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There is a beautiful and pristine region in the northeast of  Iran called Turkmen Sahra. This region includes many parts of Golestan and North Khorasan provinces. Among the cities that are part of the Turkmen Sahra region are Gonbad Kavous, Turkmen port, Kalaleh, Maraveh Tappeh, Kalaleh, Siminshahr, and Anbar Alum. Due to the attractive geographical location of this northern region, many tourists visit it every year and enjoy its pristine and dreamy nature. If you are also looking for a new experience, a trip to the Turkmen Sahra, the land of wild horses, could be one of the best choices for you. Iran travel agency, Iran Destination, will organize your trip to Iran. You can offer your tailor-made trip to Iran or visit our programs on the Iran tour page. You can contact to our Iranian travel agency, our agents are online to answer all your questions.

Turkmen Sahra

Where is Turkmen Sahra?

Turkmen Sahra covers the northern provinces of Golestan and North Khorasan. It also leads from the north to the Republic of Turkmenistan, from the east to Khorasan and from the south to the forested foothills of Alborz, from the west to the Caspian Sea. You can choose different routes to travel to Turkmen Sahara. But you will encounter amazing views on the road from any route. Especially if you travel to this area during Nowruz, there are many forests, plains, farms and villages in your path that you will see their greenery and beauty. This region has unique natural and historical attractions due to its vast expanse, including the world’s tallest brick tower up to a thousand valleys, a mysterious stone cemetery and authentic Turkmen horses, that each of them can be a reason to travel.

Turkmen sahara

Turkmen sahara

The best season to travel to the Turkmen Sahra

In the spring, specially in April and the first half of May, the beauty of the Turkmen Sahara reaches its peak. In general, the Nowruz holiday is the best time to travel to the Turkmen Sahra and see the vast and lush plains and other attractions. If you are visiting Turkmen Sahra for the first time, traveling with tours and using the experience of these agencies to visit the region and other issues can help you a lot.

Attractions to travel to the Turkmen Sahra

During this trip, you will have the opportunity to visit many natural and historical attractions. Here are some of the most important sights in this area to help you plan better on this trip:

Spectacular area of ​​Hezar Dareh, the tomb of Khalid Nabi and the ancient cemetery:

As you cross road, you approach the tomb of Khalid Nabi. This area is like a painting where every step you take seems to be moving in the land of dreams. The nature around Khalednabi shrine, where on one side there are the green hills and on the other side is Hezar Dareh, that you will definitely be amazed to see it. Move to the ancient cemetery to reach one of the most mysterious cemeteries in Iran. This area is the strangest place to visit in the Turkmen Sahra. The cemetery dates back to a thousand years ago and has been registered as a national monument. There is a geological phenomenon in the Turkmen Sahra region called Hezar Dareh. It is also composed of areas with loose rocks or fine sediments. There is not much vegetation in this area.

Khalid Nabi

Khalid Nabi

Gonbad-e Qabus:

During your trip to the Turkmen Sahra, one of the most important attractions to visit is the Kavous Dome or
Gonbad-e Qabus, one of the tallest brick towers in the world. The grandeur of this thousand-year-old tower, which is about 70 meters high, amazes every visitor. This historic attraction is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Gonbad-e Qabus

Gonbad-e Qabus

Land of genuine horses

Among the reasons for the Turkmen Sahra are the horses that live there. Turkmen horses was famous for their speed, endurance, and courage, and in the Achaemenid Darius Corps. These horses have also been part of the victories of Darius’ army. On a trip to the Turkmen Sahara, go to one of the horse breeding centers and meet this lovely creature.

Turkmen horses

Turkmen horses

Accommodation or where should we stay

You do not need to worry about your accommodation when you are traveling to Turkmen Sahra. In any of the towns and villages you want to stay overnight, you can rent a house or a suite from the locals. Another option is to stay in eco-lodges with a reasonable cost. The Turkmen Sahara is a cheap trip to its unique natural and historical attractions and countless tourist attractions. So, if you have the opportunity, be sure to plan a trip to Turkaman Sahra during Nowruz and go to this amazing land.

What to buy from here?

Shopping and sightseeing in the market is one of the best parts of travel. Fortunately, there are a variety of things to buy in the Turkmen Sahara. Turkmen jewelry, which is famous all over the world and is also used in their local clothes, is the first and best thing you can buy. Local clothes, long scarves and floral and cotton fabrics. Also, the very famous carpets and rugs of this region are other great souvenirs of Turkmen Sahara.

What foods should we eat?

After exploring the unique nature and buying souvenirs from the local markets, nothing can be more enjoyable than eating the native food of the Turkmen Sahara. The most famous dishes of this region are Chakdermeh, Akmak, Bolameh, Nan Chorouk, Bishmeh, Bastarmeh, Qatlama and Buruk.

What should we take with us?

Depending on the length of the trip, the type of stay and the time of year you go to the Turkmen plain, you can bring the right equipment. If you travel to this plain in early fall and spring, or even winter, it is essential to bring warm clothing. In spring and early summer, especially on the plains and highlands, the sun gets hot and scorching. So, don’t forget sunscreen hats and goggles and sunscreen. If you plan to explore the plains and nature, be sure to bring complete camping equipment.