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Qashqai Nomads Wedding

Qashqai tribe, is one of the Iranian tribal unions that, like many of the later Iranian tribal unions, is a mixture of tribes with diverse ethnic origins of Lur, Kurdish, Arab, and Turkish, but most Qashqai have Turkish roots and almost all speak dialect of Turkish. Qashqai Nomads Wedding

The main center of this tribe is Fars province. But because of the size of the territory and territory, they also reside in other provinces.

Qashqai Nomads Wedding , Iran Destination

Nomads Wedding

Qashqai family invites their relatives, gathering in a black tent, usually in a green area, and playing their traditional instrument, Sorna. The nomadic dance is derived from the traditional customs and nuances of nature.

All wedding preparations, including food and place, are made by the nomads themselves and from animal products. The food for the guests is cooked by the nomads themselves, and the food that the nomads give at their celebrations and festivities is always accompanied by goat meat.

Qashqai Nomads Wedding , Nomad Traditions , Iran Destination

Qashqai Wedding Customs

The great Qashqai tribes still maintain their traditional customs at various ceremonies, such as weddings. For them, the family has a high status, and therefore they celebrate the marriage that is the beginning of the formation of a small family. Qashqai Nomads Wedding

The quests wear traditional colorful clothes. They bring especial gifts since it’s their custom and tradition to bring gifts such as sugar, rice and sheep to the bride and groom’s family. Qashqai Nomads Wedding

Qashqai Nomads Wedding , Qashqai Traditional Music , Iran Destination

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