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Chitgar Lake

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About Chitgar lake

Chitgar lake or martyrs Lake of the Persian Gulf is the largest artificial lake in Iran, which is an ideal place for biking, walking, entertainment, picnics, memorable nightlife and romantic dates. In addition, recreation and excursion in this lake is possible every four seasons of the year.

Among the fanfare of urban life, capitalists, in addition to traveling to the northern cities that cost a lot of time, can go to this beautiful lake in a short time and enjoy the nature and recreation of Lake chitgar. This tourist complex, located among the towers of western Tehran, with a cool breeze blowing from the lake, evokes the sense of presence in one of the coastal cities in the minds of visitors.

Introducing Chitgar Lake

Chitgar lake, or the martyrs of the Persian Gulf in order to the stylized and reduced air pollution in the north-west of Tehran, was built and contains features various recreational and welfare is due to the proximity to many of the sights in Tehran. daily, plenty of people will see it. The area of the lake reaches 130 hectares, adjacent to which a large recreational complex of 120 hectares has been built.

The initial idea of chitgar Lake dates back to 1347, until it was considered and scrutinized from 2002 to 2009 to be a source for improving the weather condition of Tehran and the region. Finally, the construction of chitger artificial lake began in 2009 and opened in May 2013.

If you do not use recreational facilities and non-free collection, surfing the area around the lake does not cost anything, and this is one of the advantages of the lake. Lake, chitgar is one of the most famous sights in Tehran that through amenities such as parking, service, health, etc. – holders, edible, etc. The Chapel (in the north of the lake), the fountain musical alcove (in the west of the lake) and… A very good time for visitors.

chitgar lake
Chitgar Lake, Where’s chitger Lake?

Chitger Lake is an artificial lake in northwest Tehran, located north of chitger Forest Park. The lake from the south to the highway Hamedani (wise), from North to Highway Hemet, from East to Highway free and from the west to the tissues of the residential area ۲۲ Tehran municipality is limited.

Access to chitger lake by subway

If you are planning to departure to chitgar lake by subway, it is enough to take one of the trains of sadeghieh – golshahr line and walk to chitgar subway station and take a bus to Shahid Bagheri town.

Other access methods to chitger Lake

Access to chitger Lake is possible in addition to the subway via bus, taxi and personal car.

Bus Lake, chitgar other options before you which are in addition to the bus terminus, Metro, chitgar, you can the bus terminus sadeghiyeh of the bus seas Estates use about ۳۰ minutes later at the station Jozani walk in.

If you are from Shariati and mirdamad and Tajrish streets, you should go to the three-way zarabakhaneh (Hemat-Shariati intersection) and get on the chitgar subway buses. Bus route chitgar Hemet-Shariati include the Hemmat highway to the Olympic Village., The Boulevard, the village, etc. the field has founded., the boulevard Amir Kabir, the Bigdeli, etc. kuhak and terminals, Metro, chitgar is that the Continue have to ride another bus out to the lake to get there.

Chitgar Lake, Bus boat at chitger Lake

By visiting the lake chitgar taxi station located in the terminal chitgar you can get to this beautiful complex faster and easier.

If you use a personal car to visit chitger Lake, depending on your location in Tehran, you can enter the Shahid Hemmat Highway east of Shahid Hemmat highway and reach the destination from chitger lake outlet. You can also get to bamland via Shahid Hakim Highway, Kashan Boulevard, Azadegan freeway, Avenue Avenue, and chitger Lake parking. From the west through 45 meters of the municipality, azadshahr road, Shahid mirkamali street, there is also access to the lake.

If the time of Karaj, a way lake, chitgar, you must through the special road, Karaj, enter the freeway, located toward the North sure, God should continue on the freeway for fate., the boulevard, Kashan, square wave, and finally, Street wave, move on.

Address and working hours of chitger Lake

 opening hours: from 6 am to 24 pm
 address: chitgar Lake, west end of Hemat Highway, Tehran

Chitgar Lake, Facilities and prices for Lake chitger entertainment

In addition to the beautiful nature of the lake, chitgar, etc. entertainments several visitors provided that everyone according to their taste and interest can use them and enjoy. To get acquainted with some of them and know the price of Lake chitger recreation with us.
Rafting chitger

One of the recreation, enlivening the lake, chitgar, boats riding, that for this purpose, you can from the pier, Western or Eastern, use the…, especially the possibility of watching the fish and birds the lake is also the pleasure around them. The eastern waterfront is on the roof side of land and the western waterfront is on the side of Milad Boulevard.

The entire lake has insurance and a life jacket is available when boarding the boat. Meanwhile, people over 90 kg, pregnant women and children under 14 years (alone) are not allowed to ride. Swimming in this lake is forbidden.

The price of a two-seater, three-seater and four-seater pedal boat for a period of 30 minutes, respectively 30, 40 and 50 thousand USD. as a result, Motor boat (one to five people) 90 thousand USD and catamara or bus boat for a round in the lake 15 thousand USD all.

Fishing at chitger Lake

Fishing is also one of the fascinating recreations of the roofing pier of land and Lake chitger. The possibility of using the services and facilities of the Fishing Club is provided for gamers. It is also possible to save money by subscribing to the club.

The cost of fishing without facilities set: 50 thousand USD
The cost of a full day of fishing for members: 40 thousand USD

chitgar lakeChitgar Lake, Cycling Lake chitger

Cycling is a fascinating sport and recreation that is enjoyed in a beautiful environment such as chitgar Lake. The chitger bike ride has made it possible to use advanced gear or electric bicycles for enthusiasts.

Portions at the western and eastern entrances of the lake are dedicated to bicycle hire. The cost of bicycle fare depends on the model of the bicycle and ranges from 20 to 50 thousand dollars an hour. as a result, You should also know that the price of 20 to 60 minutes of delay in the delivery of the bike is an hour’s fee for you. Having a certificate, National card or smart service end card is essential for bicycle hire.

Chitger cycling track: from 15 to 24 hours

Chitgar Lake, Recreation on the rocky shore of chitger Lake

The beach Stone Lake, chitgar is one of the most beautiful and the best part of this collection is that sometimes there is duck and the duck that it’s near sacrifice is a sense of interesting for the visitors it produces. There is no fence and protection here, and you can easily go near the water and even play water.
Sandy beach chitger

Set sandy beach chitgar that with the name of the set, sandy beach porn, also known, with a 300 square meters, environmental, healthy, fun and happy for children’s play in the west of the lake, chitgar, etc. parking, West is located. Plastic playgrounds, indoor environment and the presence of washing space after the game have made this place a safe entertainment destination for children. The age limit of the sandy beach is from 2 to 6 years.
Lake chitger amusement park.

Wonderful land of the lake, chitgar by the countries of Germany, Netherlands, Italy, made, exciting collections of amusement of the world, and in their place is such that it can be used to the safari park of terror, ski jump, in the sky, Ferris wheel, big lake, and … Noted. The chitger amusement park is located on the North, East and west side of Lake chitger, which is suitable for all family members of any age and taste.

Lake chitger amusement park hours: Saturday to Wednesday from 16 to 23; Thursday and holidays from 10 am to 23

Carting Lake chitger

carting, including recreation, impassioned that lovers of speed and excitement to attract it, and what’s better than carting the lake, chitgar that gamer can drive through speedy., the excitement unbelievable experience. This place is made up of the best carting resorts available in the country that perfectly comply with global standards. The carting resort is located next to the ticket booth on the West Lake.

Lake chitger carting hours: from Saturday to Wednesday 9 am to 18 pm; Thursday and holidays from 10 am to 20 pm

Play lands and chitger Lake award

In addition, North Lake is a small playground for children that includes a number of game items with charges different one. on the western side of the lake also the earth game  called the “land of game and the prize” with around 10 game and involve exciting for the children there who spend times for this age group fable have. Outdoor games such as trampoline and eurobanji are intended for children, each ticket is 10 thousand USD.
Air skating

Modern air skating or ride suspension in the air is the most up-to-date chitger amusement park equipment that peaks adrenaline and excitement. This exciting IO-shaped device is fully standardized and you can enjoy it without concern. The capacity of this machine is two eight-seater cabins.

Cost of air skating (U-skating): 18 thousand USD
Age limit: children under seven years
Height limit: minimum 120 cm-maximum 200 cm
Weight limit: Max 90kg

Chitgar Lake, Jump piste in the sky

The sky Jump resort is located north of chitger Lake, and thanks to the use of special polymer flooring, it is possible to perform winter sports in any weather conditions. This modern resort is a common product of Italy and the Netherlands. It is the first major wind slides in Iran, you can experience a sense of real snow riding. The height of this inflatable slide is almost high and ends up with a large inflatable mattress.

The cost of skipping in the sky: 15 thousand USD
Age limit: children under five years
Height limit: minimum 130 cm and maximum 200 cm
Weight limit: Max 130kg

Thrilling pyramid (flying cinema)

The pyramid of excitement or the 6-dimensional cinema of chitger Lake is the product of Siemens Germany and provides an unparalleled experience for enthusiasts. In this Recreational Complex, all four people enter a pyramid and ride on a special cabin. The cabin is fully suspended at an altitude of two meters from the ground.

The sense of suspense in the air itself is fascinating, but when accompanied by storm effects, lightning, rain, fog and dust and special visual effects, it creates a tremendous excitement for cabin passengers.

Age limit: persons under 12 years

Safari Park panic

You can experience the horror and excitement at Lake chitger’s Safari Park, which includes a seven-minute breathtaking excursion in Iran’s first horror sidewalk tunnel. The symbols of horror, the special effects of horror, the winding paths and the terrible atrium and the rock are the perfect collection of fear and excitement.

The cost of safari park panic: 15 thousand USD

Chitgar Lake, Freddie is gliding out of a huge roller coaster

Free fall and beachwave slides with a height of 24 meters and a length of 80 meters. Morover, It is the largest and most exciting slides in the Middle East and the tallest slides without the need for water rotation in Iran. Because their body is all stainless steel, there is no need for water, and visitors can use it by wearing a special Matt (special mat).

Cost of free fall roller coasters: 10 thousand USD
Cost of beachwave roller coasters: seven thousand USD
Age limit: persons under eight years
Height limit: minimum 120 cm and maximum 200 cm
Weight limit: Max 120kg

entertainmentHuge constellations

Ferris wheel relatively large in the east of the lake, chitgar which is most of them on it the whole set chitgar lake from high altitude, you’ll see the … meanwhile, you can catch the quieter very beautiful from the sky, the moments quintessential to register. Furthermore, This carousel is 40 meters high and is one of the most attractive carousel in Iran.

The cost of the carousel Lake chitger: 12 thousand USD

Electric car

So, The electric car is one of the other lake chitger recreations. Also, It has regardless of traffic rules, can experience the fun of overtaking, accident, excitement and family fun. Two car rides operate on the East and west side of the lake.

Weight limit: people over 80 kg
Height limit: people over 190 cm

Chitgar Lake, Roll glider (zipper line)

Roll the glider or the same Zip program, the lake, chitgar, the first Zip program, Iran rail comes into account. Moreover, It includes rail  with 120 km is the length, and the thrill of the top of it.  Also, breath in, anyone imprisonment works. So, This zipper line rail is about 14 meters high, and despite its resemblance to the roller coaster. In other word, it creates a lot more excitement for you and you can feel the flight.

Roll glider cost: 25 thousand USD

Tehran circus

Thanks to the presence of more than 10 international artists, Tehran circus offers visitors hours of excitement and excitement.

circusPicnic along the chitger Lake

Above all, Summer is the best opportunity for a picnic in the green space of the lake. So, for this purpose you should not spread your swimming pool on the lawn. Also, It is forbidden to use grass sets as well as land roofs for picnics.

Chitger Lake wave pass

Pedestrian axes of about 7 kilometers locate in the form of rims around the lake. Also, enthusiasts can watch the landscape and breathe clean air around the lake. Along the way, you will cross the crown of the chitger Lake Dam, also known as the” wave pass”. The construction of this structure is inspired by water waves and has a beautiful architecture, especially during the night, which with lighting, the effects find spectacular. Also, the cycling axis is about 8 kilometers around the lake.
Roof land chitger

Roofing landscaping on top of walking people’s crossing place

Roofing land a plethora of commercial – recreational lake near chitgar is that in addition to the shopping centers, the supernatural, and the cafes and restaurants excellent, excellent, recreational facilities attractive, such as teather raw, etc. route, hiking, fishing, collection, amusement, children, boat rides, etc. set  land and… In its place. Also, In the following, we will mention the corner of the roofland entertainment.
However, Indoor amusement park garden roof landKids garden indoor amusement park is one of the most standard and modern Amusements in Iran and is therefore an ideal place for children’s recreation and entertainment.

Moreover, Trampoline, children’s football, airhock, suspension bridge, barriers room, roller coasters and more… Among the amusement park facilities are Roof land chitgar, while paying a separate fee, there is also the possibility of facial painting and photography of children. consequently, You can find this amusement park on the eastern side of chitger Lake. The use of amusement park equipment is possible only for one hour.

Bam land chitger amusement park hours: from 10 am to 23: 30
Bam land chitger amusement park address:

west end of Hemmat Highway, east side of chitger Lake, Bam land commercial complex, entrance A

Chitgar Lake, Free jump mattress

The free fall sports complex is located on an inflatable mattress in bamland Lake chitger. Therefore, those who are looking for excitement and energy discharge should not lose it.

Cost of free jump mattress: 25 thousand USD for two jump

Skyfly roofland

Above all, Skylinder is a long chain top that is another exciting recreational equipment. Consequently, if you want to raise your blood adrenaline, you have chosen a good place. Also, This is Tehran’s biggest chain twist and includes two-seater cabins. There ar totally raise 24 people to a height of 25 meters and rotate.

Skylire cost: 20 thousand USD

Human football rooftop land

Manual soccer is a popular sport that is similar to manual soccer, but here its dummies are real humans. The game, which is suitable for people eight years up to the top, is located near the kids garden store.

The cost of human soccer land roof: 50 thousand USD for 30 minutes

Vrland Recreation Department

Above all, VR Land is located just east of the lake with digital glasses to watch images and 360 degrees. In this collection, you can climb to the snowy peaks and ski or try rafting. In addition, to digital glasses, it is also possible to use the “maze module” (Mudule Maze).

VR cinema cost: 20 thousand USD
VR games cost: between 15 and 18 thousand USD

Chitgar Lake, Virtual reality angle

Virtual reality angle, the possibility of playing virtual reality games such as Western shooting, shooting a little scary, fantasy Zombies, experience under the ocean, roller coaster, skiing and… Provides for enthusiasts. Most importantly, Each game has its own price; so that the roller coaster simulator 25 thousand USD, 30-minute games 100 thousand USD and driving simulator 30 thousand USD.
Inflatable city

Subsequently, Three fascinating bubble soccer games, inflatable darts and soapstone soccer can be experienced in the inflatable city. However, Bubble soccer is a group and fun game that you need to wear a bubble-shaped costume and get busy with football. This game  play in 6 players and it is not possible to use ladies and gentlemen simultaneously in a game. For bubble football, the minimum height should be 115 cm.

Inflatable football field next to residential towers

Meanwhile, Soapstone football consists of a football competition between two teams of 6 to eight in a period of 15 minutes. It  perform on a floor and water ground. to clarify, The slippage of the soapstone football field creates a lot of excitement, and since the Mattresses of this game have a special flexibility. Furthermore, they do not cause any problems for the players when they fall.

Inflatable darts (ft darts) is a sport composed of football and darts that all ages from children to adults can do it. In this game the player must aim with the ball, the Dart screen and shoot the ball to the center of the screen.

Chitgar Lake, Chitger thrilling Tower

However, Tower excitement in the margins of the beautiful lake of the martyrs of the Gulf (chitgar) are located and features unique and free fall and wave, shouting, etc.  to clarify, According to the height 24 yards, and the length of the 80 yards it that the biggest, fastest and exciting set in the Middle East is noted. Having the body all stainless  trigger that requires the presence of water, in technology. However, This collection is not for the first time this out of the Environment. Water Park has been constructed and this has caused all the family members (ladies and gentlemen), simultaneously and together, from collection to use.

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