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Abarkooh Cypress Yazd

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About Abarkooh Cypress in Yazd

Abarkooh Cypress in Yazd, Zoroastrian Sarv or Sarv Abarkooh is one of the national natural monuments of Iran. Moreover, The Abarkooh Cypress, located in Abarkooh, is one of the oldest living things in the world. Also, the trunk environment of this tree on earth is eleven and a half meters. Moreover, Abarkooh Cypress attracts many visitors from inside and outside the country every year.

Abarkooh is a city in Yazd province. Also, Abarkooh Cypress is one of the oldest trees in the world seen in one of the most ancient regions. Moreover, Cypress is a tree that has always associated with the history of Iranians. Besides, Abarkooh cypress has a different story. Furthermore, imagine that you’ve living on Earth for about 4,500 years.

Abarkooh Cypress is the oldest living heritage of Iran. In addition, it is very important to protect. So, to see Abarkooh Cypress in Yazd province and visit this city along with other foreign and Iranian tourists.

Abarkooh Cypress

Abarkooh Cypress , Iran

Location of Cypress in Abarkooh County

Abarkooh is one of the oldest cities in Yazd province. Also, there are different historical sites in this region. Besides, among the attractions in this city are

  • The Excellent Dome of Abarkuh Jame Mosque
  • GonbadKhanehAdobe Glacier
  • Sollat House
  • Aziz al-Din Nasafi Mausoleum

Moreover, one of the works that exists here and registered in the national monuments of the country in February 1997 is the house of Aghazadeh. Behind the 20,000 rial bills, you can see the photo of this house and its famous wind catcher. In addition, the house wind catcher is 18 meters high.

Abarkooh has 2 old Cypress trees

The historical city of Abarkooh has 2 old Cypress. So, one of which is still fresh and lush after 45 centuries, and in the desert arena of Yazd province, it remains resistant and has surprised the world.

Moreover, the tree, as well as the 1,200-year-old cedar, is one of the 143 historical, cultural, natural and spiritual monuments of the region. Also, that registered in the National Heritage List, the ancient of Abarkooh Cypress due to its historical and natural history has the importance of global registration.

In addition, this plant creature is one of the most prominent natural attractions of Yazd province. Also, many travelers and tourists have visited this natural attraction in the past years during the Nowruz and summer holidays.

Abarkooh Cypress

The oldest Cypress of the World , Yazd , Iran


When researchers studied the dating of this cedar, scientists from Japan and Russia concluded that it had a life of about 8,000 years. Also, more detailed studies conducted after Russian scientist showed that Abarkooh Cypress was between 4,000 and 4,500 years old.

In addition, Scientist estimated the tree’s life to be 4,000 to 4,500 years. Also, then Russian visitors to Japan and Russia estimated the tree’s life to be up to 7,000 years. Furthermore, Abarkooh Cypress has a great scientific value, history and beauty .besides, it has registered as the natural heritage of Iran after Damavand peak.

Moreover, the book “Nzat al-Qulub”, written by Hamdullah Mostofi in 740 AH, describes, “It is a survey that has a great reputation in the world. If Cedar Kashmir and Balkh have a reputation and now this is taller and bigger than them.”

Besides, Abarkooh Cypress selected as the third national natural work in 2004 .Furthermore, it registered in this list. So, many people have come to see this cedar so far, calling it very strange and perhaps mysterious.


There are many mythological stories about Abarkooh Cypress. Also, some believe that the seedlings of this Cypress planted by Noah (a). Moreover, others say that nahal planted by the son of Noah, Yaffeth.

In addition, there are other myths that believe that Abarkooh Cypress has a certain spirit that can prop itself up. Besides, all these myths are stories that prove impossible. So, the important thing is that this Cypress continues to live and amazes people.

Characteristics of Abarkooh Cypress

Abarkooh’s magnificent Cypress is one of the Cypress species of Shiraz and one of the Mediterranean cedars of this tree is called cuppresus sempervirens. Besides, its high estimated to be between 25 and 28 meters.Also, its trunk diameter is 5.4 meters and many domestic and foreign scientists and experts consider this tree as one of the oldest trees in the world.

Abarkooh Cypress

Abarkooh Cypress , Yazd Province , Iran

Appearances of Abarkooh Cypress

Abarkooh Cypress is currently 25 meters high. Also, the tree cane is about 14 meters long and its trunk is about 4 meters. Besides, the branches of Abarkooh Cypress have a diameter of 1.85 meters and surrounded by a very magnificent tree.

In addition, this tree is the second oldest tree in the world after the masla tree (spruce in the White Jabal Dynasty Mountains) in California. Furthermore, Abarkooh cypress species is a Mediterranean cypress with the scientific name Cuppresus Sempervirens.

National Work and Symbol for Cypress

Cypress symbol known as one of the most important symbols in ancient Persia. Also, in paintings and ancient monuments such as Achaemenes carvings in Takht-e Jamshid, the symbol of the tree and in particular, served.

In addition, in the Old Iranian culture, it is stated: “Cedar, because it is an evergreen tree, has always been of particular importance in Iran. Besides, Abarkooh cypress, which called Zoroastrian cedar, is a symbol of this.”

Necessary measures for the maintenance of Abarkooh Cypress

Abarkooh Cypress should introduce by us Iranians to the next generations. Also, in order to prevent any damage to the old tree and preserve it as a lasting legacy for presenting to the next generations.

So, it needs detailed studies have prepared and approved for the maintenance of the national natural effect of Abarkooh Cypress for organizing and managing cedar. Therefore, in this plan, we have tried to see all conservation considerations, tourism and urban services together .Besides, by creating comprehensive and durable coordination and management. Furthermore, maintaining the health of the tree as much as possible in the field of exploitation of sustainable tourism perspectives

Efforts to register the world of Abarkooh Cypress

The Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, who visited Abarkooh Cypress on February 3, 2019. So, in a visit to the old Cypress of the city, explained the world registration capabilities of this natural attraction. Besides, for the global registration of the works of countries, there is a certain quota that the (UNESCO) will determine. Therefore, at the same time we will try to register this natural work globally.

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