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10 Famous Historical Villages in Iran

Iran Historical Villages are the cultural pulse of Iran. Villages in Iran means the flow of life and the pure sky, the lifeblood of the country that survive the Cultural and Traditional Heritage of Iran.

However, they connects love and devotion, the empathy of the people, the sound of life, and the purity and irreconcilability.

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1. Abyaneh village, Isfahan

Firstly, the spectacular village of Abyaneh locates in 40 km from Nantanz near Isfahan which is one of the highest residential areas in the world. Anyway, this village is known as the Red Village of Iran where you can see the old culture and traditions. Furthermore, people in this village wear traditional colorful cloths and their lifestyle belongs to hundreds years ago.

Kandovan , Iran Historical Villages

2. Kandovan Village, Tabriz

The second, the beautiful village of Kandovan, which is 50 kilometers southwest of Tabriz and in the Azarbaydan province of East Bayjan, has stared at its eyes.

The village is famous for the shape and kind of houses that look like a hive in the heart of the mountain, and it is interesting to note that the inhabitants of the warm blood of this region, like other parts of the village, such as the Cappadocia in Turkey, did not leave their place of residence and Still, the passion of life in this village is wavering.

Iran Village: Makhunik

3. Makhunik Village

The next one, Makhunik is a rural village in the southern Khorasan province.  However, Makhunik is one of the most interesting and unique villages in the world. According to statistics in 2011, its population was 739 people (164 households).

Maybe it’s interesting to know that the Makhunik village is one of the seven most amazing villages in the world and is famous for the city of Liliputa. However, the village is far from Afghanistan half an hour and the Makhvnik people are originally Afghan, and some of them have come to the city.

Meymand , Iran Village

4. Meymand Village, Kerman

The next one, Meymand is a rocky village near Kerman.Meymand is one of the oldest settlements in the world, which has a history of more than twelve thousand years, and can be seen from the ancient monuments left in the city. However, this city is located between the cities of Shiraz, Yazd, and Kerman.

However, the early formation of the Meymand village dates back to the time when the Iranians were menacing and considered holy.Anyway, attractions of this historic village are the Bath, the Fire Temple and its historical Mosque.

Beyaz , Iran Village

5. Beyaz Village, Kerman

Beyaz is a village of functions in the central part of the city of Anar in Kerman province. Anonymity means white, and it is known from the cotton of the deserts. Based on the statistics provided in 2006, the village estimated 3403 people (802 households). Beyaz village has been an important communication route from the past to the present day due to its specific location, which is in the direction of Kerman to Yazd.

Haoraman , Iran Famous Villages

6. Oraman or Haoraman, Kurdistan

Oraman or Horaman is a city in Sarvabad, Kurdistan province. The city is located on the east-west doors and on a steep slope facing the mountains.

The village houses are generally made of stone and staircase, so beautiful that your eyes will be asleep. Perhaps this is why it is called “Thousand Masoulel”.

Masuleh , Iran Historical Villages

7. Masuleh Village, Gilan

One of the best villages in Iran, both in terms of weather and in terms of beauty. Masouleh Village brings you a romantic and special atmosphere with foggy weather, cool summers and snowy winters. Masuleh has a unique architecture, the Masuleh architecture has been formed during the Zandia period.

An interesting point for Maswell’s architecture is the famous sentence that says the upper building roof is a lower building. Masouleh Neighborhoods: Reyhaneh, House, Mosjedehr, Chahar and Asad neighborhood.

Mazichal , Iran Historical Villages

8. Mazichal Village, Mazandaran

The village of Mazichal is at a height of 2600 meters above sea level. Furthermore, the mountains, the forests, the uneasiness of rain and the beautiful smell of this village, everyone and all the creator of the romantic space.

This is one of the few places in the world where the clouds dance below you and you can have a piece of cloud in your hands.

Nusha , Iran Village

9. Nusha Village, Tonkabon

Nusha Village is one of the villages of Tonekabon. Moreover, you still have not got any car there and you can drive somewhere, you have to go along with the horse. The village of Nowsha, two thousand years old, then is one of the most unique and valuable villages in Iran.

Kharanagh , Iran Historical Villages

10. Khanaragh village

Khanaragh village is the center of Khanaragh district in Ardakan city of Yazd. The village of Khanaragh consists of two new and old parts: the village population today lives in the new district. Hence, Every day, this village is a guest of tourists from all over the world, especially Europe.

Furthermore, the village in Europe is also more famous than Iran. The existence of iron ore mines and the protected area of ​​the Anjur valley have made the area more precise with animals such as whole, goat, ewe, ram, wild cat, Black Owl, Owl Pepper and Hubra.

Makhunik Village , Iran Destination Tour Operator

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