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Iran Summer Tour

What is amazing about Iran is its four seasons feature. While in the south of the country the air temperature reaches 50 degrees, there are many areas with air temperature 24 in the summer!

Iran is a country that meets the tastes and demands of every tourist from a fascinating and memorable journey. There are massive forests, wonderful deserts, plains and mountains, seas and rivers, monuments, recreational areas and any other kinds of attractions.

Firoozkuh , Iran Summer Destinations

Iran Summer Destinations


However, Firoozkooh is limited to northern and eastern provinces of Mazandaran province, from south and south-east to Sorkheh province in Semnan province and west to Damavand city. Anyway, the city  attracting tourists in the warmer months of the year due to its cold weather.



The another Iran Summer destination, Alasht as a summer destination in Iran, is one of the cities of the city of Savadkuh in Mazandaran Province. It is a beautiful and small town with a low population, narrow streets and mud-bricked houses and wooden rafters.

Jahan Nama Village , Iran Summer Tour

Jahan Nama bungalow village

One of the amazing one,  Jahan Nama village is the inhabited place of the people of Gorgan and Kurdish people. This wonderful village is one of the best detonations when you want to enjoy your summer in Iran, Iran Summer Tour.

Kandovan , Iran Summer Tour


In the heart of Tabriz, the rocky village has a familiar name for everyone, Kandovan. However, it is one of the three rocky villages in the world and one of the most beautiful attractions in the East Azarbaijan province.

Moreover, the rocky village was made without any materials such as gypsum, lime, clay, etc., and the spaces were created by engraving inside the stone.

Iran Summer Tour


The name of Ardabil was first recorded as a mountainous city named Arata on the Sumerian slabs 5000 years ago in the ancient city of Nipur.

However, historians call the name of Ardabil the Avesta language, which consists of two words: orta (sacred) and valley (city), which means the holy city. Furthermore, many Islamic historians attribute the city to Firooz, the Sassanid king, calling it the victorious name.

Masuleh , Iran Summer Tour

Summer Destination; Masouleh

Don’t miss it! Masouleh is a beautiful historic village with amazing architecture, large mountains and lush forests which is one of the places that is located in north area of ​​Iran. However, it is famous for the vibrant clouds of rain, cool summers, autumn to seven rainbow colors and snowy winter.

Masuleh Village attracts many tourists with its natural attractions, a clean, airy climate, a misty air filled with delicious aromas of Chamomile and Angelica Spring. Masuleh Village is one of the recommended places for Iran Summer Tour.

Shahre Kurd, Iran Summer Tour

Iran Summer Tour; Shahr-e-Kord

Shahr-e-Kord, formerly known as “Dekhard”, is one of the lush cities of the province of “Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari”.

Valesht lake , Iran Summer Destination

Iran Summer Tour by Iran Destination

However, it is well known for the mountainous, natural attractions and its enchanting landscape and an ancient date that can be called In the list of main destinations of tourism in Iran.

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