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What to Eat in Iran as a Breakfast?

You may have heard that Iranians eat breakfast like champions. There are so many amazing options for eating a Persian breakfast. Here Iran Destination, Iran Travel Agent, is going to provide you with a full guide on Iranian breakfasts. If you travel to Iran someday, make sure you try all of these. So follow this travel agency in Iran, and get all you need to know before you visit Iran.

Persian Breakfast

The truth is that Persian breakfast is simple to prepare, of course most of it. The most important element in Persian breakfast is Bread. You can see bread bakeries almost everywhere in Iran, so let’s see what the different types of bread are in Iran.

Bread in Iran

Bread is so important to Iranians. They buy fresh and hot bread from bakeries for their breakfast or any other meals. The main types of bread in Iran are: Sangak, Lavash, Barbari and Taftoon. You may find other types of local bread in small cities or in Iranian villages. Maybe one of the most amazing parts of your experience in Iran will be seeing a bakery! So do not miss it.

Sangak Bread - Persian breakfast

Sangak Bread – Persian breakfast

Cheese-Based Persian Breakfast

Feta Cheese is one of the most common elements in Persian breakfast. This is accompanied by savory items like walnut, watermelon, sliced cucumber, and tomato. Do not miss the combination of feta cheese and Sabzi. Sabzi is actually a bunch of fresh greens like watercress, cilantro, mint and onions. This is one of the traditional Persian breakfasts that can be found deep in Iranian culture, even in its songs and school rhymes that children sing.

Feta Cheese for Persian Breakfast

Feta Cheese for Persian Breakfast

Sweet-Based Persian Breakfast

Jam is another common element in Persian breakfast. Peanut butter is not that usual in Iran, as they have something more delicious: different kinds of jam, such as sour cherry, quinceو orange, fig, apricot, strawberry, barberry, carrot, peach, etc. Iranians usually try to eat homemade jam. So if you have the chance to be a guest at an Iranian house, you’ll definitely try homemade jam. If you travel with our Iran travel agency, you’ll have the opportunity to stay at an Iranian house and feel the culture.

Homemade jams for Persian breakfast

Homemade jams for Persian breakfast

Persian Tea

Another indispensable item of Persian breakfast is Tea, in fact Persian Tea. Every morning, you can see Persian tea ready at the breakfast desk. If they choose to eat feta cheese for breakfast, they will for sure have tea beside it, with sugar inside it. But during other times of the day, Iranians drink tea with sugar cubes, dates, raisins or any other sweet thing.

Iranian souvenirs

Persian Tea

Kale Pache

You’ve probably heard about a weird Persian food, which is often eaten as a breakfast: Kale Pache. This is actually a stew made of sheep head, hooves, tongue, eyes and other parts boiled in water and cooked with onions and garlic.  This Persian food is high in fat and will keep you full during the whole day! This is one of the exceptions in Persian breakfast, as the others are prepared fast and easily, but Kale Pache is not so. It usually takes 8 to 14 hours to prepare this food. You have to wake up early in the morning and go to a special café serving Kale Pache.

Kale Pache - Persian breakfast

Kale Pache


There are so many diverse omelettes all over the world, but in Iran, you can often just find one type of omelette in Iran, which is made of eggs and fresh tomato. Make sure you eat this Persian breakfast with Sangak or Barbari bread and do not forget onion and sabzi beside it. You can find this type of omelet almost in every Persian café. Our Iran travel agent takes you to anywhere you like, so you can taste whatever you want in Iran.

Omelete in Iran - Persian Breakfast

Omelete in Iran – Persian Breakfast

Ash-e Sabzi

Aashes are among popular Persian foods. one of the delicious ashes which is eaten for breakfast is called Ash-e Sabzi. But this breakfast is not found everywhere in Iran. It is mainly cooked in Shiraz, so when you come to Shiraz, do not forget to taste this food. You may see a long array of people standing in front of a shop selling Ash-e Sabzi in Shiraz, as it is so popular among them.

ash-sabzi in Shiraz - Persian Breakfast

ash-sabzi in Shiraz – Persian Breakfast

Halim (Haleem)

Here is another delicious Persian breakfast you don’t really wanna miss. Halim is a high calorie, thick porridge made of wheat and meat. The meat is often lamb, but it can be chicken or turkey meat. Halim also take a long time to get ready. Iranians put it on the oven from the previous night and then eat it in the morning. This is served with melted butter, cinnamon and sugar. But in some regions, they choose salt instead of sugar. If you visit Iran during religious festivals, like in Ashura and Tasua, you will find this food as a Nazri, for sure. But in other times of the year, you can buy this traditional Persian breakfast at the cafes.

Halim - Persian breakfast

Halim – Persian breakfast

Having read this article, you’ll be totally ready for having the best Iranian breakfasts when you travel to Iran. You can also take a look at the Iran tour Packages made by this travel agency in Iran. If you have any other questions, requests or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact this Iran travel agent. We’re always at your service.


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