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Persian Carpet Museum

Carpet-weaving is undoubtedly one of the most distinguished manifestations of Iranian culture and art. Also, Iranian carpet weaving center such as Kashan, Kerman, Isfahan, Tabriz, Khorasan, Kordestan are the famous ones ,as the materials used in  their carpets including wool and cotton, Which they  are displayed in the Persian Carpet Museum in Iran.

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Carpet Museum

Carpet Museum

Carpet Museum Tehran

In 1978, the founder Museum of Iran established this museum with a limited number of Persian carpet and kilims, in order to revive and develop the art of carpet-weaving in the country and to provide a source to satisfy the needs for research about the historical background and evolution of this art.

Carpet museum of Iran with a beautiful architecture and facade resemble a carpet-weaving loom. It is located on northwest of Laleh Park in Tehran borrowing part of this beautiful park. It is in 7-8 minutes walking distance to Contemporary Art Museum. Also, just north of the Museum of the Contemporary Art, the carpet Museum houses more than 100 pieces dating from the 17th century to the present day. Also, it is the great place to see the full range of regional patterns and styles found in Iran, plus a few unique carpets such as the Tree of Kings and Notable.

Persian Carpet Museum

Persian Carpet Museum

It is composed of two exhibition galleries in two floors covering an area of 3400 m2. Also, the ground floor gallery is for permanent exhibitions of astonishing designs and works and the upper floor gallery is considered for the temporary exhibitions of carpets, kilims and carpet museum.

The museum itself was designed by Queen Farah Diba and mixes classic ‘70s style with carpet-inspired function – the exterior is meant to resemble threads on a loom, which cool down the main building by casting shadows on its walls.

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