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Can US Citizens Travel to Iran?

Issuance of Iranian visas for US nationals has different types and the US Citizens can travel to Iran by receiving it, we will review the visa and how to get the visa as well as the necessary documents for obtaining an Iranian visa. Let’s check out how US citizens can travel to Iran.

Can US Citizens travel to Iran ?

US Citizens can travel to Iran

Obtaining an Iranian Visa for US Citizens

Issuing Iranian visas for US Citizens nationals is harder than other countries; especially issuing tourist visas that require accurate information from the applicant. Also, sometimes the visa process may take months. Besides, even the US Citizens person may be in trouble after receiving an Iranian visa and traveling to the country. So, it is better to be aware of the requirements and documents required for the visa before applying for an Iranian visa for Iran travel.

Rules for issuing Iranian visas to US citizens

It is usually difficult for Americans to issue tourist visas for travelling to Iran. Besides, the possibility of issuing visas for Americans will only be provided if they participate in the tour, paying attention to the following rules for obtaining an Iranian visa is mandatory:

  • Detailed notification of the date of entry and exit of the applicant
  • Detailed announcement of the plan to participate in the tour
  • US Citizens applicants will not be allowed to travel in any area, and crossing routes must be reported.
  • It should be noted that in case of neglecting any of the items mentioned above, your visa application will not be approved and your application will be rejected.

Documents required to obtain an Iranian visa for US citizens

The documents required to obtain an Iranian visa for US citizens for Iran Tour are as follows:

  • Paying 10% of the tour fee
  • Scan from the first page of the passport
  • Providing a scan of the applicant’s personnel photo
  • Educational and work experience of the applicant
  • Providing scans of birth certificates and national ID cards
  • Submitting completed visa application forms
  • Providing the profile of the invitee

Validity of Iran visa for US Citizens

In general, Iranian visas issued to US Citizens with a three-month credit and the applicant can stay in Iran for 30 days if the visa granted. Besides, if the visa expires, he/she must leave Iran or apply for an extension of his visa, of course, the visa extension will do according to the person’s conditions and providing sufficient documents.

Moreover, it is necessary for people who are able to obtain an Iranian visa before traveling and staying in the country to learn about the laws and regulations governing the country. So, that US Citizens do not have problems during their stay in Iran. Also, if approved by the State Department, the stay can be increased from 30 days to 60 days.

Issuance of Iranian tourist visas for US Citizens

Iran’s tourist or tourist visas are hardly issued to Americans. Generally, it is not possible to issue this visa without tour and accompanying tour leader. Besides, it should note that the relevant leader tour must be approved by the State Department as well as the exact schedule of the tour, visiting the tourist attractions of Iran and the residence must be notified and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for travelling to Iran.

Iran’s visas for Americans through Iran Destination

You can apply for an Iranian visa for your US guest by visiting Iran Destination website, and by visiting this site, the person can go through all the steps online. Besides, Low cost and high speed can consider as one of the advantages of Iran Destination site compared to travel and tourism agencies. In addition, his website provides a section in English where foreigners can refer to this section and read the rules.

Iran visa extension requirements for US citizens

Iran visa extensions for Americans carried out by the Police Department of Foreign Nationals and cannot be referred to travel agencies or tourist service offices to extend the visa. Besides, it should note that in order to extend the visa, the host must attend the police station in person and the passport of the invitee required. However, the process of extending a tourist visa is not so simple, it may not even be agreed with the person’s request to renew the tourist visa.

A few tips on obtaining an Iranian visa 

Before receiving an Iranian visa by US Citizens, it is advisable to pay attention to the points provided in this section:

  • The most important point about obtaining an Iranian visa is to ensure that the documents are complete and without defects, because if you have a defect in your documents, the visa process will face difficulties.
  • Try to show up at the embassy at the appointed time for the interview.
  • If the applicant is under 18 years of old, he/she must submit a consent letter from his/her parents to the Embassy of Iran.
  • Obtaining An Iranian Visa for US Citizens by Submitting An Invitation Letter
  • If you want to go through the visa process easily, it is better to get help from our experts, our specialists will guide you through all the visa process.

Documents required to send invitations

It is necessary for a person to submit an invitation by submitting the documents by visiting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Completing the relevant forms
  • Personnel photo of the invited person
  • Landline number, email, invited person’s mobile phone
  • Scan of the invited person’s passport

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