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Trip to Iran with kids

Is it safe to travel to Iran with children? Is it a good idea to spend winter holidays in Iran? Do Iranian people behave friendly? also, there are a lot of questions and worried about your kids when you travel everywhere. These questions may cross your mind if you are planning to travel to Iran. In this article, written by Iran Destination, You will get all you need about a trip to Iran with kids.

Iran Visa for Children

All children, no matter how old they are, need a valid passport and a VISA to travel to Iran. in other words, getting visa has not age limitation but other services such as booking hotels and others have limitation for certain ages. You can contact Iran Destination team to get Iran visa, whether for yourself or your children.

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trip to Iran with kids

trip to Iran with kids

Iran Insurance – trip to Iran with kids

Insurance is a must for any trip and trip to Iran is no exception. Especially, when it comes to children, it gets more important. You can buy Iran travel insurance through a travel agency, just like Iran Destination, prior to your trip to Iran and also if you couldn’t get Iran travel insurance, you can buy it when you arrive at the IKA airport. To get all the details about Iran travel insurance, please read our particular article about Iran Travel Insurance.

Also you may like to follow some general cares like vaccination, just as you will do prior to your trip to any destination. Try to book well ahead of the time you travel to Iran to have everything reserved, and download suitable apps on your devices for your kids to play.

trip to Iran with kids: Food for Children in Iran

It is not really easy to find baby-food in jars, particularly in famous brands. For example, in Tehran you will more likely find baby-food in mega supermarkets, such as Hypermarkets. Also in the north of the city you will probably find some in small supermarkets. Consider that because of economic sanctions, you are likely not to see famous brands in Iran, so you may like to bring your baby-food with you to Iran. You can find Formula and baby cereals in pharmacies, but don’t be surprised by the higher prices compared to other countries. Fresh milk and other milk products like chocolate milk, strawberry milk, honey milk, etc can be easily found anywhere in Iran.

A Trip to Iran with Kids

A Trip to Iran with Kids- Foods for your kids

If you have older children, you may have a challenge to find kids-friendly menu, especially in Persian traditional restaurants. You can find pizza, pasta, fries and all sort of fast foods so easily, but that bowl of steamed veggies or macaroni cheese could be tough. Also, Please be careful not to buy food for your children in the street, they may not be healthy enough.

A Trip to Iran with Kids- Foods in Iran

A Trip to Iran with Kids- Foods in Iran

trip to Iran with kids: Water in Iran – trip to Iran with kids

Almost in all the major cities in Iran, the tap water is potable and bottled water is cheap and can be easily found in every supermarket, restaurant or even news kiosk. For your kids, especially if they are more sensitive, we recommend bottled water over tap water. But don’t worry, you won’t feel any special issue with the tap water and your body and your kids’ will soon get adjusted to the environment.

A Trip to Iran with Kids- water in Iran

A Trip to Iran with Kids- water in Iran

trip to Iran with kids: Fruits and vegetables in Iran

You can easily find and buy any fruits and vegetables you like in green-grocery stores, but please pay attention to wash them carefully to remove any remaining pesticide on them.

trip to Iran with kids: Dress code for kids in Iran

Probably you already know that Iran has special and maybe strict rules on dress code in Iran. But no need to worry, these rules don’t apply to kids in Iran. These rules only apply to teenagers and adults. Kids in Iran can wear freely without any problem and there is no need to wear hijab or scarf for girls under 10 years old. But for the girls above this age, this rule may not be so serious for tourist girls in large cities, but we recommend you to follow the dress code in religious cities such as Mashhad, Qom or Kashan. If you are not sure, you can always ask the locals or see around how people look like.

A Trip to Iran with Kids

A Trip to Iran with Kids

Is Iran weather suitable for children?

Check the Weather

Before you plan your trip to Iran, please search about the weather in Iran. Of course Iran has different climates in different parts during each season, so you have different choices regarding when the best time is to visit Iran. But in case you like to visit classic and main cities in Iran, like Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Tehran, keep in mind that they are usually located in hot areas. So if you want to visit these cities during summer, make sure you bring suitable loose clothes for your kids in Iran.

A Trip to Iran with Kids- Check the weather

A Trip to Iran with Kids- Check the weather

Air Pollution in Iran

Another important thing you have to consider is the air pollution in Iran. Actually the main city facing air pollution problem is the capital of Iran, Tehran. During the cold season, in late Fall and all Winter, the problem is kind of worsen, but still it can be avoided with some masks or de-toxic drinks. Try to give water and other drinks to your children every now and then.

trip to Iran with kids: Sun Care in Iran

As children’s skin is so delicate, it can easily get sun-burnt. So no matter which season you travel to Iran, try to have sunscreen, hat or shades with you.

A Trip to Iran with Kids

A Trip to Iran with Kids

trip to Iran with kids: Sanitation in Iran

Sanitation standards could vary in different cultures and also in different families. In general, Iranian families care about the sanitation especially for their children. They first teach them to wash their hands before eating and after using the toilets. But in crowded cities like Tehran, with different kinds of people, you may encounter different types of cultures regarding sanitation. Not all the toilets are completely clean and functional, especially in roads. But if you look for them a bit more, you can find a clean one.

Roadside restaurants may be of poor health and quality and you may not really willing to use them. To be on the safe side, make sure you have sanitize, wipes, liquid soap and a roll of toilet paper with you. Another challenge for most of foreign visitors is the Persian style toilet. Finding a western style sitting toilet outside your hotel is a bit hard, although nowadays they are seen more and more, and your child might be confused to see a totally different kind of toilet. So it is a good idea to familiarize your child with how to use Iranian toilet and let them get used to it.

trip to Iran with kids: Medications in Iran

Because of international economic sanctions, some foreign special drugs may not be found in Iran, in case you or your children have a certain health problem. But the general foreign medications and Iranian ones are easily found. So if you are under special conditions, make sure to bring enough supply.

trip to Iran with kids: Baby Care in Iran

When in cities, diapers are found in all major supermarkets, but if you are travelling to far rural areas, make sure to have enough supply

trip to Iran with kids: Public Baby-Changing Rooms

Public baby changing areas are available in most places, such as subway and metro stations, restaurants and shopping malls.

But, most stations are located in the ladies’ room, or are titled as “mother and baby room”. So bear that in mind if you’re a father planning to go around town with your kid. Of course in Tehran Metro, these facilities are located separately. But anyway, if you are in a need anywhere, just ask. Iranians are so welcoming and they love children, so they will for sure help you with your baby.

trip to Iran with kids:

If you want to breastfeed in public, look around to see how the situation is. It is generally recommended to find a quiet corner for nursing and not to cause much attention.

Traveling to Iran with children can be an amazing and rewarding experience. Not only will you familiarize yourself with an ancient rich culture, you will also instill in your child an affection for other ethnicities and cultures; the sort of feeling that the world could sure use more of. All those who have travelled to Iran with their children, were really happy to have made such decisions. No special issue has been reported till now.

A trip to Iran with kids - mother and child room

A trip to Iran with kids – mother and child room

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