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The Role of Nomad Women

The nomads women are honestly wonderful women in managing their household and economic affairs. The role of nomad woman in management and improvement of the tribe is undeniable.

Nomad migration, customs, culture and lifestyle attract any person to their glory which are mostly created and hold by nomad women.

Nomads women

Iran Nomads women

Nomad women and their capability 

However, in Nomadic life,  women are very valuable for their men since they play an important role in the stability of the family and tribal system and in the social structure of tribe.

Nomads women

Nomads women

Occupation of Nomad Women

The nomad women are dominant in all political, social and economic decisions of tribe. They play an important role in the decisions of the tribe. In addition to housekeeping and children’s education, they are highly professional in baking, dicing and making yogurt, cheese, butter, whey and oil.

Dyeing, hand-knitting, tufted carpets and other tasks are well done by the nomad women.

Nomads women

Nomads women

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