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Shopping in Iran: Where to go for your souvenirs

Have you ever wondered what a souvenir philosophy is? Why should those who travel bring souvenirs with them in Iran Tourism?

Of course there should be no, and it is official that it is not so troublesome to bring it beautiful and not bring it. Also, bringing souvenirs actually means that we would have liked our loved ones to accompany us on the trip and Iran Tourism, but since this opportunity was not provided, we provide a small gift from where we traveled to show that despite the great distance, they remembered that they were alive in our minds or, for example, we were not single eaters:)

Besides, aside from accepting this, we get to know what the city souvenirs we’ve traveled to and where we can get the best kind of souvenirs. Moreover, in this article, we are going to introduce you to the important souvenirs of different cities of Iran and tell you where to get each of them.

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Tabriz Iran Tourism

Tabriz is one of the cities from which no one will come out empty. Certainly, you can neither resist the city’s delicious dishes nor its unique crafts. Examples of Tabriz souvenirs: Nogha, Qarabieh, Baklava, Eris, Basluq, Rosary Chocolate, Lighvan cheese, rugs, carpet tableaus and leather shoes that you can buy as souvenirs on a trip to this city.Iran Tourism


In our opinion, Isfahan has half the world of food and handicrafts for souvenirs in Iran tourism. So, make sure your card is full before you travel and after your luggage trip. Also, the city of Isfahan has so many different foods such as gaz, sequins, candy, honey and various handicrafts such as enamel, pencil, zarbaft fabrics, etc. It is likely that no matter how much you buy, it is still low.


The most famous souvenir is Isfahan, which the Isfahani themselves use in Ira reception of the guest. But Gaz’s popularity goes beyond that, and it’s also a delicious dish of interest to foreign tourists. Besides, most of them, when they first try these delicious souvenirs in Isfahan, smile of satisfaction sits on their lips. Also, Kermani Gaz is one of the old gaz shops in Isfahan that has been operating in this area for more than 100 years; so feel comfortable about the quality. Furthermore, the central branch of this store is at Takhti Crossroads, Abdolrazaq Street, but at Isfahan Airport and Metro Pol Commercial Complex, there are thirty-three bridges that you can buy souvenirs from any of these branches.

Pug Iran Tourism

Isfahan’s flagship arts as well as Isfahan souvenirs are pugs. Pug containers often have blue and white backgrounds. The art dates back about five thousand years and is very attractive to buy these dishes as mementoes or souvenirs. You can buy beautiful pug dishes from Nagorro-E jahan square craft stores.


We arrived in the city of flowers and nightingales, whose name probably evokes delicious foods that you can try during your trip there. Besides, on a trip to Shiraz, your soul’s food is provided, both the body and in this regard, your hand is open to choosing souvenirs. Moreover, from distillates and lemons to Muscaty, Yokheh, Faloudeh and Halva are all your options for buying souvenirs in Iran Tourism.

In addition, it is impossible not to describe the smell of citrus Aurantium in May of Shiraz. Besides, Citrus Aurantium is one of the best souvenirs you can buy from Shiraz. Citrus aurantium syrup or dried flowers have a unique flavor and aroma and many benefits. Moreover, to buy Citrus Aurantium, we recommend you to go to Ahmadi Three Ways and get citrus Aurantium from the shops in this place.


Muscaty is Shiraz’s most famous pastry, which is eaten both separately and alongside Jocheh and has a very delicious taste. Also, Muscaty has many different types, of which Muscaty Larestan is one of the most famous. If you want to buy this delicious souvenir in Shiraz, go to Chaharsouq Bazaar Vakil. Moreover, from the confectionery of this place, you can buy the most delicious Muscaty and Yokes of Shiraz and drink.

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MashhadIran Tourism

Mashhad is one of those cities that it is not possible to return empty-handed. Besides, as many hairs as you have the option to buy souvenirs and you practically have no excuse not to do it:) Moreover, Saffron, candy, dried fruits, barberry, Jilly Bailey, perfume, turquoise, carpet, seal and rosary are just a number of souvenirs in Mashhad. Iran Tourism


Saffron, known as Iranian red gold, is one of the most important souvenirs of Mashhad. In addition, Saffron divided into four types based on the amount of coloring: category, pushal, sergel and negini, which are the most expensive type of saffron and have the highest coloring. Besides, there are different places in Mashhad to buy saffron, for example, you can go to The Saharkhiz Saffron Dealership on Ahmadabad Street in Mashhad.Iran Tourism




Turquoise is one of the other souvenirs of Mashhad that has been used as a jewel since a long time. Also, one of the best gifts you can buy as souvenirs from Mashhad is turquoise stone, which is sold both as a lonely stone, as a ring, necklace, earrings, bracelets and even a rosary. Besides, one of the suitable places to buy turquoise in Mashhad is Turquoise Shopping Mall, which has both variety and reasonable price.


Welcome to The Sweet City of Iran. Also, Yazd is one of those cities where travelers suddenly come into their own and see that their luggage is full of sweets. Besides, Qatab, Baklava, Cotton candy, Yazdi Cake, Halva Ardeh, Narration, Haj Badoumi, Window Bread, Sohan, Luz is an example of delicious yazd pastries. Moreover, of course, along with all these delicious foods, do not neglect yazd handicrafts such as cashmere, asset weaving, poetry weaving and Zillow.Iran Tourism

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Qatab Iran Tourism

One of the most important souvenirs and delicious sweets of Yazd is that its cooking has been common since Qajar. Also, this sweet is popular not only in Iran but also outside Of Iran, and baking and exporting it is one of the ways to make a living for the people of Yazd.Besides, Yazd’s most famous qatab is sold in Haj Khalifa Ali Rah leader’s confectionery.

One branch is in Amir Chamaq Square in Yazd and the other on Jomhuri Boulevard, next to Imamzadeh Seyed Jafar Mohammad. Furthermore, if you have access to these two branches, which is better, but since these two branches may be a little crowded due to their proximity to Yazd hotels, you can go to Safaieh branch, usually this branch is more private than the other two branches.

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Termeh is one of Yazd’s handicrafts that are popular among travelers as a souvenir. Also, in Yazd, silk and wool are used for cashmere weaving. Some of the best roles of Termeh weaving in Yazd include: Bete Jaghehi, Shah Abbasi, Bete Kherqa, Shah Guzani. Termeh fabric can be used as tablecloths, bedsheets, janmazi, curtains and shawls, and even bags and shoes. Moreover, to get good Termehin Yazd, go to Imam Khomeini Street and Termeh Hosseini Store in Yazd. Iran Tourism


In Kermanshah, there are also a variety of souvenirs that come from the taste and art of this line. Besides, examples of these souvenirs include rice bread, kak, date bread, animal oil, kilims and giveh that you can buy for your friends and acquaintances as a relic. So, you will not return empty-handed from a trip to this beautiful province. Iran Tourism

Kerman Iran Tourism

Kerman souvenirs from a variety of foods such as cumin, clamped, komach, qatab, qawut, faloudeh to handicrafts, herbal medicines and agricultural products such as citrus, no travelers and tourists from this beautiful desert city do not return empty-handed. So, don’t worry about buying souvenirs in Kerman. Iran Tourism

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