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Ab Pakhsh city is the center of this section, which is one of the seven big cities of Bushehr province. In terms of location, it has a special place in Bushehr province. Also, it is located as the transportation axis of Bushehr province with Fars, Hormozgan and Khuzestan provinces. This situation has caused travelers who travel to the southern regions of the country to pass through this city to visit different parts of the south of the country.  Palms and groves are the most famous and attractive natural attractions of Bushehr for travelers. Among the cities, Ab Pakhsh and plains have the largest number of palms and groves in Bushehr province. The presence of canals full of water on both sides of the entrance of the city has given a special freshness and vitality to this area so that travelers can enjoy water and nature together.

Ab Pakhsh

Introduction of Ab Pakhsh Bushehr

Abpakhsh city is located in the water distribution section of the beautiful city of Bushehr province. If we want to study the geographical location of Bushehr water supply city, this city is adjacent to the four central parts of Rig port, Shabankareh, Dashtestan and Saad Abad. The distance from Bushehr Ab Pakhsh city to Borazjan, which is the center of Dashtestan city, is approximately 20 km. It continues from the north of this city to Miandasht village and from the south to the end of the bridge. The area of ​​ Ab Pakhsh city includes the village of Mohammadi from the west to the three roads. Bushehr Ab Pakhsh city has a population of 25,000 and after Borazjan is one of the most populous cities in Bushehr province. Ab Pakhsh region has 17 villages, 5 of which are currently uninhabited.

Business in Ab Pakhsh Bushehr

From the entrance of the city you can see many booths in the city. Bushehr Ab Pakhsh residents offer their agricultural products to the guests in these booths. These products are the result of the efforts of the people of Bushehr. These products include: fresh dates and quality date juice, dairy products such as yogurt, cheese and Lurak. In these booths, handicrafts made with palm leaves such as mats, baskets and tinsel can also be seen. Except for these handicrafts; Cotton and wool knitwear such as kilims are also available for sale. The main occupation of the people of Bushehr is agriculture.

Growing palms and producing dates is one of the occupations that most of the people of this beautiful city are engaged in. For this reason, over ten thousand hectares of the province’s cultivation area is related to AbPakhsh. Other crops grown in the city include cereals, lemons, pomegranates, figs, watermelons and summer crops. AbPakhsh is considered as the center of date production and the dates of this region are bought and sold among the best types of dates in the country’s market. Date vinegar is another product produced in the AbPakhsh area. This product is sold as a local product and people can use it as a revenue generating product. Produced date vinegar is one of the most popular vinegars produced in the south of the country. This vinegar is with substandard dates and has a very good taste. Also, this type of vinegar is mostly used in pickles.

Ab Pakhsh

dates of Ab Pakhsh

Bushehr Ab Pakhsh tourist attractions

Autumn and winter temperate climate, mineral springs, unique wetlands, unique geomorphological and geological features. Vegetation of tropical areas, special animals of arid regions and historical and social attractions of this region have all joined hands to make Ab Pakhsh Bushehr one of the valuable areas with tourism and attractive potential of Bushehr. Ab Pakhsh region located in Bushehr province has a very beautiful and eye-catching nature due to the use of water-filled canals that originate from the Shapur River. The presence of many palm trees has given a very pleasant view to the texture of this city. Due to this greenness and freshness of the Ab Pakhsh, it is famous as the green jewel of Bushehr. The abundance of water and the abundance of palm trees in this area attracts the attention of every traveler.

Khezra Park, as the largest tourist park in Bushehr province, hosts hundreds of travelers who pass through this land every day. This park has a vast green space. The lush trees in this park have made it easy for travelers and tourists to use its shade to enjoy the calm and beautiful atmosphere of this park. Iran travel agency, Iran Destination, will organize your trip to Iran. You can offer your tailor-made trip to Iran or visit our programs on the Iran tour page. You can contact to our Iranian travel agency, our agents are online to answer all your questions.

A variety of local foods

One of the famous dishes of Bushehr and Ab Pakhsh is all kinds of Qaliyeh. Qaliyeh in Arabic is a food with meat. In coastal areas, the meaning of the Qaliyeh; It is a stew with shrimp and fish. Other foods of Bushehr Abpakhsh region include piti, shrimp kebab. Fish broth, salted fish pilaf, fish pilaf, tandoori fish, kebab fish, pakoureh and… If you plan to travel to this area, be sure to use the local food of this part of Bushehr province. Because they are one of the best and most delicious local food.

Ab Pakhsh

Ab Pakhsh local foods

Things to know

The Ab Pakhsh regions of Bushehr province, like many cities in our beloved country of Iran, are full of valuable natural resources and unique people. If you are planning to visit this area, you will definitely enjoy its pristine nature.

The lush trees and soaring groves have given the area a spectacular view that does not allow any traveler to cross without stopping. The presence of water canals on both sides of the entrance to the city has doubled the charm of this city. Use the delicious food and local products of this city in this trip. Then, you will never forget the sweet memory of this trip. You should know that a number of travelers have damaged the area by lighting fires near palm trees over the years. So if you are planning to travel to this area, be sure to take care of the environment. Also, how to use this pristine nature.