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Hajij village

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Facts about Hajij village

Kermanshah is an ancient land and a remnant of ancient Iran. This province has witnessed many ups and downs throughout history. In all these years, the people of this city have been able to maintain their original identity. There are various historical and natural attractions in this province. Due to this, many domestic and foreign travelers go to it every year. Hajij village of Kermanshah is one of the most amazing villages in Iran. This village is located in the border city of Paveh. This village with its stepped architecture and beautiful nature. It is one of the best sights in Oraman region. This place is an amazing and spectacular village, Hajij village of Kermanshah. So join us on a trip to the west of Iran and rural tourism in Hajij village.

About Hajij village

Hajij village in Kermanshah is one of the most attractive places in Kermanshah province. It is also one of the scenic areas of Oramanat. This village is located 25 km from Paveh city. Due to its staircase, it is especially popular among tourists. Also with rocky mountains, lush landscapes, roaring springs and a winding path that catches the eye of every viewer. This is the reason why nature lovers are attracted to it every year. Due to the lack of land, the roof of any house is considered a backyard of another house.

Where is Hajij village?

Hajij village is located 34 km from Paveh city and 123 km from Kermanshah in Nowsud section. Paveh is one of the border cities of Kermanshah province, which is located 122 km northwest of this province. This city leads from the north and northeast to Marivan city in Kurdistan province. It also leads from the east and south to the city of Javanroud and from the west to Iraq (Kurdistan region).

Hajij village

Hajij-e Bozorg

Philosophy of naming Hajij village

The reason for naming this village is its location in a place called Hajij. The meaning of this word is lush and deep valley. Because this village is located in this valley, it is called Hajij. You can join our team, Iran Destination, and get more acquainted with this beautiful village. Iran travel agency, Iran Destination, will organize your trip to Iran. You can offer your tailor-made trip to Iran or visit our programs on the Iran tour page. You can contact to our Iranian travel agency, our agents are online to answer all your questions.

The best time to visit Hajij village

The climate of this village is temperate and mountainous. In the warm seasons of the year, it has a temperate climate. In spring, colorful and unique flowers grow on the slopes of the mountains of this region. Because of this, a spectacular atmosphere is created in it. In winter, however, there is a severe cold in this village. So if you are not a nature lover and mountaineer in difficult conditions, winter is not a good time to go to this area.

Possible entertainment in Hajij village

  • Be sure to bring proper picnic equipment with you.
  • Walking through the village and watching the steps of stepped architecture will bring you many sights. Finally, it will create enjoyable moments for you.
  • Do not forget the historical features of the village that are hidden in the mosque and other places of worship.
    You can go boating on the Sirvan River.
  • You can climb in the heights of Shahu mountains. Of course, be sure to bring the necessary equipment for a mountainous area.
  • Never forget to take your camera with you. Capturing unique images of this region can also help in the growth of the tourism industry.

Hajij people

The residents of Hajij are kind and hospitable to the Kurdish people. They speak the Kurdish dialect of Horami. People who are engaged in animal husbandry and also take care of and raise different types of poultry. Milk, buttermilk and butter are all dairy products. Gardening is another activity of these residents. Fruits such as walnuts, pomegranates and grapes are the products of this village. When traveling to this area, do not forget to buy colorful local clothes and especially the souvenir of Hajij village, Giveh. Hajij men’s clothing is also spectacular and eye-catching. Men wear hats, Kurdish pants, Kurdish hats and Giveh to cover themselves. Women also wear headbands, shirts, Kolanje, Qabaa and Jafi.

Hajij village

Hajij people

Hajij local food

This village is one of the best places with delicious local food. So do not neglect the Kurdish food of this region while traveling to this village. Some of the spicy foods are for the winter but do not worry. Whenever you go there, you can enjoy excited Koofteh Hajijaneh and Tarkhineh stew. It also has barbecue restaurants and offers very fresh meat of mutton in the form of Chenjeh. The taste of this kebab will stay in your mind forever.

Famous attractions of this village

The pristine nature of Hajij village

There is a spectacular nature in this stepped village that attracts every viewer. Of course, you should know that not everything ends with the houses that exist in this stepped area. By taking a little distance from the village houses and continuing the path on the road, you will see pictures of the unique nature of this village. On the left side of the road, your eyes will fall on a cave at the foot of the mountain, the diameter of which is 6 meters. It flows through this high-pressure blue cave in all seasons. This stream of water boils from the heart of the earth. And flows in the Sirvan River. The people of Hajij called this spring Bil.

Hajij village

Pristine nature of Hajij

Sirvan River

One of the most important and famous rivers near this village is Sirvan river. It has divided Oraman region into two parts with a long path. The banks of this river are a good place to listen to the sounds of nature and watch its beauties. Darian Dam, which is located in the middle of this river, has given a special view to the region.

Shahu Heights

If you move along this village, you will reach the heights of Shahu. They are part of the Zagros Mountains. There are pristine and spectacular natural pastures in this area. Also, do not forget to have a camera with you.