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Iran Destination is a well-operated tour operator in Iran which makes your travel to Iran easy. We suggest you to have a look on our  Iran packages tour.  Our Iran Travel Agency is ready to help you to travel to Iran. Following, read about Masuleh Village; The Cloudy Village of Iran. Masuleh village is one of the most beautiful historical villages in Iran, that have very desirable climate and triple nature of the forest, mountain and rang-elands. However, that’s why Masuleh is one of the most beautiful and historic villages in Iran.

Masuleh village; The Cloudy Village of Iran

Masuleh Village

Masuleh Village

All about Masuleh village

Interestingly, Masuleh Village is the first historic and vivid village in Iran, which is listed in the national monuments of Iran. However, the staircase houses that are built on the slopes of the mountain range is one of the reasons why this village is popular among tourists who travel to Iran.

Masuleh Village

Masuleh Village , Iran Famous Villages

However, Masuleh village is named as the diamond of northern cities of Iran and has more than 1000 years of existence. in the Zand dynasty, a group of Iranian people moved to the Masuleh district, and this village was built with this particular type of iranian architecture.

Masuleh Village


Furthermore, The type of architecture of the buildings and houses of this village has always attracted the attention of  tourists who travel to Iran. However, The special architecture and pristine nature of the Masuleh village have led tourists to travel to the village in the hot and sunny seasons as well as in snowy and cold seasons. On other hand, Masuleh village is located among many springs and waterfalls.

Architecture of Masuleh village

The architecture of Masouleh belongs to the Zandieh era and, like many other parts of our country, Iran, has been built in a stepped manner. Masouleh is built according to the climate, the slope of the land, for easier defense against looters and of course having skilled architects in the form of chains. The materials used in Masuleh staircases are wood, stone and clay. These houses are usually two-story and one-story or three-story houses are less common in this city. In general, each Masuleh house consists of two parts; Winter part and summer part. The winter part in the local language is “Sumeh”. It is a small room at the back of the house and does not have much light. In the middle of the winter part of Masouleh houses, there is an oven for cooking and preparing food and of course providing heat.


The summer living area or “counter room” has wooden sash windows decorated with beautiful and colorful glass and several side niches for dishes and utensils. This part of the house is used only in summer. In some of Masouleh’s houses, in addition to the summer residence, a room on the roof has been built, which in the local language is called “tower”.

Weather of Masuleh village

Masouleh is associated with foggy weather full of the pleasant aroma of chamomile and angelica and with a mountainous climate with lively springs full of rainy clouds. Also, this village is known for mild and cool summers, autumn with seven colors of rainbow and cold and snowy winters. Masuleh has been in severe frost for more than a month. Most days the weather is cloudy and foggy. This doubles the beauty of Masouleh. Relatively high humidity is felt in Masuleh due to heavy snow and rain. But this humidity is not only annoying due to the coolness of the air, but also very pleasant. Masuleh has more than one hundred foggy days and the average annual temperature is about 12 degrees Celsius.

The best time to visit Masouleh village

Spring in Masouleh has four seasons alone. One day it snows and one rains, one day it’s foggy and sunny, and maybe even one day it’s both sun and rain. The weather in Masouleh is mostly rainy in April and is sometimes accompanied by snow. May is often cloudy and it rains less than the previous month, while June has sunny and pleasant days. Masouleh residents are usually at home in the spring and summer. During the Nowruz holiday, Masouleh hosts a large number of travelers and tourists. In summer, Masouleh shows off her beauty with her green nature. Porches full of geranium flowers, a market full of enthusiastic tourists and roofs full of tasteful photographers are among Masuleh’s summer images.

Autumn is a great time to visit Masouleh, as the summer tourist bustle comes to an end. Nature, with its yellow and orange colors, shows its beauty to the viewer.  In autumn, you can walk in the back alleys of Masouleh in peace and quiet. Masouleh road offers you an unforgettable trip in November with yellow leaves. If you love rain, travel to Masouleh in autumn, especially in November and December. Winter is the most secluded tourist season of this stepped city. You can visit it away from the crowds of tourists with ease and peace of mind. Renting local houses in winter is cheaper than in the hot tourist seasons of Masouleh. Also, you can stay in Masouleh at an affordable price. Soup, hot beans and daisies are some of the hot and delicious dishes that you should try in Masouleh at this time of year.


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