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Between Semnan and Mazandaran provinces, an area with pristine and stunning nature awaits you. A wall of a mountain that blocks the passage of clouds is called the Opert Wall. Summer areas for locals to graze their cattle. Rural houses, beautiful plains, grassy mountains, boiling springs with refreshing water that can be seen in this area are some of the beauties of Opert.This area can certainly be considered the border between the forest and the desert. Due to the high altitude, the rain clouds mostly stop in the north of the slope and the north side of the wall is always covered with fresh plants, but the south side turns more yellow due to less rain.


About Opert iran

Opert is one of those areas that by hearing its name and seeing its pictures, we may say to ourselves, oh what a paradise, I wish Iran was here and we could travel to it. An area between Semnan and Mazandaran provinces with beautiful and stunning nature. A wall of the mountain that blocks the movement of clouds is the Opert Wall. Rural houses, beautiful plains, beautiful mountains covered with grass, boiling springs with refreshing water that can be seen in this area are all the beauties of Opert. The border between the forest and the desert. Due to the high altitude, the rain clouds mostly stop in the north of the slope. The Opert also has wide plains where you can see a beautiful view of the country houses with colorful gables.


cloudy heaven

Where is the Operet?

Opert is located 55 km north of Mahdishahr city in Semnan province. Opert Summer connects the Opert Wall to the northeast of Khorro Nero, the northern part of which is the border between the Hyrcanian forests in the north and the desert plain in the south. The northern region includes the Dodangah of Mazandaran. Characteristics of the Opert Valley Due to its location in a specific geographical area, it has a unique vegetation and a lot of biodiversity can be observed in it. In terms of growth and development of various plants, this region has become a hub for growing medicinal plants. So that plants can be found in abundance in this area, each of which has specific healing properties.

Attractions of the Opert region

In addition to the dreamy beauty, the Opert region is also close to Lake Chort and Badab Surt, so tourists who travel to Opert can also plan to visit these unique areas. The springs of this region are also very abundant. If you are also a forest lover, this area also provides access to the dense forests of Dodangah for tourists. While tourists can get lost in the heights between the clouds and experience walking between the clouds. The height of soaring mountains in this region has made the clouds have no escape route from Mazandaran province. And do not rain on the other side of the mountain in Semnan province. This has caused one side of the desert mountain and the other side of the forest at this point. This is a dream area.

How to get to the Operet?

If you are planning to visit Opert, you can go to Shahmirzad in Semnan province or choose Firoozkooh road for this trip. If you left Shahmirzad, after leaving Shahmirzad, move to Foolad Mahalleh and Sari and go to Parvar in the middle of the road. Go from Parvar to Sorkhdeh and then go to the village of Opert from the right exit. If you plan to travel to Operet from Tehran, you can go to Firoozkooh Road. First, go to Chasham village and from there to Opert.

When to go to the Operet?

The best time to visit Opert is spring and summer. In these seasons, both the weather is suitable and the nature is green and spectacular. Of course, if you like the colorful nature of autumn, this season can also be a good time for this trip, but bring warm clothes. In summer, if we are lucky, we can also see the black tents of the nomads and buy fresh butter and cream from them. You can join our team, Iran Destination, and get more acquainted with this city. Iran travel agency, Iran Destination, will organize your trip to Iran. You can offer your tailor-made trip to Iran or visit our programs on the Iran tour page. You can contact to our Iranian travel agency, our agents are online to answer all your questions.


iran nomads on opert region

Where to stay in Opert?

Although a trip to Operet is possible in the form of a day trip, the unique nature along with its charming scenery and cloudy dancing in the blue sky of Operet will tempt you to spend the night in this summer area and enjoy seeing the starry night sky. take. So prepare the camp equipment and set up a tent and breathe in the clean and gentle air of nature. If you also want to experience a rustic night, the village houses that rent to travelers and tourists or accommodation in local ecotourism resorts can also be your choice to spend a memorable night with friends and family.

Why should we see Operet?

Operet is a place with vast plains and country houses whose colorful attics are visible from afar. Since summer is part of a protected area, it has a lot of animal and plant diversity. Apart from the sheep and cows grazing on the plains, the wild horses also complete the picture we see in front of us. There are other attractions to see in this area. Near the village of Finsk, we find the waterfall of Finsk. Finsk is located on the Shahmirzad route to Foolad Mahalleh. And also, branches off from the main road with a 15 km long side road.

Opert, heaven on iran

When you get to the operet, you will be amazed by its surprise and you may ask yourself, is this Iran? The answer is yes, this is Iran. And operet is a strong and magical border that will be one of the most memorable trips of your life.