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Travel to Iran experince

Travel to Iran experience

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A Travel to Iran experience

Whatever you need about travel to Iran experience, we mention in This article. So, it is a total experiences of our travelers who have had a trip to Iran. Please read this story about travel to our country. 🙂

All in all, these trips were extremely easy to organize, especially considering how few people travel to Iran individually. Indeed, the vast majority of tourists travel with an organized tour.

The main question that might arise before departure is what kind of clothes should a woman take?

Actually, as it turned out, we spent way too many thoughts on this subject. All the female tourists we talked to had worried about what to wear in Iran. Quite easy actually: baggy pants, a shirt that cover your hips and bum, very little cleavage, short scarf – otherwise most of it is wrapped around your neck and drives you crazy, especially in the heat. You are set, not matter where, in rural or in urban areas!

Travel to Iran experince
Travel to Iran experience, The sanctions imposed on Iran are still tight:

Once you entered the country, you will have no access to cash! Forget your credit card… You have to take all the money you need with you in cash. This affects individual travelers the most, since you need to pay hotels, restaurants, bus, train & plane tickets as you travel, and not beforehand when using a tour operator. On top of that, there are tons of things you might want to buy, beautiful souvenirs, and of course astonishing carpets. So bring enough cash! Iran destination travel agency arranges you tourist cards if you do not want to have a lot of money in your bag or packets. Also, Some of the more tourist-orientated and more expensive carpet shops in major cities have bank accounts in Europe or Dubai though, which makes it possible to pay by credit card.

Travel to Iran experience, Organizing the visa is now straightforward:

Most European citizens can now apply for a 30 day Visa On Arrival at 6 major international airports, and though it is time consuming, it is fairly easy. But I can be more easier, when you apply your visa through a travel agency in Iran. If you have an authorization code, you just need a stamp in your passport, or a separated paper to pass the gate easily.  However, Be sure to have proof of a hotel booking for the first night(s), and a phone number for this reservation that immigration officers can call – And they might very well do so! You can alternatively apply online for a visa.  The visa costs 50 € to stamp the passport, (payable in cash in € or USD) for most European citizens.

About the accommodation and Transportation:

Besides, Iran is very easy to travel, though you might want to book some of your accommodations and transports a few days ahead… The days when you could just show up at any place and find a good accommodation are long gone, at least in touristy places. Especially in Teheran, Kashan, Esfahan, Yazd and Shiraz, you should book a few days, maybe even a few weeks ahead if you want to find a fairly priced mid-range accommodation. But, Iran travel agencies do it more easily for you! Train, Buses and private cars are our suggestion.

Domestic plane tickets are quite easy to organize locally on a few days notice, at any reliable local travel agency. In less visited parts of the country, some night VIP buses tend to sell out quickly.

Traveling during Iranian holidays might be a little tricky:

Accommodation and transport is overcrowded when you travel during Norooz. It is the spring festivities, where literally all Iranians are on holiday, traveling their country. Iran tour operators can book all before they overlapped. Also beware that traveling during the Ashura, is really amazing. about Ramadan, more restaurants are closed for lunches but for dinners are OK.

Travel to Iran experience

Nowrooz holidays

Toman, Rial, Iran Currency:

This is extremely confusing in the beginning. Always double check that the prices indicated or discussed are in Toman, and when looking at your bank notes, multiply the price by 10.  Also, Toman actually do not exist, but everyone quotes prices in Toman: 1 Toman is 10 Rials. And, for bigger amounts sometimes 10.000 Rials, to make things even more confusing. Do not worried, if you have guide, he/she help you to learn it easily.

Highlights Of The Iran Trip:

The people :

Iranians simply redefine friendliness and hospitality!

Esfahan :

Discovering this city will most probably be the highlight of everyone’s visit to Iran. However, offering some of the finest architecture of the whole country, and actually some of the finest architecture. you can experience altogether during my many trips.

Mashhad & Qom :

Iran’s two Holy Cities! Iran has beautiful mosques – some of the largest, oldest and finest in the world. But without any doubt, the largest, and some of the most delicate shrines & mosques can be found in Iran’s two spiritual capitals.

Strolling the relaxed historic town of Tabriz :

the largest city of Northwest Iran and the center of Iran’s Azeri population is a crossroad and melting pot of several cultures. Its glorious, if turbulent history bestows this widespread city some of Iran’s most remarkable cultural heritages.

The diversity of highlights in and around Yazd, a place where you should plan enough time.
Visiting traditional houses in Kashan.

Discovering one of the cradles of humanity in Shush, Shushtar & Choqa Zanbil:

in Southwestern Iran, in the desert not far from Iraq and Kuwait, the Elamites developed one of the first great civilizations in Human History, with amongst others the first fix human settlement ever created, dating back to the 5th Millennium BC!

Antic Persepolis and the Tombs of the Achaemenidean Kings Cyrius, Darius & Xerxes
The Gardens of Shiraz
Amazing opportunities for photographers:

Iranians are eager to pose for photos, even with complete strangers; astonishing architecture; illuminated buildings in the evening…

Iran Destination

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