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Travel to Iran from Canada

Travel to Iran from Canada, Iran is one of the most reliable and undoubtedly one of Asia’s best countries for lovers of culture, history, civilization and nature.  Canada and Canadians whose nationality is Canadians are also no exception, and Canadians must apply for Iranian visas to travel to Iran. In this article, we explain how Canadians can get Iranian visas and what documents are needed to get Iranian visas for people with Canadian nationality and what steps should be taken.

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Travel to Iran from Canada, How Canadians get Iranian visas?

At the beginning of the article, we explained that people who have Canadian nationality and Canadian passports should apply for any type of trip to Iran beforehand. Canadians who wish to travel to Iran, they in the first stage should be a travel agency, make sure to find a further visa for them through the travel agency in Iran to be done, because according to the law, the issuance of the event, Iran, Canadians cannot for the personal visa to learn.

Travel to Iran from Canada

Important note

tip is very important that there is only a small number travel agency in Iran that are able to 3 nationality Canadian, American and British visa to obtain them, and the number of these agents are approximately the size of two fingers is, so be sure before applying, and depositing the cost of Iran visa  have sufficient accuracy that the Iranian travel agency has the right to do so, select the note.

The visa stages of 3 nationalities are different from the rest of the country, so keep in mind how effective it can be to choose a reputable travel agency in Iran. After choosing a travel agency, you must collect the required documents for the Canadian visa to pay. Read more we have described each of the documents required for Iran’s tourist visa that is required for Canadians:

Documents required Iranian visa for Canadian nationals

1-Copy of passport

You need a copy of your passport to get an Iranian visa. This copy should include all pages of the passport and in color and digital form.

2-personnel photo 6*4

Another document that is required for Canadians to get an Iranian visa is a 6*4 personnel photo that must be in digital format and colored format. Tips that need to take a passport photo, to take a picture for a visa, Iran must also observe such as not having a hat, a very long beard or any mask that covers the face.

3. full resume

Any person who wants to travel to Iran should provide a complete resume to Iran so that for security reasons Iran can be more competent than the person caring for it.

It is not acceptable and causes your visa application to reject.

Short CV tip:


You have to make a very convenient Iran visa call without worry and in the fastest time, your visa will be issued should plan the perfect trip to Iran to pre-specify and give us a place. Of course, if you use Iran  tours, we will set your itinerary.

Because of the sensitivity available to CANADA, UK, USAs embassy side, you must have a full resume and a complete itinerary, which is less sensitive to other nationalities.

5-translated resume for Iranian visa

Another document that need to get a visa is a complete resume translation that we describ earlier.

6-copy Tour leaderboard card

Tour leaders who can guide Canadian travelers during the trip are special. And skill people who are more credible with consulate. Also, You need to ask the travel agency before the trip to send you the introduction letter of the tour leader and the card of that person.

Travel to Iran from Canada, Iran visa personal information form for Canada

The last thing you need to do is fill out the form of personal information. In this form, you will ask for personal information along with dates of arrival and return and some other information.
After completing the required documents Iranian visa, you must deliver the documents to the travel agency that you want to process Iran visa for Canada for you. The rest of the process is completely flown. And if you need to do something, the requested items will be informed through your communication routes.

8-Wachter hotel reservation

Travel to Iran from Canada

How much time does it take to issue an Iranian visa for a Canadian person?

The right time and announced by the Consulate of Iran, to perform, and the issuance of visas, for 2 or 3 months before the travel to Iran is in all cases to check the trip.

Is the process of issuing a Canadian visa different to the rest of the country?

Answer the question yes is the process of issuing visa to Iran for a Canadian person perfectly with the rest of the countries is different and needs in the process, collecting documents carefully readouts to be.

How long is Iran’s tourist visa valid for Canadians?

Above all, Period of validity of the tourist visa Iran for 14 days. And it is any individual that Iran visa to getting it.

Iran airport visa for Canadians

The question is whether Iran’s visa will issue at the airport for Canadians and Canada?  The answer to this question is no and the airport visa not issue to Canada.

Travel to Iran from Canada, Do you need a hotel reservation to get an Iranian visa from Canada?

Yes – in order to accept, you must have already booked your hotel in Iran and have your reservation Wachter.

Iran visa fee for Canada:

The cost of issuing a visa to Iran has two different parts.
1 – the cost of stickers or stamping and issuing visas (different per country)
2-the cost of Iranian visa services

We only charges for services and gives the passenger a barcode. The passenger who wants to travel to Iran, without delay. And it needs to check the documents just show the barcode and enter the country from the airport gate. The cost of Iranian visa service for Canadian nationals is us 5 50.

Is Iran a safe country for Canadian travelers?

Yes-with certainty, all of Iran is one of the safest countries in the world. And this security confirm and Iran  locate in the green zone without risk.

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