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Saravan Forest

Saravan Forest Park is one of the attractions that can opened to create a happy day; one of the forest parks of Gilan which has a very spectacular effect. Here we go to a lake known as Lake Saravan and the pleasure of rafting it can not be compared with other rafting your life. Paintball Forest Park Saravan is also one of the reasons for the popularity of this attraction. And many refer to it for the experience of this exciting game. Take the baccarnival to Saravan Forest Park today and learn more about its beauty and pleasure opportunities.

The north of the country has many tourist spots, each of which can make memorable memories for travelers. Due to the fact that most of these areas have forests and small and large rivers, it is highly recommended for tourist trips in these areas. But in this article, we are going to go to Gilan Province and talk about the forest park of Saravan. Due to its unique nature, this park can provide you with pleasant moments. And is a great option for group trips or nature tours. For more familiarity and also watching spectacular photos of Saravan Forest Park, continue to be with us to the province of Gilan.

savaran forestWhy Saravan Forest Park?

Saravan Forest Park will give you a beautiful nature and can bring you happy moments.
This forest park has relatively good facilities for tourists and this has made it a popular destination for families and people of all ages.
The beautiful lake and the roaring river of this park. Also, its important difference with other forest parks that will surprise you with their effects.
The first forest paintball ground is located in the north of the country in this park.

Saravan Forest Park | the oldest forest in Iran

Leaving the city of Rasht and about 17 km on Rasht – Tehran road, one of the attractions of Gilan Province shows itself. Forest Park Day, etc. of the oldest areas of forest in Gilan, which set as the diverse species and Rare Plant Genetic Resources and landscapes unique in itself.
Near Forest Park Saravan to the center of the province. And proximity to the road entrance is easy access, provides, etc. makes this park among the parks of the forest, an important place, and one of the attractions of natural tourism for the city of Rasht is considered as. The park annually hosts many tourists and gives them a good memory. We’ll see together what’s going on in this park and why everyone loves it.

Always travel to nature provides an explainable climate for tourists and can bring great moments to visitors. Forest Park day of those natural attractions is according to the features in proportion to the good that for tourists provided can be nothing but the best intentions of nature for families and people of all ages, poses come. The beautiful lake and the roaring river of this park is the important difference with other forest parks that surprise you with their effects.

Forest Park day of the oldest parks war in Gilan is that, except complex of unique species, rare and diverse plant, which is genetic reserves, and eyes the size of extraordinary nature, you brings. This park is on 17-kilometer road of Rasht – Tehran, located. Near the forest park day to the center of the province and proximity to the road entrance is easy access, provides, etc. Also, makes this park one of Park Forest’s important place and is one of the natural attractions of Tourism for the city of Rasht is considered as.

savaran forestAttractions

Also, In this forest park you can use the moment of your time to create a happy memory:

1-Saravan Lake and rafting in it

On arrival to the Park Forest day on your left to look spectacular from the lake. This park clash you can see that in the beginning, such as land covered with grass. But the little that carefully to notice the presence of two boat sure that you to discovering a different invite. Also, By riding on these boats you can go into the forest.  sink in silence and serenity, enjoy the discovery of the beauties of creation.


For 10 minutes rafting on the lake should pay 20,000 USD.

2-beautiful river

Whatever you go in the park, the sound of water passing more to your ears. It tempts you to stop the moment and watch the water passing in a beautiful river. Also, The river side is the busiest part of Saravan Park and many people prefer to have a picnic here and make a happy day for themselves.

3-spectacular road

If driving on the road to every attraction another in the journey you prefer, make sure Series to Forest Park Day check up with driving on the road within the park, and the passage of time among the trees that in each season, special color, come in, experience a different for your figure check. Also, In any place where you tired, you can stop. It immerse yourself in the tranquility and beauty of this eye-catching nature.

4-paintball park Saravan

In this park there is a space to do a paintball recreation embedded and the necessary facilities for it. This place is the first forest paintball ground in the north of the country, which covers 1,200 square meters.

Cost and conditions

The minimum age to use these facilities is 10 years. Also, for entrance fee and the first 40 Tir should pay 30,000 USD.

5-four wheel motor

Another exciting pastime in this forest park is the four-wheeled engine that you can use to seasoned adrenaline and excitement.


For every 10 minutes, you must pay 25,000 USD.

6. spectacular nature and surfing

Moreover, Special features of the natural and the position of the placement. Also, The Shape of the land, plant species, unparalleled, and there is the river sefidrud, in the eastern side of the park. Moreover, the landscapes and natural beauty of the park in different places, especially in the area of Caspian it’s that you can enjoy them and immerse in watching them, sure. Walking among the soaring trees is one of the most enjoyable activities that you can do in this park.

7-picnic and photography

Above all, There required picnic facilities such as tables and benches, barbecues and… It allows you to experience happy hours with your friends and family by removing the necessary supplies and supplies.
The corner of this forest park is full of subjects. Also, They are worth registering on your camera and you can record them with good memorabilia.

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