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Medical Tourism in Iran

According to the World Tourism Organization, the use of any services in an out-of-residence location that improves or enhances one’s health and morale called medical tourism. Besides, it is interesting to note that by 2011, according to the World Health Organization, the category of medical tourism has been profitable for about $50 billion annually for the countries that have hosted. Also, this is the case for Iran. Furthermore, Iran has already gained a relatively good place in the field of medical tourism among countries, but expanding this requires more cooperation.

In addition, on average, Iran has the ability to attract one million medical tourists annually, which means seven billion dollars will enter the country through this industry. Besides, realizing this issue requires taking measures such as facilitating the entry of tourists into the country, introducing good medical centers and supervising them.


Types of Health Tourism in Iran

Health tourism in Iran includes 3 sectors of medical tourism, nature therapy tourism and health tourism. In the following, we will investigate the types of health tourism in Iran.


Medical Tourism

The most common and important type of health tourism in Iran is medical tourism. Also, this type of medical tourism usually carried out to treat the disease or perform surgery and deals directly with people’s lives and health. So, it is very sensitive. Besides, Medical tourism is completely different from recreational tourism and requires expertise and skills in addition to facilities and costs.

Moreover, the presence of skilled and experienced physicians, medical equipment, subspecialty hospitals and medical science is necessary to prepare a country’s medical infrastructure to accept tourists who travel to a country for treatment. Besides, Medicine and medical science in Iran date back thousands of years and this issue known among the entire world. Furthermore, keep in mind that providing all the necessary conditions is effective in attracting more medical tourists.

Medical Tourism

Iran Medical Tourism

Nature Therapy Tourism

Another different type of health tourism can consider as nature therapy tourism. Also, this type of health tourism, as the name suggests, is a journey where a person treated by natural resources and health services under the supervision of a doctor. Also, some of the most important sources and health services related to nature therapy tourism include hot springs, salt lake, herbal bath, medical massage, sludge and sunshine.

In addition, this type of health tourism, despite having natural phenomena and the great nature of Iran, highly regarded and has been in a special place. Besides, the growing of medicinal plants and the existence of four seasons and extraordinary climates of Iran has made our country one of the hubs of nature therapy tourism in the world.

Moreover, the presence of hot springs in different cities of Iran is effective for the treatment of many diseases such as rheumatism, muscle and joint pains, migraine and sinusitis. Also, its clean climate and beautiful environment are very effective in improving respiratory diseases, rheumatology, skin and muscle or spending time in postoperative period and disease.


Health Tourism

This type of health tourism mostly related to people who need to relax or have mental problems. Besides, on the medical tourism trip, the tourist seeks to relax and get rid of the daily tensions of life and tends to distance himself from any noise and crowding. Also, this type of health tourism does not require a doctor or medical equipment, and the tourist tries to spend time polishing his soul in pristine and relaxing natures.

Moreover, Spas, hotels, mountain villas, forests, beaches or deserts are the best areas for spending leisure time for health tourists and are a special choice for them. Besides, fortunately, Iran has entered this field very powerfully and has many attractive and relaxing areas in different parts of the country. Also, tourists can choose the best place to access relaxation by traveling to Iran, tailored to their tastes and interests in wet or dry areas.


Characteristics of Medical Tourism in Iran

Medical tourism in Iran has many characteristics; also, so many tourists make Iran a priority for their medical tourism. Besides, the presence of more advantages and features in a country encourages tourists to choose it for medical tourism. In this section of the article, we will mention the characteristics of medical tourism in Iran.


Cost Reduction in Iran Medical Tourism

One of the most important and best benefits of medical tourism in Iran related to low medical costs and providing services to people compared to other countries, which is amazing. Besides, most countries, especially European countries and the United States, demand a high cost of providing health services. So, not everyone can incur this cost, of course India has the lowest price among countries in terms of providing health services. Moreover, compared to Iran, it has a lower quality of health services and in terms of culture and tourist attractions that Iran has appeared much more powerful than India.


Skilled and experienced physicians

Iran is in a high position in terms of medical science and experienced professional physicians. Also, this issue is well-known and unthinkable. As you know, the skills and experience of physicians in the field of medical tourism are very important and important. So, this cannot be ignored.



Spas are used to treat many diseases, including rheumatism, joint pains and migraines. Also, many people travel to hot springs in different parts of the world to treat their illness. Besides, Iran has many spas and has high absorption ability in medical tourism.


Salt Therapy

Recently, salt therapy has considered as one of the natural remedies for some diseases that tourists around the world welcome. Besides, there are several salt mountains in Iran. So, salt therapy has become one of the tourist hubs in our country.


Sludge Therapy in Medical Tourism

Another important attraction of Iran in the medical tourism industry is sludge therapy. Also, the shores of Lake Urmia and the slopes of Taftan Mountain are two examples of these attractions that have made Iran able to attract medical tourists in this field.


Which diseases are treated in Iranian medical tourism?

The treatment of many diseases carried out in Iranian medical tourism. Besides, those that are most prominent and considered include:

  • Infertility
  • Dental
  • Heart and Eye Surgery
  • Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery
  • Dialysis
  • Cancer-related diseases


Iran’s best destinations for medical tourism

Many provinces in our country equipped with medical equipment. Besides, of course some provinces are in a good position in terms of climate and climatic conditions, which suitable for people related to the field of health tourism. Also, the best provinces for medical tourism in Iran can be Yazd, Mazandaran, Gilan, Tehran, Khorasan Razavi, Ilam, Fars and Ardabil provinces.


Medical Tourism Capacities in Iran

Due to its natural phenomena and many tourist attractions, Iran is one of the top 10 countries in the world and this is a happy issue. Besides, unfortunately it has not been considered by tourists and tourists as it deserves. Also, many countries, due to medical tourism, earn a lot of money annually and this industry is in fact one of the most important economic hubs of some countries.


Hotel Hospitals of Iran

The hospital hotel is actually a place for resting patients and their families, located on or around other floors of the hospital. Also, many tourists have to be monitored for a while to treat their illness. Besides, they should not spend all this time in hospital.


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