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Reza Abbasi Museum 

Reza Abbasi Museum is a fantastic museum which is now showcases precious items from sixth millennium BC to Qajar dynasty.It is located in Shareati St. of Tehran and named after famous painter of Safavid dynasty.

The collection of items constitute 5 permanent halls.The ancient and pre-Islamic section preserves items from 6000 BC to Sassanian dynasty.Terracotta and bronze works with simple designs inspired by nature from civilizations of Lorestan,Azerbaijan and Susa that leads to the great art of Median and Acheamenian dynasty.Among these ancient items are also the silver works from Sassanian dynasty inlaid with gold.

The Islamic sections has items from the early Islamic period including Kufi hand scripts,terracotta from 3 and 4 century of Nishapur and Saljuc dynasty.The other Islamic hall shows the artistic achievements of the 7 to the late 13 century with the aesthetic inclinations of post-Mongols invasion such as terracotta and bronze works of this period.

The museum also has a hall for paintings starting with pages of a Shahnameh belonging to 8 century of Shiraz and Tabriz styles,continuing to 9 to 11 centuries of Qazvin and Isfahan.