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As you may know, Iran, a four-season land, has 23 UNESCO World Heritage sites. However, these sites have long attracted tourists from across the globe. Hopefully, foreign tourists travel to Iran to visit numerous historical and natural sites and enjoy time in a country which is home to many attractions.


according to the news, World Economic Forum (WEF) data show Iran’s ranking in tourist attraction moving higher from 114 in 2011 to 93 in 2017. It is proof to the fact that foreign tourists have not become unwilling to travel to Iran.

The Washington Post , however, expounded on visiting Iran and describes the positive results of Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal with six world powers, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), on international air traffic over Iran. Furthermore, over the past three years, many tourists have traveled to different Iranian cities including Isfahan, recognized as the cultural capital of the Muslim world, by train.

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Yes! It gets easier to visiting Iran! As foreign currencies in international level, including the US dollar and the euro, claimed ground against the Iranian Rial, the tourism industry in Iran entered a new phase, particularly for foreign visitors.
The Rial’s slide represents a unique opportunity for foreign tourists visiting Iran as their travel costs have fallen incredibly.

Necropolis, The city of dead. photo: @SamDavani

Travel to Iran: Necropolis, The city of dead. photo: @SamDavani

After a slight decline in the value of the Iranian currency in May, a tourism website wrote: “Each night of stay in an average hotel in Iran costs almost €50, a good meal-food costs between €5 and €10 while visiting tourist attractions would cost €5. Interestingly, staying in a five-star hotel for tourists favoring a luxury visit would cost between €100 and €200 per night.”
Between May and October, however, the US dollar and the euro grew 40% against the Rial, resulting in a 40% decline in travel costs for foreigners.

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In the same matter, domestic transport costs have also fallen sharply for foreign tourists due to the sharp increase in the value of the US dollar and the euro against the Rial. For instance, Tehran-Shiraz flight cost IRR 1,170,000 ($30) in March. Now, the same flight costs only $12 for a foreigner.
The same is true for land trips: Train ticket for traveling from Tehran to Isfahan would cost between $2.5 and $3.5 or traveling from Tehran to Yazd would cost $2.5.


considering the culture trip, the main tourist attractions in Iran are located in Isfahan, Shiraz, Pasargad, Yazd, Kashan, Tehran, Qeshm, and Ahvaz.
Owning to the sharp depreciation of the Rial against the US dollar and the euro, an excellent opportunity has come up for foreign tourists to visit Iran.

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