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Iran Destination is a  tour operator in Iran which makes your travel to Iran easy. Please, have a look on our  Iran Tourism Packages.  The Iran Travel Agency is ready to help you to travel to Iran. Following, read about Chinese New Year in Iran. 

Chinese Culture in Iran

Chinese in Iran consist of one smaller groups of overseas Chinese. However, Iran’s total Chinese population is estimated at between 2500 to 3400 people. Anyway, most up-to-dated Chinese expatriates work on construction or other engineering projects in Iran, mainly in cities such as Shiraz, Isfahan and Tehran and some them are also into import and export or other small to medium businesses.

Chinese in Iran

Interestingly, Chinese New Year in Iran is well-known for both local and visitors who travel to Iran. It worth to mention that – Thanks to Internet- many young people in Iran know the details about cultures of different nations.  Moreover, they are many Chinese students in Iran, aside from those Chinese who are married to Iranians. However,  the total number is estimated more than 250 which most them are living outside of Tehran.

First Chinese train arrives in Tehran as part of New Silk Road Initiative for traveling to Iran

Furthermore, there is a small China town in Iran which is built on a Chinese theme, known as “Mahale Chiniha“, which is located in Gachsaran.

The region is consider as one of the most crowded in the city and the buildings are a unique mixture of traditional, modern, Chinese and Iranian architecture. Many people gather in the restaurant to celebrate Chinese New Year. Interestingly, “Dragon restaurant” in Shiraz is another place to celebrate Chinese New Year in Iran.

However, Iran Destination holds Chinese New Year in different cities if of Iran. So, contact us if you are interested to see how it goes.

Iran Destination

Iran Destination is a an Iran Tour Operator which makes you the best travel to Iran. So before you travel to Iran, make sure you visit our Iran Tour Packages. However, please feel free to contact us regarding any issue. Our Iran Travel Agency is ready to help you by any means. 

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