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Iran Destination

Due to its historical background, geographical, ethnic and cultural diversity, Iran has a variety of sights that can satisfy any tourist. Also, Iran destination with whatever taste, interest, age and nationality has make tourists enjoy a trip to Iran.


Iran is affordable Tourist Destination

For the third year in a row, the World Economic Forum presented Iran Destination as the most affordable tourist destination in the world for foreign tourists. Besides, Iran Destination is the world’s cheapest tourist destination in terms of tourism costs. Furthermore, travel to countries such as Egypt, Malaysia, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Spain, the United States, France and Italy is more costly than Iran.

In addition, at the end of the list are the names of 10 countries including Peru, Australia, Denmark, Senegal, Norway, Iceland, Barbados, Britain and Switzerland, which considered the most expensive tourist destinations. Besides, the list includes tourism costs including ticket prices, taxes, fuel rates, hotel prices, service rates and food prices. Also, Iran Destination ranked higher than some European countries, including the Czech Republic (42), Denmark (43), Hungary (45) and Romania (46) in terms of cultural resources and purposes. Also, Iran tour would be one of your best choices.

No Negative Publicity about Iran Destination

Star news outlet told tourists to forget all the negative publicity about traveling to the vast and beautiful country of Iran. Besides, in an article titled “Is it safe to travel to Iran?” the Malaysian web site wrote to Haryati Daro, who recently traveled to Iran, “Forget all the negative and noisy headlines of the media and the negative headlines of the (Western) press about Iran. In addition, if you travel to Iran, you will quickly find that the Islamic Republic of Iran is completely different from what advertised in the media.

Besides, the author of this article, who has gone to different tourist spots in Iran Destination and has defined his travels a lot, reminded readers of this web site and other users that he has seen only a small part of Iran’s tourist attractions. Also, it should visit other beautiful and attractive parts of Iran on subsequent trips. “I have to go back to Iran,” he concluded.

Also, the report by Guillaume de Dieuleveult states: “Traveling to Iran is a discovery of stunning landscapes and an incredibly wonderful legacy that binds the human soul. Iran is a very attractive country. Besides, the same time, mass tourism has not harmed the country, so traveling to Iran Destination has a unique flavor.

Iran Destination is the Top 10 Countries

According to the World Tourism Organization, Iran Destination is in the top 10 countries in the world in the field of tourism.  Besides, the world tourism rankings published three times a year by the World Tourism Organization as part of the Global Tourism Assessment. Also, in this measure, tourism measured based on both the number of tourists and the profits obtained from it. Furthermore, Iran ranks fifth in natural attractions and ranked 10th in cultural and historical attractions.

Moreover, World Tourism Organization statistics, one in 12 to 15 employees in the world, dedicated to tourism and every five to 10 tourists create a job. Currently, about 260 million people in the world employed in tourism industry and related industries. Besides, revenues from this industry total about 9% of the GDP of the countries of the world. So, Iran Destination would be one of the most affordable destinations.

Multidimensional Industry is Tourism

Tourism is a multidimensional industry that can have a positive effect on other parts of a country such as foreign exchange earnings, increasing the national income of the host community, increasing investment, increasing labor employment, developing production, sales and economic turnover of handicrafts. Besides, most importantly, it is changing the visibility and attitude of tourists about the country. So, for this reason, paying attention to this industry is of great importance and countries are planning detailed plans to increase their share. E here plan you travel to Iran and your Iran tour to enjoy your destination.

According to the latest reports from international tourism-related organizations, with an increase of 43 million tourists in 2016, the total number of tourists in the world is about 1 billion and 200 million. Of course, the total number of tourists in the world is increasing every year, and it is unlikely that this number will reach 1.8 billion by 2030 with the increase and progress of public transportation and the expansion of communications.

Iran Destination

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