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Shahdad Desert 

Shahdad is a city in Kerman Province, Iran, its population was 4,097, in 1,010 families. The distance from Kerman city to Shahdad is 95 km for driving. Besides, the local climate is hot and dry and also the main agricultural produce is date fruits.

In addition , in 20 KM from Shahdad, there is a desert camp with a fantastic kaluts which registered to UNESCO world heritage site. Also, it has some facilities such as Water, electricity, WC, an outdoor amphitheater, sun bathing, sleeping in the sand and relaxing in 35 Pergola that made with palm leaves.

Moreover ,there are hundreds of natural towering sculptures covering in Shahdad desert sounds tempting to any adventurous traveler. In addition, it has been among the most popular touristic destinations in Iran recently. Also, after visiting Kerman and its attractions such as Shahzadeh Garden, you can head to Shahdad city and continue your way towards the desert in Kerman-Bam road.

Besides, reaching this desert is not as easy as other touristic deserts in the center of Iran and due to its remote location, it recommended to rent a car or simply take a tour with an experienced guide to organize you a desert camp.

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Shahdad desert camp and kaluts Hottest place on earth

Lut Desert

Lut Desert divided into three sections: The northern, central and southern sections. The central section, which is the largest part of Lut Desert, also reaches its lowest altitude. Also, there are several kalouts, a moving sand castle that built one day and moves on the next, in this region that extends from central Lut to the west.

Furthermore, the altitude is a mere 56 meters above sea level and  record as the lowest region in Iran and not only the hottest place in Iran, but the hottest place on Earth. So, they call this place ‘Gandom Beryan’, which means roasted grain.Also,tThe temperature in Lut Desert can exceed 70˚C in the shade, which makes it even hotter than ‘Death Valley’.

Kalouts in Shahdad Desert

If  Kaluts in Shahdad desert is a natural occurrence which its scientific name is Yardang that recently is becoming more popular in Iran tourism. The erosion of air and water has created such this amazing structures over the yearsA trip to the uncharted desert and the fantastic city of Kalout, in southeastern province of Kerman.

Genesis Kalouts of Shahdad Desert

These geological landforms  known as “Kalouts” that raised from the sands and water. These created by the wind and are among the most mysterious and astonishing attractions located at the edge of Dasht-e-lut in the center of Iran. This magnificent region has been listed among the World Heritage sites of the world, registered by UNESCO.

The Kalouts mainly caused by strong winds of Semnan, which blow 120 days of the year between Junes to October and erodes the wall of the Kalouts. Another important natural phenomenon which influences the formation of these giant mud sculptures is only permanent river of Dasht-e Lut, stemming from the north-western mountains of Birjand. It is called Roud-Shour (Briny River) and contains a huge amount of salt and minerals.

The Kalouts made a scenery like the ruins of an empty city with huge rocky houses that’s why some locals call it “the ghost city”. No life exists here and this desert considered to be an abiotic zone, meaning no creature or plant survives in such severe condition. In fact, as you move towards the Kalouts in Shahdad from Sirch city, less and less plants are observable.

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Shahdad desert camp and kaluts Hottest place on earth

Antiquity of Shahdad Desert

The sharp rise of air temperature in July has left an adverse impact on agriculture in the disadvantaged sections of Shahdad. Also, Shahdad is one of the largest parts of Iran and most ancient parts of the Kerman province can see here from the fourth millennium BC to the contemporary Islamic periods, such as graveyards, castles, inns, etc. There are salt marshes in Shahdad desert, which we cannot find nowhere in the world like it. The world’s oldest metal flag as a “flag of Shahdad” has  discovered in this area. Shahdad residents believed to kinds of God in the past.

Although, today no human inhabitations exist here. Also, archeologists believe that bronze potteries, sculptures and jewelry unearthed in Shahdad. Besides, it belong to a 6000-year-old civilization and share many resemblances with Shahr-e Sukhteh (Burnt City) archaeological site in Sistan and Baluchistan province, which during the emergence of the urban epoch was one of the world’s largest cities.

In addition, the oldest awl ever found in Iran has  discovered in Shahdad. Therefore, this region  considered to be significant among anthropologists and geologists, both naturally and historically. Also ,this area is one of the top destinations for foreign tourists, especially European tourists.


Kaluts, Lut Desert , Shahdad

Shahdad Desert Characteristics and services

Nebka trees, which vase-shaped sand dunes formed around vegetation made Kalouts one of the most beautiful attractions of Shahdad Desert. Also, their heights in some cases reach 10 meters (Nebka trees of Africa deserts are only 3 meters high).

The clear sky makes it possible to appreciate a wonderful sunset or sunrise. Besides, observing the stars in Shahdad’s clear sky with no light pollution would definitely be a highlight of their trip to Iran.

Moreover, there are some Eco-lodges, camps and local houses in Shahdad Desert. Also, let you accommodate here for a few days to enjoy photographing enigmatic sceneries during the peaceful silence of the day and watching the dazzling starry sky of the desert at nights.

Furthermore, if you are seeking exciting activities. Also, you can Rent a safari car and a guide to search the vast land of Shahdad. You can riding a camel or have a conversation with the locals. Besides, other visitors to get familiar with their lifestyle and culture. Besides, another joyful action will be trekking the dunes barefoot to sense the warmth and softness of the sands.

Best time to visit Shahdad Desert

In Addition, it recommended to visit the Shahdad only during the coolest seasons of the year. Because the region renowned as one of the hottest locations in the world. Here is one of the best options for traveling to Iran during autumn and winter.


Kaluts, Lut Desert , Shahdad

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