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Yazd Tourism

Yazd: Yazd is one of the oldest cities in Iran and a good example of desert cities. It is called city of the wind catchers. Some historians believe it was built by Sassani Yazdgerd the first and the name gotten from this which means sacred and admirable. Since the city is located in dry and waterless area its cold and dry in winter with warm and long summers. Yazd was a Zoroastrian center during Sassanid times and after conquer of the Arabs by paying levy it remained Zoroastrian. Yazd Tourism

Old city: With its wind catchers (Badgirs) Yazd old city emerges like a phoneix. According to UNESCO , Yazd old city is one of the oldest cities on the earth. If you are lucky you may get the chance to have a view over Yazd on one of the rooftops. Yazd Tourism

Yazd Tourism

Jame mosque:A monument from 11th century with two magnificent 48 meters high minarets and exquisite tile workings on the dome, mihrab and main western entrance to the courtyard. There is also a library near this mosque containing a valuable collection of ancient manuscripts.

Amir Chakhmagh complexThe stunning three story building consists of a mosque,public bath, caravansary, mausoleum, Tekye, three water reservoirs and a bazaar. Look out for the huge wooden palm (nakhl), an important centerpiece once used for the observance of the Shiates’ passionate Ashura commemorations. Yazd Tourism

Towers of SilenceOn two hilltops out of Yazd Zorostarian towers of silence are located a place where they left the dead bodies so the vultures eat of them because they believed in purity of earth.Other disused Zoroastrian building near this area are a water cistern and two small wind catchers(badgirs). Yazd Tourism

Zoroastrian’s Fire Temple:The place of preserving sacred fire said to have been burning since 470 AD and a place of worship for Zoroastrians. The building which has a Farvahar symbol above the entrance is located in the center of a garden filled with pine and cypress trees. You can see the ever burning fire through a glass. Yazd Tourism

Dowlat Abad gardenThis palace was a residence for Karim khan zand is now a UNESCO registered heritage site. It is mostly known for its 33 meters high Badgir. Yazd Tourism

Water museum: A museum for exhibition of The unique instruments such as water transactions, various deeds of endowment, traditional water distribution policy and different ancient utensils concerning the keeping and transmission of water. The building dates back to 100 years ago and two qanats  run under it .It is located in the Kolah-douz-ha house in the north of Amir Chakhmagh square. Yazd Tourism

Seyyed Roknaddin mausoleum: A place with a beautiful blue tiled dome built 700 years ago is the tomb of islamic notable Seyyed Roknaddin. Yazd Tourism