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Never visit Iran!

This article aims to changing your preconceived ideas about this gorgeous Iran; don’t go to Iran! There is some exaggerated advertisement about Iran which are not true and do not to let you visit this glorious ancient country.

Iran is a beautiful country in many ways and there is no doubt about it. Beyond the cultural wealth and the amazing landscapes, you will experience especially the hospitality and the generous genuine nature of Iranian. At the end of this article, it is by you to decide whether visit Iran or accept this idea; don’t go to Iran!

Milad Tower , Tehran , Iran

Milad Tower , Tehran , Iran

Iran is all desert; there is no snow in Iran

There are just few countries like Iran in all over the world which has all 4 natural elements together. There are great mountains , deserts, jungles, sees, lakes, rivers and etc. which attracted the nature lovers to itself.

As a case, Iran destinations introduce you one of the great ski resorts in Iran to respond those who claim that Iran is all desert and don’t go to Iran.

Dizin Resort, which is located in the north of Iran, on the foot of Damavand Mount.

Dizin Ski Resort , Iran

Dizin Ski Resort , Iran


Iran is a country with no ancient history!

There are just few countries like Iran in all over the world which an ancient country with great history and historical attractions and also which is a four-season country.

This opportunity has made its visitors to avouch to its glory and say Wow!  wonderful Iran!

There are many historical and archaeological sites from more than 10,000 BC, from great Empires and dynasties ruled on Iran during the history. And now you can visit the ancient remains from thousands years ago in Iran.

Persia Cuneiform , Persepolis

Persia Cuneiform , Persepolis

Iranian don’t like Western People!

Iranians are known as hospitable, friendly and easygoing people among other nations. They welcome you to their country by their smiles and greetings, by their care about your nationality and as if you enjoy your time in Iran.

Iranian life is mixed with fun and joy. Traveling, playing music, dancing, family and friend gathering are their top interests. Yep! Iran is a depressing country. Never never visit it! Don’t go to Iran! Iran is all desert!

don't go to iran

Don’t Go to Iran

Iran Traditions are Boring!

There are many things that make Iran as a different wonderful destination.  It is a great country which is a unified mixture of  different nations from different tribes with their critically different lifestyles and cultures. All these cultures are engaged with happiness and dance of colors in their lifestyle, clothes and ceremonies like Norouz.  They belong all to Iran and their nationality is Iranian.

You can have a wonderful visiting from ancient cities and fallow the changes of civilization in Iran to the modern capital.

Never Visit Iran

Never Visit Iran!

Iranian food is unpalatable! 

Since Iran has a climate with four distinct seasons, you will find different types of foods which just grow in special regions in Iran. Iranians are so hospitable, so whether you try these Iranian foods in restaurants or in a house, you will for sure hear the phrase Noosh-e Jan!


Iranian Food

Iranian Food


Do you hear me?!

Don’t go to Iran. Never visit Iran! Iran is a big desert with no snow! Iranian are boring and depressing people!!!

We, Iran Destination Travel Agency, are eager to face you with the reality of Iran as one of the best and safest countries you have experienced in your life.

If you check the reliable sources, you would try to join the millions tourists that are open-mind and don’t miss this opportunity to experience gorgeous Iran.

Iran Nomad , Iran Destination Travel Agency

Iran Nomad , Iran Destination Travel Agency

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