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Rasht City of Food 

Actually, north of Iran is so rich in culture and nature. One of the amazing Must-See cities in this northern part is Rasht. Aside from its nature, this Iran City is well-known for its food. It’s so famous that UNESCO registered it as creative city of gastronomy. Here, Iran Destination, a travel agency in Iran, is going to write about food in Rasht. So if you want to travel to Iran and visit the north, you’ll know what and where to eat in Rasht. In this article, we introduce all the requirements to travel to Iran. Also, the do’s and don’ts of traveling to Iran. Also, we answer this question: how to travel to Iran.

Where is Rasht?

Rasht is a northern city in Iran and the center of Gilan province, which is located near the Caspian Sea. To get to this city, you need to drive for 5 hours from Tehran, Iran’s capital. This amazing city has 640,000 inhabitants, who have played a major role in history of Iran. This historical city was registered in UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network for its interesting gastronomy (the art or practice of choosing, cooking, and eating good food).

So, let’s see what these foods are that made this city so famous. Follow our Iran travel agent for more information on the issue.

north of Iran - food in Rasht

Rasht, north of Iran

Food in Rasht

The city offers more than 170 recipes. Gilan cuisines mostly are garlic-stoke and vegetable-rich.

In the list below, we will introduce you the best and most famous dishes of Rasht, because the diversity of food in the city has led to the registration as the creative city of food in UNESCO.

Rasht foods are very diverse and you will have a gourmet meal, with any taste you have, in the world of delicious desserts. Come along with this article to explore the list of dishes and explore the delicious cuisine.

The most well-known food in Rasht are: Mirza Qasemi, Torsh-e Tareh, Anar-Bij, Sir-Qelyeh, Baqali-Qatoq, kal Kabab, Aloo Mosamma and sour Kebab.

Food habits in Rasht

Food is very important for the people pf Guilan and it is one of most significant aspects of their lives. Also, its importance can be seen in the province’s diversity of dishes, especially in Rasht which is the center of Guilan province. besides, the reason for the formation of these varied and colorful foods can be due to the climate of this region, which gave diverse vegetation and animal diversity, and this diversity has had an impact on the formation of the people’s food culture.

The existence of plants, poultry and various marine animals opens the door to create diverse cuisines.Besides,  a variety of delicious flavors such as pomegranate sauce, garlic, olive oil should not be ignored since they are constant ingredients of Gilaki foods and specify originality of the foods of this area. Garlic, eggplant and tomatoes are one of the most nutritious ingredients for making foods. Moreover, Gilan rice, which is famous all over the world, often is using instead of bread for the meals

Wherever you go in Rasht and almost in the whole Gilan province, you’ll find Sour Kebab and Mirza Ghasemi in all restaurant menus. But what are these foods making of?

Sour Kebab - Food in Rasht

Sour Kebab – Food in Rasht

Mirza Ghasemi made of eggplant, tomato and egg (the eggplants fire-roasted).

Torsheh Tareh,a kind of Sour Herb Stew, made of chopped herbs (coriander, spinach, parsley beet greens, dill and chives), fresh garlic, turmeric, orange juice, and eggs. All of this served with Kateh (Caspian sticky rice).

Baqala Qatoq made of cranberry beans, dill, eggs and turmeric, garnished with saffron and again served with Kateh.

Besides, Aloo Mosamma also another Persian stew cooked in Rasht, comprising of chicken and plum stew.

Iran Destination also recommends you to try Anarbij, which is a stew made of walnut, minced meat and some types of vegetables. It is something like Fesenjun, but it is sourer.

Anar bij - food in Rasht

Anar bij – food in Rasht

As you see, if you’re a vegetarian, you’ll have no problem finding a suitable food in Rasht. All of these foods made Rasht to include among the 47 cities which are part of the network in seven fields of crafts and folk art, design, film, gastronomy, literature, media arts and music.

Where to eat in Rasht?

You may confuse to choose a restaurant in Rasht to test all these recommended foods. Also, here we suggest some sample restaurants, which are so well-known and high quality.

Moreover, if you visit most of the streets in Rasht, you’ll notice that Golsar neighborhood is kind of high-class and upper town in Rasht. in addition, one of the best restaurants in Rasht is Shour Kooli, but keep in mind that you have to wait for an hour in routh.

Also, Vanisha is another place with lovely atmosphere and good quality .

Besides, Ahmad restaurant and old Moharram restaurant are also good options for tasting the famous kebabs there.

Baqala Qatoq in Shoor Kooli Restaurant

Baqala Qatoq in Shoor Kooli Restaurant

Besides, Rasht has an unforgettable nightlife, and if you walk in its streets during nights, you’ll see so many barbecues along the paths, mostly in Shahrdari square.

In addition, not all foreign visitors have enough time to visit this city, and they mainly choose Shiraz, Isfahan, Tehran or Yazd to travel. Also, you have to visit the northern cities, especially this food city. It is chosen as the 10 most innovative cities for food.

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Nightlife in Rasht, food city - food in Rasht

Nightlife in Rasht, food city

If you travel to Rasht, do not forget to visit Masouleh, Roudkhan castle and Rural Heritage Museum of Gilan. Many Iranians visit this city during Iran holidays, so if you’re visiting it during these holidays, be ready for the crowd.

Actually, you can visit Rasht during other times as well. Just let Iran Destination, Iran travel agency, arrange an Iran tour for you and you can experience all you have to.

Take a look at our Iran tour packages and then if you choose anyone, just do not hesitate to contact us. Also , you can talk to us regarding any other issues. Our Iran Tour Operator is always ready to answer you.

We’re waiting to see you here in Iran 🙂

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