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Persian dessert

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About Persian dessert

You may have read other articles written by our Iran travel agency about Persian Food and Persian Breakfast. In any sense, Iranians are so famous for their food and special cuisines, and Persian dessert is no exception. So, hereby, Iran Destination, a travel agency in Iran, recommends you to try these Persian desserts when you travel to Iran. If you take any of our Iran tour packages, we can include a night for staying beside Persian families and trying these Iranian desserts. So just follow this Iran tour operator, and read more to see which dessert you like.

First of all, it should be noted that the main parts of most of Iranian desserts are Persian saffron and rose water and sometimes cardamom. This makes them a good choice to be eaten by Persian tea, which is the main part of any Iranian’s life. Let’s see what the top Persian desserts are to taste in Iran.

1. Ranginak one the most famous Persian dessert

Ranginak is a Persian dessert made of dates. As you may know, Persian dates mainly grow in the southern regions near Persian Gulf. This is why you may mostly see Ranginak in southern and central cities. But what are other ingredients of Ranginak?
This sweet Persian dessert is made of date, toasted walnut, flour, butter, cinnamon and cardamom. The final result of this mixture is topped with crushed Persian Pistachios. If you travel to cities like Qeshm and even Shiraz, you will for sure find Ranginak, especially if you have the chance to be a guest in an Iranian house.

Ranginak_Persian Dessert

Ranginak_Persian Dessert

2. Khagineh

Khagineh is another Persian dessert originally made in Azeri cities. It’s so simple to make this Iranian dessert. Khagineh is made of flour, egg, milk or water and sugar. When all these ingredients are mixed together, then they are fried in butter or oil. Finally, they are put in a light rose water and saffron syrup.

Khagineh - Persian Dessert from Tabriz

Khagineh – Persian Dessert from Tabriz

3. Shole Zard

This Iranian dessert is mainly made during special occasions like Tasua and Ashura, or during Ramadan. So what is Shole Zard? This again sweet Persian dessert is a rice pudding which is yellow, because of significant amount of Persian saffron in it. The most amazing part of making Shole Zard is the designing part! Some special words and designs are made using cinnamon, pistachio and almond. So in case you travel during religious ceremonies of Iran, you will probably have the chance to taste this delicious dessert in Iran.

Shole Zard - Persian Dessert

Shole Zard – Persian Dessert

4. Yazdi Sweets

Most of Iranians, or even foreigners, know Yazd as the city of delicious sweets. The most famous confectionary in this city, selling traditional Yazd sweets, is called Haj Khalifeh which is located in Amir Chakhmaq Complex. Among the most popular Yazd sweets, we can name Persian Baklava, which is totally different from Turkish and Greek ones, Lowz, Ghotab (which the writer’s favorite) and Pashmak. I recommend you to taste all of them at least once in your life.

Yazd sweets - Persian Dessert

Yazd sweets – Persian Dessert

5. Halva

Persian Halva is another delicious Iranian dessert made of flour and butter, together with sugar, saffron, rose water and cardamom. You’ll probably be able to imagine how pleasant it tastes and smells. Halva is often made for funerals or during Ramadan.

Halva- Persian Dessert

Halva- Persian Dessert

6. Faloodeh

Faloodeh or Paloodeh is the most famous dessert in Shiraz. If you visit Karim Khan Citadel in Shiraz and take a look at the shops behind the castle, you’ll be surprised by the long rows in front of the shops selling Faloodeh and traditional ice cream. Faloode is made of frozen vermicelli noodles with rose water and sugar syrup and then it can be served with lime juice or sour cherry syrup as you wish. But what if you are not visiting Shiraz? Don’t worry. You can find Faloodeh in other cities as well, of course in ice cream shops. But the original one comes from Shiraz, which is the most delicious version.

Faloodeh in Shiraz - Persian Dessert

Faloodeh in Shiraz – Persian Dessert

7. Zoolbia & Bamieh

These super delicious and sweet Persian desserts are only found during Ramadan. Zoolbia is a deep fried funnel cake which is soaked in a syrup made of rose water and saffron. And Bamieh is the round ones you can see in the picture below.

Zoolbia & Bamieh - Persian Dessert

Zoolbia & Bamieh

8. Gaz

Those who have travelled to Isfahan, have tasted Gaz for sure at least once. This is also one of the souvenirs people buy from Isfahan. Even Iranians who travel to Isfahan buy Gaz to bring back as a souvenir. Gaz is a Persian sweet dessert made with the sap of Angebin plant, rose water, pistachio, and egg whites. The more pistachios in it, the more expensive Gaz is. You can find them well wrapped in special packages or dredged in flour. The latter is more popular among Iranians, and they call it Gaz Ardi.

Gaz from Isfahan - Persian Dessert

Gaz from Isfahan – Persian Dessert

9. Koloocheh

As you see each of the desserts are special to each region in Iran. Koloocheh, although found in every part of Iran, originally comes from the northern parts of Iran. This is a kind of cookie stuffed with cinnamon, sugar, crushed walnut and sometimes minced dates. The ones including dates are special to Kerman, which is called Kolompeh. This is also another option to eat when having Persian tea during morning or in the afternoon.

Koloocheh - Persian Dessert

Koloocheh – Persian Dessert

10. Sohan

Let’s see what Qom has to offer. This religious city has another sweet dessert which is also a good option for buying as a souvenir. Sohan is a kind of confectionery made of wheat sprout, rosewater, egg, butter, sugar, saffron, and cardamom. And then at the top, you can see pistachios as the design. Going from Kashan to Tehran, you will pass Qom. So it will be a good opportunity to taste this Persian dessert.

Sohan- Persian Dessert from Qom

Sohan- Persian Dessert from Qom

Iran Destination, Iran tour operator, helps you experience the best trip in Iran and you’ll have the opportunity to taste all these Persian desserts only if you travel with a responsible and friendly Iran Travel Agent. Take a look at our Iran tour packages and if you like to travel to Iran, we’ll be glad to hear your ideas, or requests.

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