The people of Iran are very friendly. We are delighted to hire Iran Destination. I hope to see you one day in India.

    Indian Tourists
  • Hello Zahra

    We arrived at home, everything was perfect, we are very happy to choose your agency.

    I send you some pictures as I promised.

    comments on Iran tour by Iran destination - Testimonial
  • We spent two wonderful days with Pouyan: the first between Yazd and Shiraz (with a visit to Pasargadae, Necropolis and Persepolis), then the second in Shiraz (with a visit to the pink mosque, houses and tombs). Pouyan is very nice and very professional. He bends back to make everything perfect, and everything is perfect! I highly recommend Pouyan and the agency!

    French Group
  • Vera, our German traveller travels alone in Iran with Iran destination because Iran is in absolute safety.

  • A group of 47 Spanish travelers travels to Iran with Iran Destination, a travel agency in Iran.

    Iran group tour
    Spanish Group
  • We really liked the fate of Iran. We are really satisfied with everything. Our Spanish tour operator, Sam Davani, helps us a lot with the travel plan. Thank you for everything.

  • Look how they have learned to speak Persian 🙂 this was one of the lovely groups we had in Iran. We miss you all waiting for you to come back

    our dear guest from Scoria having a private tour in Iran. Video is taken in Hafez Tomb, shiraz

    Alina and Raphael, our two lovely passengers from Germany.

    Jamie and Sebastian from The Netherlands. Two of our energetic passengers in Shiraz. Such lovely friends who were glad to visit Iran

    our Spanish guests playing music in Gardeshgaran office. This was one of the best moments we had and we never forget you dear friends. waiting to see you again.

    Our dear friends happy with their private tour in Persepolis and the whole Iran.

    Our lovely Korean guests experiencing Persian New Year in Iran. We miss you so much

    Our German Guests during their visit in Persepolis.

    Our guests from the Netherlands had been warned not to travel to Iran. But see how they think about their Iran tour, after they visited this country in October, 2018.

    Testimonial on Iran Tours


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