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 Ghalyeh Iranian Cuisine


During each trip to Iran our passenger wants to enjoy Iranian cuisine,We suggest Ghalyeh which is an Iranian Cuisine to Iran passengers. Stuffed Shoorideh fish was part of the entertainment too.  So, let me at least share with you our delicious southern heritage on IRAN DESTINATION!

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150 gr defrosted or fresh fish per person.  If you are outside Iran, a first timer, or not too crazy about experimenting + salmon. The most authentic ghalyeh-maahi is made with the head and tail removed, bone-in “ghobaad” or “sangh-e sar.” Some use “shir” for a less bony and more convenient dish

-4 large bunches of fresh coriander, roughly equal to 1 kg, once cut and cleaned (see picture below)

-1 tbsp. of dried fenugreek

-4 medium onions, chopped into small squares

-1 cups vegetable oil

-6 cloves of garlic, peeled and chopped

-1 tsp turmeric

-6 dried chili pepper or 1 1 tsp. chili powder

-2 raw tamaraind fruit, peeled.

-2 tbsp salt

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Note 2: Allow 4-5 p hrs. Preparation time; I promise it will be very though if you like exotic spicy di


Sprinkle the fish steaks with salt generously. Briefly rinse in a colander and shake well, letting the fish absorb the salt for the next two hours.

Soak the peeled tamarind fruits in lukewarm water for at least 2 hours

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Place the peeled garlic cloves in any hard and smooth type of mortar (made of iron or stone, for instance). Add the chili pepper (or powder) and turmeric. Pound and grind the mix with the pestle until you get a dark yellow, pungent paste. Don’t get discouraged if the garlic slide first!

Cut off the long stems of coriander near the bottom of each bundle. Once you wash and dry the herb, chop them coarsely and put them aside.

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In a big pan, heat vegetable oil over medium-high heat and add the onions so that they are submerged in the hot oil. The onions (and later the herbs) will soak up all the oil already in the pot, which gives an idea of how much oil goes into this dish. Turn the heat down and settle in to monitor the process. The goal is to get homogeneous and glittering golden fried onions: not too dark and burned, nor too pale and raw. Note that the onions continue to brown after you remove them from the heat. So, either take the following step immediately, or remove from the heat before they reach the perfect golden color.

Once the onions are glittering golden, add chopped coriander and fry them some more, until they lose their fresh green hue. Near the end of the process add in the dry fenugreek as well.ghalyeh

At the same time, add the garlic-chili-turmeric paste and fry for a few more minutes. The garlic component can turn bitter by over frying (so does the fenugreek). So keep it brief. Stir constantly to ensure a perfectly harmonious mix. I am taking pictures of every step to the best of my ability. I just wish there was a way I could send you the smell, OMG, the heavenly smell of this fresh garlic and fenugreek ( I think my neighbors must be going crazy right now.

Ghalyeh Iranian Cuisine

Extract the tamarind’s juice by mildly squeezing it through the colander and pouring it in the pot, adding also one glass of warm water to just top the mix inside the pot. Turn the heat down and simmer for an hour.

Add in the fish sticks and cook slowly just enough to allow all tastes to mingle. Fish can fall apart if cooked for too long. At this stage if your fish is already cooked but your stuck is too runny you can thicken it by dissolving one teaspoon of flour into half a glass of the ghalyeh juice and adding it back to the pot and letting simmer for ten minutes.

Ghalyeh Iranian Cuisine

The longer you simmer the richer your ghalyeh would taste especially when you are cooking it in a large quantity. But at any rate, you should simmer for a minimum of two hours before tasting for adjustment. If you need more sourness, add more tamarind’s juice, but I doubt you would need more hot spice!  You could thicken the stock if feel it is not thick enough by the time the fish is almost ready and so is everybody else! Just twenty minutes before serving time, dissolve one teaspoon of flour into half a glass of the ghalyeh juice and add it back to the pot.

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Fish ghalyeh is often served as lunch or dinner in small or large gatherings with plain white rice, cooked Iranian style, but in less formal gatherings it could be taken with flat bread and raw onions and taste just as delicious. Like any other Persian dish it should be accompanied with the assortment of raw herbs (sabzi) and in this case, during spring with sour orange or naranj.

Happy Spring and Norooz to all! Don’t forget to scroll further down for links to more Norooz related posts from this year by Persian Food Bloggers.

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