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Best winter vacation in iran

Did you make your decision and chose Iran as your travel destination? We want to talk about best winter vacation in iran for traveling to Iran. Travel to Iran to get to know about it. Are you interested in experiencing that? what do you know about Iran destination tour one of the most famous Iran travel agency in shiraz and also Iran? This is great and you can be sure that the most exciting experiences will be waiting for you. In this article, we introduce all the requirements to travel to Iran. Also, the do and don’ts of traveling to Iran. Also, we answer this question: how to travel to Iran.Iran holidays

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About best winter vacation in iran

Iranian winters are amazing; Not only because of the glorious and snowy Damavand or the whitewashing of the beautiful northern and western roads, but also because of the variety of climates that are still preserved in this cold season. This means that in addition to the possibility of visiting the bright and attractive snow scenes in nature, there are also cities that continue to be spring in winter and are a first-class destination for fans of non-snowy weather. In fact, we want to tell you that there is a lot of variety in choosing winter travel destinations in Iran. Iran’s sights in winter are very diverse depending on your taste and interests. Some people like to go skiing, snow climbing and winter recreation in winter. Some people prefer to walk along the sunny beach and see tall and beautiful palm trees.

Tehran; For winter fun

Iran in Winter

Tehran also has many attractions to offer in winter. Be sure to include the three winter promenades of this city in the list of Iranian sights in winter; Tochal, Shemshak and Dizin. So if you love skiing and winter sports, be sure to remember these places and their ski slopes. Skiing and skiing or mountaineering are some of the activities that you can enjoy by going to the resort, Shemshak and Disney in winter.

Best winter vacation in iran

Tehran in winter


Ardabil Mountain, which is located in the northwest corner of the Iranian cat, is known as one of the sights of Iran in winter. In addition to the various historical sights that Ardabil has and can be visited in any season, the existence of Sarein hot spring is what makes Ardabil one of the winter tourism destinations in Iran. Sarein is a small town 30 km west of Ardabil. Numerous hot springs that are located in it, give life for winter travel.

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Ardabil in winter

Cities of Kurdistan

Kurdistan is another mountainous part of Iran, which in addition to its countless historical sights, also becomes one of the tourist superstars in winter. Kurdistan is one of the sights of Iran in winter. The reason for the fame of this city is a beautiful lake called “Zarivar”. It is not difficult to reach this lake by car. The surface of Zarivar Lake freezes in winter and you should remember not to feel like a skater dancing and do not walk on it. Because this layer is not reliable and you may break it by moving on it and get in trouble.

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Get to know the sights of Iran in winter with non-winter weather

Persian Gulf Islands; Kish, Qeshm and Hormuz

The islands of the Persian Gulf are one of the best places to see in Iran in winter. Of course, for those who draw a line around snow and winter and like to enjoy a mild and sunny climate in winter. Kish, Qeshm and Hormoz are very hot in summer, but if you visit them in autumn and winter, it is possible. You will prepare for eating one of the best trips of your life.Iran holidays

Best winter vacation in iran

Hormoz in winter


Walking at night on the shores of Chabahar and watching the brilliant phytoplankton in the darkness of winter and autumn nights, if not one of the most amazing sights of life, then what? Phytoplankton or color glows with water waves can be seen in the cold seasons of the year in the dark of night and create very memorable and attractive images. These glows have made the beaches of this beautiful city one of the sights of Iran in winter.


The countless sunny days of Yazd, which is one of the masterpieces of urban planning in the world and is also registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List, allows you to add another attractive option to the list of Iran’s sights in winter. Yazd is located at a distance of 1200 meters above sea level and its high altitude makes it have a pleasant climate most of the year. Yazdi windmills, which are one of the most creative architectural structures in the world, along with various historical and religious monuments, make Yazd, which has a pleasant climate in winter, one of the sights of Iran in winter.Iran holidays


Shiraz always has good weather. But its spring is extremely famous. So if you put it in your winter tourism destinations, you will travel to a city with good weather and scenic, and you will be away from the hustle and bustle of tourists in the spring.