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Which is the best place to visit in summer season?

Did you make your decision and chose Iran as your travel destination? We want to tell you which is the best place to visit in summer season? for traveling to Iran. Travel to Iran to get to know about it. Are you interested in experiencing that? what do you know about Iran destination tour one of the most famous Iran travel agency in shiraz and also Iran? This is great and you can be sure that the most exciting experiences will be waiting for you. In this article, we introduce all the requirements to travel to Iran. Also, the do and don’ts of traveling to Iran. Also, we answer this question: how to travel to Iran.

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Where to travel to Iran in summer?

Summer always provides an opportunity for tourists and nature lovers to take to the roads and travel to the cooler regions of Iran, with the closure of schools and the summer heat in many parts of Iran; However, there is always the concern of which is the best city to travel to in summer or the coolest city in the north in summer. Although many tourists only consider northern cities suitable for summer travel; But there are many villages and towns in other parts of the country, each with its pristine nature, fresh air, beautiful wildlife, numerous attractions and hospitable people can make for a pleasant and memorable time for any traveler; Especially since they are much more secluded than the northern regions and there is no news of overcrowding.

Alasht Mazandaran, the best place in the north in summer

There is a region called Alasht in Mazandaran province and its people speak the time of Alasht in Mazandaran. Alasht region is not empty of waterfalls with its beautiful nature. One of these waterfalls called Narm waterfall is located in Charat village located 35 km southwest of Alasht. Charat is one of the villages near Alasht Savadkuh in the Mazandaran province of Iran.

Masuleh, the coolest city in the north in summer

Another cool city of Iran in summer is Masouleh Gilan, this historical village is one of the most valuable and green places in northern Iran and with its foggy weather and pleasant summers and water, it is the destination of most summer tourists in Iran. Masouleh is located in the southwest of Gilan province in the Sardar Jangal section of Fooman, 60 km from Rasht, 36 km from Fooman and 20 km from Maklvan. The city is protected by cultural heritage and natural resources due to its numerous historical attractions and receives tens of thousands of tourists annually. Masouleh with its high mountains, forests and lush summers is one of the most touristic areas of northern Iran with many natural features, especially in late spring and summer.

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Masouleh village

Firooz Kooh Tehran, cities near Tehran for travel

Firoozkooh is one of the beautiful cities of Tehran province on the road from Tehran to the north, with an average annual temperature of about eight degrees Celsius. The pristine and beautiful nature of this city has made it a destination for summer trips among tourists; Including the Vashi Strait, which has a cool climate in the middle of summer. The Strait of Mishineh Death, also known as the Chaharmahal of Tehran; Khamdeh mineral water spring with healing properties, Harande village and Bornik cave, etc. are among the sights of Firoozkooh region that can be attractive for any tourist.

Kandovan Tabriz is one of the coolest cities in Iran

In northwestern Iran, there is an attractive village called Kandovan, which is located in Tabriz province and its counterparts are rarely found in the whole world. This historical village is one of the most amazing villages in Iran, which has the best weather conditions from May to September and can be the best option for summer trips.

Which is the best place to visit in summer season?

Kandovan village

Ardabil, the best place to travel in the summer

Ardabil is one of the border provinces of Iran near the border of the Republic of Azerbaijan and one of the coldest regions of Iran. Ardabil has many historical and natural tourist attractions. Among the historical tourist attractions of Ardabil, we can mention the historical guidance house, Yedi Goz Bridge, Ardabil Grand Mosque, the burial place of Chaldoran and Shirvan war martyrs, the 6,000-seat Jahan Pahlavan Rezazadeh Hall, the statue of Shah Ismail, Janbazan Square and the baths of pre-Safavid and Qajar periods.visit iran


Hamedan is one of the metropolises of Iran in the western region of our country and located in the mountains of this region. Hamedan is located at the foot of Alvand Mountain and is considered one of the coldest cities in Iran. In addition to its very suitable climate in summer, there are many historical and scenic attractions in this city that can be one of the best cities for summer travel. Be counted.

Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari (Shahre kord)

Another suitable city that you can have a pleasant and wonderful trip to in summer is Shahrekord. Shahrekord is one of the most beautiful places in the country that has many places to see. Shahrekord tourist attractions are known as one of the most touristic places in the country. In addition to the very good and suitable climate, this city has very warm-hearted and hospitable people who can bring you the best travel experience.travel to iran


Filband village is called Bam Mazandaran. Filband is one of the coolest and most beautiful villages of Mazandaran, which is located in the southern regions of Babylon. If you want to watch the cloud ocean phenomenon, this area can be a good option for you. The height of this beautiful summer is about 2700 meters above sea level, so it is not strange to be above the clouds. Due to the high altitude of this area, the winters are very cold and almost 7 months of the year snow covers all areas of Philband.visit iran

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Filband village