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The Interesting Life of Iranian Nomads

Nomadic life is the most ancient way of humankind living, the characteristic that makes it an attraction of technology era. Almost everywhere in the world the nomads have maintained their local custom and traditions such as their lifestyle and residence, language, music, local food, clothes, ceremonies and etc. All these features make nomadic life a tourism attraction all over the world and especially in Iran.

Nomads of Iran are a great cultural tourist attraction during Iran tours. They spread all over Iran and have many interesting attractions for tourists. One of the most famous of them is Qashqai tribe. They are mainly located in Fars province. Qashqai nomad’s language is Turkish and has many beautiful folkloric songs in this language.

The Interesting Life of Iranian Nomads

The Interesting Life of Iranian Nomads

Qashqai nomad’s residence is tents made from goat’s hair and ornate with colorful wool products such as tassels and carpets. Maybe Qashqai wedding ceremonies are among the most beautiful traditional ceremonies of Iran. Tourists must be very lucky to have the opportunity of getting into one of these weddings where men and women dance in colorful clothes.


The Qashqai includes five major tribes: the Amale (Qashqai) / Amaleh (Persian), the Dere-Shorlu / Darreh-Shuri, the Kashkollu / Kashkuli, the Shishbeyli / Sheshboluki, and the Eymur / Farsimadan, Smaller tribes include the Qaracha / Qarache’i, Rahimli / Rahimi, and Safi-Khanli / Safi-Khani.

Amale / Amaleh

People of the Amaleh tribe were warriors and workmen attached to the household of the Ilkhani, or paramount chief; recruited from all the Qashqai tribes they constituted the Ilkhani’s bodyguard and retinue.

Dere-Shorlu / Dareshuri

The Dareshuri have joined the Qashqai tribal confederation during the reign of Karim Khan Zand.

Kashkollu / Kashkuli

The another tribe is, The Kashkuli khans that they supported the British in their struggle against Ṣowlat-al-Dowla and the German agent, Wilhelm Wassmuss, during World War I and after the war; Ṣowlat-al-Dowla punished the Kashkuli. He

dismissed the Kashkuli leaders who had opposed him and “deliberately set out to break up and impoverish the Kashkuli tribe.

Eymur / Farsimadan

The Farsimadan are of Ḵhalaj origin, and before moving to southern Persia, they dwelled in a region southwest of Tehran, Ḵalajestan.

The Interesting Life of Iranian Nomads

The Interesting Life of Iranian Nomads

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