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Shushtar historical hydraulic system is a system of interconnected tunnels, waterfalls, dams, mills and large water channels that work together with great harmony and continuity. However, In 2009, this historic industrial complex was registered in UNESCO world heritage site.


Discover Shushtar historical hydraulic system

Interestingly, Shushtar historical hydraulic system is a masterpiece to the fullest and represents the advancement of industry and technology in ancient Iran.

As evidence shows, Darius, the king of Achaemenid dynasty has begun the construction of this great structure, although it has been restored and completed in many years by various dynasties, including the Sassanid dynasty.



However, engineers of Shushtar historical hydraulic system, used all kinds of capabilities in the construction of these structures. From the water supply system and the mills, to the water division of the river and the defense system.

The task of the Shushtar historical hydraulic system,

The main task of the hydraulic system is to block the Gargar river, as a dam so that the surface of the water can be used to drain the tunnels in the slate. Gargar tunnels, however, provide water for residents of the area through the transfer of water from their passageways.

Then, in the south of the waterfalls, a 3000-year-old stone stepped stone stove has more than 250 steps. Furthermore, these stairs connect the waterfall area to the residential area.

Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System

An old engineering system of Iran

Moreover, given to the installation of open windows and ceilings, the miller could also watch the milling wheels and water flow during the rest. It is precisely the observance of the stracture that surprised the archaeologists.

It is interesting to know that Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System is well known around the world. Tens of books and articles about this collection are written and thousands of tourists visit this collection every year. However, many  tourists take tours from  Iran Destination to visit this structure.

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