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What Surprises You in Iran

You may have read so many contents on Iran, its culture, and famous attractions. But those who travel to Iran will be surprised not only by the huge masterpieces, but also by things that may be so simple and routine to Iranians, but surprising to foreigners. Here, Iran Destination, an Iran Travel Agency, provides you with some surprising routines in Iran. So follow this travel agency in Iran and get all you need to know about Iran.

  1. Iranians are the friendliest people in the world

Believe me or not, those travelers who have visited almost all countries across the world, including Iran, agree altogether that Iran has the most hospitable, friendly and kind people in the world. Iranians are so kind not only to themselves, but also to foreigner from all over the world. Neither of them has reported being disrespected in Iran. Persian people are so friendly that they will for sure invite you to their house, when they see you on the street, in bazaar or any other attractions in Iran, like Persepolis, etc. So while in Iran, you’ll be repeatedly approached by Persians, being asked where you are from and then they welcome you in their country.

Iranians are the friendliest people in the world- surprises in Iran

Iranians are the friendliest people in the world

  1. English Signs, everywhere

You can simply find your way, as there are English signs everywhere, even in the villages. So in every site, museum, and attraction in Iran, you can read brief summery written in English. Even you can see English signs in some places that you’re pretty sure it has no English- Reading audience. It may be unbelievable that you can even see signs in languages other than English, like French, German or Italian, of course not everywhere.

English signs - top 10 surprises in Iran

English signs – top 10 surprises in Iran

  1. Breakfasts are so heavy, Real Surprises in Iran

Iranians are huge fans of breakfasts. Please do not stick to your casual breakfast while in Iran. Try what Persians eat just in their own life style. Do not forget to go to a bakery. This will probably be your amazing experience during your trip to Iran. For breakfast, Sangak and Barbari breads are the most delicious ones you have to try for a Persian breakfast. The most surprising food you’ll find in Iran is what they call Kalle Pache, which is a kind of sheap head and foot soup. The idea may sound disgusting. But, believe me, you must try it.

Kalle Pache - Persian breakfast - surprises in Iran

Kalle Pache – Persian breakfast – surprises in Iran

  1. American products, available

iPhones, iPads, iPods and some other American products aside from Coca-Cola are available in Iran. Of course the Apple stores you see in Iran are not the official ones, but the products are American with a little more expensive price than USA.

Apple stores in Iran - surprises in Iran

Surprises in Iran

  1. Persian Gardens, seen nowhere else in the world

Many people from around the world think Iran is all about desserts. But you’ll be enchanted by the fragrant roses and flowers all over the cities, especially in Persian gardens like Eram garden in Shiraz, Flower garden inIsfahan or Shahzadeh Garden in Kerman. Iranians have been the master of capturing and leading water to be used in their homes and gardens.

Golha or Flower garden in Isfahan - surprises in Iran

Golha or Flower garden in Isfahan – surprises in Iran

  1. US dollar, as cheap as you cannot believe

The economic situation in Iran is not very stable, due to sanctions. Therefore the USD exchange rates are so high for the locals. However, you as a foreign visitor are so lucky to travel across this country. The prices are so cheap that you cannot believe. In order to get the price of different services in Iran, you can contact our Iran travel agent. We are always available to answer you.

USD exhcange rate in Iran - surprises in Iran

USD – surprises in Iran

  1. The best destination for solo female travelers

Iran is a safe country, no difference for men or women. You as a woman will be so welcome in Iran by ordinary people, truck drivers, families, etc. they all see you like their own family. To get all you want about female travelers in Iran, click here.

female travelers in Iran - surprises in Iran

female travelers in Iran

  1. Iranians are so romantic

You may think Iranians are so violent and angry, not showing love to anyone. But as soon as you visit this nation, you’ll change your mind. This is so common to see young couples, hand in hand, walking along the streets and in Persian gardens. Tomb of Hafez, in Shiraz, is one of those romantic places you’d better visit. Aside from the romantic couples, you’ll enjoy the atmosphere and reading Hafiz love sonnets.

Iranians are romantic people

Iranians are romantic people

  1. You can see Rice almost in 80% of dishes

Probably, the first thing you understand when you eat in Persian restaurants is that you can see Rice almost in all main Persian dishes. For example, Fesenjun and Ghorme-Sabzi, which are the most famous and popular Persian dishes, are kinds of stews served with rice. If you like to experience an Iranian house atmosphere, our Iran travel agent takes you to one of Persian families and you can feel all of the mentioned.

Chelo Kebab - surprises in Iran

Persian food- chelo Kebab

  1. Iran is a modern country

Many people think Iran is like other countries in the Middle East. But the truth is that Iran is really modern, with Iranians using internet and social media most of the time. They are so educated and informed that they know much more about the west than westerns do about Iranians. 97% of Persians are literate and women outnumber men in Iranian universities. Every kind of world-class technology is available in Iran and many products are manufactured in Iran. So if you are not ready for a shock, change your mind before you travel to Iran.

Iran, an industrial country - surprises in Iran

Iran, an industrial country – surprises in Iran

All in all, you have to visit this amazing country to feel all these that you read. Iran Destination, Iran travel agency, tries its best to make an unforgettable trip for you. Just take a look at our Iran tour packages and simply choose an Iran tour to visit this great country. In case you have any other requests, questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact this travel agency in Iran.

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