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Iran travel experience

Recently, there are a myriad negative news against Iran which are advertised the lack of security in Iran and avoid travelling.

However, numerous travelers from different countries share their different and elegant experiences of visiting Iran.

Further, they state that how their background knowledge differ from reality, and after traveling to Iran perceive that all this advertising was not correct.

Iran Destination provide an article about Iran travel experience under which you can find your answers and it is really suggested to read.

Tourists Experience 

Trevor James who is also known as ʺThe Food Rangerʺ on You Tube, traveled Iran lately and claim that “I want to portray the culture of the Iranian people so that people around the world know how hospitable the Iranians are.”

He said that I would like to travel Iran again although this time I have completely different viewpoints.

Moreover, Iran government facilitate and boost everything for all tourists regardless of religion, race, or anything else.

Trevor James also mentioned “I am ready to show my passport with Iran’s seal to everyone and the media is dividing the people of the world”.

Iran travel experience

Iran travel experience

˝How travel to Iran ruined my future travel experiences˝. This is the statement of a solo female traveler to Iran who firstly was anxious to come Iran it.

˝However, I turned out it was very safe and had a great time.˝

She explains her experience. Moreover, she said that Iranian are the most hospitable, generous and friendliest people I have ever met.

In fact, as a person who traveled lonely they treated me as a princess and had a sense of responsibility for me.

Travelling here cause me change my mind and it has revealed me a beautiful and hopeful side of humanity.

Thus, I really recommend others to visit such amazing country.

Iran travel experience

A 22 male who traveled Iran lonely explain that ˝Iran was one of the best travel experiences I have ever had in my life˝.

He said that, generally, Iranian people are very nice and friendly.

In addition,  I found every things incredibly cheap such as hotels, restaurants, foods, historical places, … .

Iran Destination

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