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Iran Destination is a  tour operator in Iran which makes your travel to Iran easy. Please, have a look on our  Iran Tourism Packages.  The Iran Travel Agency is ready to help you to travel to Iran. Following, read about the world hitting disease, Corona Virus, the impact of this virus on Tourism Industry and the advises for travelling to Iran

Corona Virus Tourism industry , Iran Destination

Impact of Corona Virus on Tourism Industry

The Corona Virus originating in China, the city of Wuhan, has so far infected and killed many people. But the concern of other countries is that despite the emergence of the virus in China, it is spreading rapidly to other parts of the world. Since it is difficult to control the virus because of the long-term concealment of the virus, it has raised much concern in touristic countries. Because even after a few days, the person has no symptoms but can still be the carrier of the disease. However, so far, the virus has affected not only the tourism industry but also the economies, exports and imports of countries. Here are some ways to combat Corona Virus.

Unfortunately, travel disruption is possible worldwide. Anyway, some other countries may bring in new measures with little notice such as border closures, movement restrictions or quarantine rules. Meanwhile, travel eagers must be prepared to stay at homes longer than planned, but we are sure one day we would be on way to discover the spot of the world!

Corona Virus , Travelling , Iran Destination

How can we avoid Corona Virus especially on travel?

Corona Virus and Tourism Industry

Since the virus is transmitted through respiratory secretions, direct contact, touching the infected surface of the virus, and contact with mucous membranes such as the eyes, nose and mouth, the following are some of the strategies we can greatly follow. Not only prevent the entry of Corona viruses, but most environmental viruses as well:

Wash your hands

One of the most primitive ways to prevent the virus from entering our bodies is to wash our hands constantly while eating and drinking.


It is best to use a mask in public places where there is a crowd, so that you are less exposed to viruses.


If you are traveling to a place that has seas and beaches, it is best to skip swimming to ensure that water is not the only indicator of clean water. On the other hand, the water in that area may have bacteria that are only suitable for indigenous people living in the area. Also avoid using the free water like rivers for foods and washing the fruits and vegetables.

It is best to drink mineral water while traveling. And avoid drinking water that has no clear source. It is important to know that drinking enough water causes the virus to get out of the body so do not forget to drink water.

Health observance in the use of public vehicles

If you use public transport such as trains, buses, and planes to travel, it is best to avoid hand-to-hand contact with seat belts. Clean or clean your hands with disinfectants after contact with bus, subway, train and aircraft categories.

Corona Virus and Tourism Industry; Safe food choices

It is advisable to avoid out-of-town restaurants and dinners for meals and use your hotel’s restaurant and dishes instead. Or if you are destined to have a meal with you on domestic trips. It is also best to use packaged foods that have the least interference in making them.

It is advisable to change your diet a bit during the trip and if you are on a raw diet, switch to grilled and well-cooked foods because vegetables such as lettuce, onions, carrots, etc. that are harvested from the land if not well washed. The germs are transmitted. It is also advisable not to eat fruits during the journey.

If you are traveling to a specific diet or have a different seafood and animal diet, we recommend eating foods that you have previously consumed and are confident your body will not respond to them.

Having enough sleep

You may have heard that even if your body is not weak, even severe illnesses will be easy for you. One of the factors contributing to the weakening of the body is lack of sleep. So if you travel farther away from your place of residence and spend many hours disturbing your sleep, it is best to have enough sleep and rest instead of drinking coffee.

Preparing online travel tickets

The less likely you are to be in public places and communities, the less likely it is to spread the virus, so it is advisable to buy tickets and trains online in a secure environment, such as a supermarket

Corona Virus and Tourism Industry; What do you have in your luggage while traveling?

It is best to include the following in your luggage; when traveling to avoid viruses: Mask – Fever Drugs – Alcohol Spray – Rinse Gel – Paper Napkin – Fever Gauge

However, the temporary travel restrictions should also not apply to people with an essential function or need, including

  • healthcare professionals, health researchers, and elderly care professionals

  • frontier workers

  • seasonal workers in agriculture

  • transport personnel

  • diplomats, staff of international organizations and people invited by international organizations whose physical presence is required. For the well-functioning of these organizations, military personnel and humanitarian aid workers and civil protection personnel are in the exercise of their functions.

  • passengers in transit

  • passengers travelling for imperative family reasons

  • seafarers

  • persons in need of international protection or for other humanitarian reasons

  • third-country nationals travelling for the purpose of study

  • highly qualified third-country workers if their employment is necessary from an economic perspective and the work cannot be postponed or performed abroad

Iran Destination , Corona Virus and Tourism Industry

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