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Fath Abad Garden Kerman

Fathabad Garden

Gardening in Iran has a long history and one of the places in which gardens were built alongside the springs and springs that have been cleverly designed with the proper use and management of water in Iranian history have created a beautiful and fun place for city dwellers.

 Biglerbeigi Garden or Fath Abad Garden dates back to Qajar period located 2 kilometers from Kerman. This work has been registered as one of Iran national monuments on January 1, 2009. Fath Abad Garden Kerman

Fath Abad Garden Kerman , Iran Destination

Fathabad Garden

Fath Abad Garden, or Biglerbeigi Garden, was a beautiful and prosperous garden built by Fazl Ali Khan Biglerbeigi the ruler of Kerman. This historic garden is one of the oldest gardens in Iran and was used by rulers of Kerman, which was gradually forgotten and destroyed.

The aqueduct passes through the middle of this magnificent garden and the four seasons mansions and central mansions and towers have made this a beautiful and pleasant place. Fath Abad Garden Kerman

Fathabad Garden , Kerman , Iran Destination

Fathabad Garden Reconstruction

Fortunately, it has been carefully planned and after the reconstruction, Fathabad Garden has become one of the most beautiful gardens in Iran, staring into the eye of every viewer and depicting a corner of Kerman history.

The aqueduct in the building was completely dried up, with the necessary measures and the construction of a well and desalination plant, and the full implementation of the cooperative water project in Kerman province, a water supply was carried out in the reconstruction and reconstruction.

It is a central building that has historically been of great importance and has also become one of the people’s research, agricultural, and recreational centers. In the greenery of Fathabad Garden, 6 species of medicinal plant have been cultivated in Kerman province which is of great importance and can become a significant herbal bank in the country.

Fath Abad Garden , Kerman , Iran Destination

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