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How to say hello in Iranian

How to say hello in Iranian, Tourists or if we want to travel from one city to another in Iran, we should get acquainted with the customs of the city that lest we move or talk cause sadness person to be.

One of the most important items that cause confusion and misunderstanding of foreign tourists is the habit of good compliments among the people of our country. For example, good people of Iran may refrain from accepting tea, fruit and gifts at parties, or use words like “you’re welcome” when receiving money. Sometimes such behavior misconducts and surprises tourists who travel to our country for the first time with the preparation of airfare Iran.

How to say hello in Iranian

Iranians respect for adults. If you invite to a party, try to compromise with the adults first and then go to other family members. For this, the loss is sufficient, and if you wish, you can kiss the opponent’s cheek to express courtesy and respect. Since the people of Iran are Muslims, remember not to have any physical contact (loss, etc.) with your opposite sex. You do not need the AGO from a trip to Iran with all the customs of the Iranian people, familiar ground, sure; can be sure during your trip to Iran you can learn a lot in this field of business and you will see more about the Iranian culture to know, a better understanding of the people of Iran have.

Why is modern man required to observe etiquette? Today’s lives are at a very high pace. We eat our food often on the go, we wear comfortable clothes all day and drink in cardboard cups of tea or coffee.

But sometimes it is necessary to slow down from life. We eat in stylish restaurants and relax and wear formal clothes. Being polite and respecting others is not something that can be forgotten. This is also very necessary for the sustainability of social relations.

Hello and greetings

A proper greeting is one of the essentials of social relations. The first encounter with each other should be followed by the following two principles:

You need to squeeze and drop the opposite side hand quickly. Never take the hands of the audience for a long time because by doing so, you violate the privacy of the individual. The hand on the shoulder of the opposite side is not suitable at this time and is considered a shabby and old behavior.
Men better bent a little forward in front of the ladies and imperceptibly and small bow mode to catch themselves.

How to say hello in IranianCommunication and association

Punctuality is one of the basics of correct etiquette. You should always be present on time or even a few minutes earlier. If, for some reason, you are late for an appointment, be sure to apologize for your delay.

Define the opposite side. When you treat others with respect and admire them, for example, for the good of choosing their clothes, you actually show her your rhinoplasty and carefulness. This is very pleasant for the other side, and it will convey a good feeling to him.

How to say hello in Iranian , Women and men

When your friend meets other people, politeness decides to play the mediator and introduce them to each other.
A man should never carry a lady’s bag. Even for help, men should not carry women’s bags. But for example, it’s okay to get the coat or the lady’s sweater.

How to say hello in Iranian, Clothes

Appropriate clothing to wear increases confidence. Your clothes should not necessarily be expensive, as well as tidy and clean is enough. For example, it is important for men to always have vacuumed shoes and an autocratic coat or shirt. Never wear clothes that have large or small sleeves. The sleeve of the shirt or coat should be sure to cover your wrist, but it should not be worn on the thumb.

Behind the dining table

If you invite to a business meeting at a coffee and do not know people around the table, do not talk to them before being introduced to each other. This is an act of innocence.

Also take care of your hand movements. Do not put your hands on the table. It is better to put your hands on your feet when you are sitting at the table. Also note that when you put your Mobile on the table, you do not interested in conversation with the other side.

iran customes

How to say hello in Iranian, How to sit correctly

How to sit on a sofa or chair is also of great importance. When sitting on short sofas or chairs, do not throw your legs on each other. Keep your knees close and be careful that both legs are parallel to each other. You can also bend one of the legs on the back of the knee of the other leg and sit smooth and formal.

In the restaurant

Before you go to the restaurant, if you tell your friend or companion: “my guest” means you have to pay all the expenses yourself. But when you say “go to the restaurant together” means you suppose to just pay your dang.

On the table of official restaurants arrange various cutlery and fixtures, which you need to be familiar with all of them and their uses.

Below are the numbers of these devices we have introduced:

1-napkins: should be placed on the thighs of the legs.
2-salad fork
3 – dining fork
5-salad preemption
8-tablespoons of soup
9-glasses and saucers: for dessert
10-glass of clear drinks
11-glasses of dark drinks
12-glass of water
13-tablespoons of dessert
14-fork dining dessert
15-dessert knife
16 – outsmart for bread

How to say hello in Iranian, Very important principle of drinking tea

Some people invite each other to spend a cup of tea to get to know each other better. You should not refuse this invitation because it considers disrespectful. Beware that when stirring tea, the sound of the spoon should not heard. Never leave your teaspoon inside the cup. Do not put it on the edge of the saucer. Rather, you need to put the spoon next to the cup and saucer on the table. Take the Cup in one hand and the saucer in the other hand. It is not very polite to take the Cup with two hands and drop the saucer on the table.

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