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Where Are Ziarat Locations in Iran?

Did you make your decision and chose Iran as your travel destination? We want to talk about Iran ziarat tour for traveling to Iran. Travel to Iran to get to know about it.  This is great and you can be sure that the most exciting experiences will be waiting for you. In this article, we introduce all the requirements to travel to Iran. Also, the do and don’ts of traveling to Iran. Also, we answer this question: how to travel to Iran.Iran tourism


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Iran ziarat tour, Ziarat in Iran

If you are a Muslim, you may well know there are many ziarat locations in Iran. For you as a non-Muslim, I first say that Ziarat means Pilgrimage in holy places. This article provides both Muslims and non-Muslims with information regarding ziarat-gahs (holy places for pilgrimage) in Iran. The main ziarat cities in Iran are Mashhad, Qom, Shiraz, and Tehran. Our Iran Tour Operator tries it’s best to satisfy all kinds of interests with its various Iran tour packages. So first read about all places in Iran and then choose where you like to visit. Let’s see what the main holy places in Iran are.

Iran tourism

Note: the general rule in all holy shrines in Iran is that women should wear a Chador (a long scarf). You can find Chadors around the shrines as well and buy one or borrow I from the shrine. So consider this before you visit these places.

ziarat locations in Iran

ziarat locations in Iran

  1. Imam Reza Holy ShrineMashhad

Imam Reza was the eight Imam of the 12 Shia-ites. He is buried in Mashhad and a complex is made around his mausoleum which we call Imam Reza Holy Shrine. Also, regarding the size, it seems to be the largest mosque in the world. This complex contains two other mosques—one is the tomb of Gauhar Shad and it also contains a dozen meeting halls, technological institutions, libraries, a guest house, museums, and other religious buildings. This might be a little strange, but 20 million Muslim pilgrims visit Imam Reza Shrine every year! You must see it with your own eyes and feel the magnificence. There are other information about this holy place in our article about Imam Reza Shrine.

Imam Reza holy shrine - Iran ziarat - Iran tourism

Imam Reza holy shrine – Iran ziarat

Are Foreigners Allowed Inside? Are Non-Muslims Allowed Inside?

Well, Yes. Foreigners and non-Muslims are allowed to be in Imam Reza shrine too. However you need to be with a guide and also when you get near the actual shrine (Zarih), non-Muslims cannot get into that, i.e. the Green Chamber where he rests.

Are Cameras Allowed Inside? Iran ziarat tour

Actually it is forbidden to have cameras with you. Also Photographs are also forbidden everywhere inside the Imam Reza shrine, but not in the yard. But in practice, many people take some photos from the inner part and they just leave you with a simple caution if they see you.

Watch and enjoy this video of Imam Reza’s holy shrine.

ziarat in iran, mashhad

ziarat in Iran, Mashhad

Holy food of Imam Reza Shrine, Iran ziarat tour

Zawwar (pilgrims) are invited randomly to be a guest of Imam Reza for lunch. After you arrive to Mashhad, you need to make arrangements for the Holy Food. This food is actually a meal on the behalf of Imam Reza complex. There are two ways to get this food. The first is to queue at the international pilgrims’ office at around 7Am with your passport. You will get one ticket per passport. The second way is to go to Naudharat (donation) office in Nawab Safavi St. and you need to pay for a ticket for 50$. You have to exit the shrine complex to get to this office.Iran tourism

Aside from these holy places, you can visit the great museums inside the complex. There are many interesting things to see there, including the old Zarih of Imam Reza (metal structure around the grave).

Imam Reza ziarat in Mashhad

Imam Reza ziarat in Mashhad

Mashhad has other ziarat sites as well. You can see a list of them here.

Tomb of Khwaja aba Salat  /  Tomb of Sayyid ahmad Kabir  /  Tomb of Shaykh Bahauddin ameli  /  Tomb of Mohammad ibn Hasan Alhur Ameli

Also there are some historical sites in Mashhad:

Tomb of Nader Shah  /  Tomb of Attar  /  statue of Nader Shah  /  Tomb of Kamal Al Mulk  /  Tomb of Omar Khayyam /  Tomb of Ferdowsi  /  Statue of Ferdowsi  /  Tomb of shahrokh Mirza Afshar

  1. Fatima Masumeh Holy ShrineQom

One of other sites for ziarat in Iran is Masoumeh holy shrine which is located in Qom. Hazrat Masumeh has been the sister of Imam Reza. And she is so popular among Muslims, as they believe Imam Reza loved her sister. Thousands of people visit this place to honor Fatima Masumeh every year and ask her for blessing. Qom is the second holy city in Iran after Mashhad. So if you want to have ziarat in Iran, this will be one of your destinations.

Iran tourism

The shrine of Hazrat Masumeh has lots of architectural and artistic attractions. You can enjoy it beside the spiritual atmosphere. The rules are the same as Imam Reza holy shrine.

Masoumeh holy shrine - Qom

Masoumeh holy shrine

There are many other holy places in Qom for those who like to have ziarat in Iran. Here we mention 10 of them:

  • The holy tombs of Zaynab, Maymoona and Umm Muhammad, the daughters of Imam Muhammad at-Taqiy (al-Jawad). They have been buried beside the holy tomb of Lady Fatima al-Ma’ssooma (s).


  • The tomb of Musa al-Mubarqa’, the son of Imam Muhammad at-Taqiy (a.a.), in Chihil Akhtaran (forty stars).


  • The tomb of Shahzada Ahmad, the son of Musa al-Mubarqa’ (beside his father’s tomb).


  • The graveyard of Chihil Akhtaran (beside the shrine of Musa al-Mubarqa’).


  • Imamzada Sultan Muhammad Shareef (in Chahar Mardan Street).


  • Imam zada Hamza bin Musa (opposite to Kuhna Square in Azar Street).


  • Imamzada Ahmad bin Musa (beside Shahzada Ahmad).


  • Shahzada Ibraheem and Shahzada Muhammad, grandsons of Imam Musa al-Kadhim (s) (in Shahzada Ibraheem Street).


  • Imamzada Ahmad bin Qassim (at the end of Mu’allim Street).


  • Shahzada Sayyid Ali (at the end of Bajak Street, near Jihad Square)



     3. Shah Cheraq Holy ShrineShiraz

Shiraz is considered as the 3rd holy city in Iran, because Shah Cheraq holy shrine is located in this city. Shahe Cheraq is Imam Reza’s brother and he is so popular among Iranians, specially Shirazi people. Moreover, This is one of the must-sees for those who travel to Iran, not only the Muslim travelers, but also non-Muslims who like to experience a relaxing place. Also, The architecture of this holy shrine is really eye catching. So non-Muslim tourists can visit this place too and they are provided with a guide speaking in English and other languages; they explain different information regarding the shrine and Shahe Cheraq himself.

shahe cheraq shiraz, iran-Iran tourism

shahe cheraq shiraz, iran

Mir Muhammad, another brother of shah cheraq and Imam Reza is also buried in this complex. You can read our article on shah-e Cheraq to get more information about this holy place in Iran.

There are also so many other ziarat sites in Shiraz and they are really famous and important to Shirazi people. In addition, Here are some of them:

Hussain ibn Musa (Seyyed Alaaddin Hussain)

Ali ibn Hamza

Ibrahim ibn Ibrahim

Jalal aldin Ibn Ali ibn Zainolabedin

Fatima bint Hassan

Iran tourism

Ali ebn e Hamzeh holy shrine - Iran Religious Tour


  1. Shah Abdol Azim Shrine – Tehran

The main ziarat location in Tehran is Shah Abdul Azim shrine and there are 2 other monuments in this complex as well – Hazrat Hamze (Imam Reza’s brother) and Hazrat Tahir (son of the fouth Shia Imam Sajjad). This complex is actually located in Rey city. Also, If you have luggage with you, you can store it in a station specific for visitors’ luggage, before you enter the shrine.

Tehran, as the capital of Iran, has many other holy places for ziarat. Here you can find a list:

Imam Khomeini shrine (the founder of Islami Republic of Iran)

Imamzadeh Saleh (son of Imam Musa al Kadhim) , shemiran

Shrine of Sheikh Shebeli, Damavand


Iran tourism

Shah Abdul Azim shrine- Rey,

Above all, Iran Destination, which is a well know Iran Tour Operator,  tries to respect all people’s interests. So you can try our Iran Religious Tour to visit all these Ziarat sites, whether you are Muslim or not. Also there are so many other options for you who want to travel to Iran, just take a look at our Iran Tour Packages and make your decision. If you have any other requests, please feel free to contact our Iran Travel Agency.  We are waiting for you in Iran.Iran tourism

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