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Rig Jen Desert in Iran

Rig Jen Desert located between Semnan and Isfahan provinces in Iran and is part of the desert plain or the central desert of Iran. Also, one of these yellow deserts is full of silence and tranquility and mystery of “Pebble Desert”, known as the Bermudi Triangle of Iran.

Besides, some of the mysteries of this vast desert are still unknown and remain a question mark in the minds of tourists and locals in the region. In addition, the climate of this desert is warm and dry like other desert areas of Iran, especially in summer when the heat is ramping up, so it is better to travel in another season.

Moreover, the Rig Jen Desert is Iran’s third largest rig. Besides, apart from all the features mentioned for each other’s desert region, this desert has two special features: being mysterious and the other being dreaded. So, perhaps not everyone dares to travel to it.


Rig Jen Desert

Rig Jen Desert


Rig Jen desert from the north to Semnan, from the south to Anarak, from the west to the desert protected area, from the northwest to Garmsar and from the northeast to the desert plain of Iran.

Also, however, most of all are attributed to Semnan province and it referred to as the Rig Geni Desert of Semnan. Moreover, the area of this vast desert is about 4,500 square kilometers and drawn on the map from the northwest to the southeast, so that the southeastern part is called the “rig tail”.


The reason for the naming of Rig Jen Desert

In the local language, rig refers to the flowing sands of the region. Also, the Jen means covered and hidden, and in fact, because the Jen hide from view, it called this name. In addition the Rig Jen desert has unknown for many years due to its unfavorable conditions for life, and because it has many sands. Besides, it known as gritty Jen. So, gritty Jen mean hidden sand dunes.

Certainty, the existence of the excruciating heat of this region may not affect in its naming, because in the Qur’an the genie introduced as fire and heat, and of course, the Rig desert of Jen is very hot.

Rig Jen Desert

Semnan Province , Iran

The Secrets of the Desert Rig Jen

The distinction between Rig Jen desert and other deserts of Iran or even the world is the mysteriousness and existence of unusual events in it. So, which has no justification. The Gritty Rig Jen Desert may not be interesting to a large number of people, but there are brave, curious and bold people who are very interested in such areas and topics.


Head One: Inexcusable Events

The anecdote about the gritty Rig Jen desert comes from the words of the villagers and even the surrounding towns. Moreover, the narratives that people tell indicate unnecessary and terrible events that cause fear and fear in the hearts of a normal listener.

Also, something like missing a child in the desert or being mad and mute someone returning from the desert. Besides, for some of these events, logical reasons have now found. For example such as the same dangerous swamps that justify the loss of people and even their bodies, but for some other incidents, such as the madness and muteness of a person who has gone to the desert and returned in this way, there is no explanation.


Second head: the existence of black stones

Black stones that are 30 kilometers below the center of the Rig Jen desert are the melting slags of mineral metals. Also, Slag obtained from impurities in metal rock when separating metal from metal rock in metal smelting furnaces.

Moreover, according to researches on these slags, these rocks obtained from copper smelting extracted from the highlands of Mount Malahadi and other copper mines in the region. Besides, the strange thing is that this method of melting has not used in Iran for many years.

In addition, on the other hand, in this method, shrubs called black razors used, today the accumulation of these razors in the site of these slags is less than other gritty areas of the geniche and this indicates their use in the past.

So, according to all these sayings, we conclude that many years ago there were people who were melting metal stones in the center of the Rig Jen. So, because there is not a drop of fresh water in this area, let alone feed


Rig Jen Desert

Rig Jen Desert , Semnan Province , Iran

Recreation in the Pebble Rig Jen Desert

Despite all the interpretations of gritty Rig Jen Desert, it may seem meaningless to have fun in it. Also, if you go wisely and accountable, you can enjoy the silence and tranquility and see the stars and the shining nights.

Besides, there are those who love exciting and cryptic journeys. Moreover, if you are one of the best options for the Rig Jen desert, it is one of the best options. Furthermore, apart from viewing desert images, some have fun with well-equipped cars or special motorcycles in the desert, some surprisingly skate on sand dunes and redoubling the excitement of travel.


Residence in Rig Jen Desert

Actually, to stay on a trip to Rig Jen desert is also the best option for hotels in Semnan or Garmsar as the closest cities to it. Besides, you can relieve of your accommodation by booking online.

Moreover, the possibility of booking online is to view the facilities and features of hotels and compare them easy in just a few minutes. Therefore, with full knowledge, you can book your desired hotel online and benefit from special discounts apart from the facilities of the site.

What we need for travelling to Rig Gen Desert

Actually, Rig Jen Desert is a great place for tourists who interest in experiencing a sense of fear and excitement. Besides, they are curious to understand its mystery. Moreover, Rig Goblin Desert is quite different from other desert areas provided for surfing and seeing the general public .Furthermore, it’s good for addressing recreations such as car rides in the desert and is only suitable for nature battalions and professional deserters.

So, on a trip to this dreaded spot of Iran, be sure to travel with people with the way and experts and don’t just travel to the desert and don’t risk your life. Besides, please don’t forget the supplies and full equipment, map, GPS and drinking water, and use the right car, for example light jeeps, to make it easier to take tourist tours to be safe.


Desert Sky at Night

Usually, in deciding to travel, it is preferable to go to pleasant and lush areas. So, being in the heart of the Rig Jen desert and viewing its unique images may only happen once in a lifetime. Also, recording memorable images of the gritty Rig Jen desert can be more fun than recording images from any other trip.

In addition, another pleasure that can only be felt in the desert is walking over the sand. Besides, a kind of walking that can’t find on any other earth. Moreover, a walk that demands twice as much energy but feels very good and enjoyable. Furthermore, with every step you take, you will not take as far forward as you would expect, and you will not distance yourself from your previous step.