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Kashan Bazaar

Kashan Bazaar, Kashan is one of the main tourist hubs in Iran, and many domestic and foreign travelers travel to Kashan city annually to visit the rosewater ceremony. The city is full of tourist attractions that are located in very few distances together. So during a day you can see most of its tourist areas. In this article from the Journal of Tourism Eli patrol want about the market, the traditional Kashan talk about that as one of the national monuments of Iran 1355 is registered. Continue along with us on a trip to Kashan to be more about the characteristics and history of the traditional market, Kashan, service information, ” she said.

Kashan bazaar

Kashan bazaar

As above, also said the traditional Bazaar of Kashan, one of the monuments worthy of the city. It is one of the national monuments of Iran also remains. The market continues from the middle of Baba Afzal Street to the state gate and has numerous monuments in its place. The monuments that I have called it the meat eaten is also the words of the mosque square. Mir Emad, the caravanserai, deaths, five, etc. charcoal، Qaffar pour, ligaments, etc. and further in. Naraghi data. main team famous Amin al-Dawlah, in the market Miyanchal, the main team is part of main team Sayyid sir, main team Sabbaq, water stock above market, Water barn door chains, etc. in case, the hole, twine, etc. mosque shoes doses, etc., mosque, top of the market and the mosque Tamaqchi can also be.

Kashan Bazaar

In each of the episodes the traditional market of Kashan. Also the activities of the guild is certain is done for example in parts of its people to Mesgari and dyeing and the parts other than the traditional market of Kashan. Who else can see that he’s busy, shoes, embroidery, etc. leave and tailoring are. It should be noted that in the traditional market of Kashan can find the best and most desirable souvenirs, Kashan, such as a variety of sweets and Araqijat make.

You can see a tea stand at one of its entrances exactly where you can sit and watch a steady stream of shoppers pass. The 19th-century Hammam-e Khan is a popular spot for a tea and Qalyan (water pipe) in the late afternoon.

When you’re done exploring the indoor market, make sure to go to the roof as well. There, you’ll find a great view of a vast landscape dotted with domes, all having the bazaar’s colorful world under their pale tan exteriors. When you done exploring the indoor market, make sure to go to the roof as well. There, you’ll find a great view of a vast landscape dotted with domes, all having the bazaar’s colorful world under their pale tan exteriors.

Kashan bazaar

the roof of Kashan bazaar

A brief history of the traditional Kashan market

If you want a history of the market, traditional Kashan say this monument valuable in the time of The Fatahli Shah Qajar. It was established and the reason it extra stability. It was the political situation and national industries to the country. All of these items made in this market caravanserai, timcheh and several markets. One of the most important buildings in the bazaar. There are market new Mesgarha and Farrukh Khan Amin Al-Ghafari is that because of good design and luxury that had in the whole of Iran and like also not.

Over a hundred and twenty large and small shops with front porches. And balconies from the state gate or current municipal square to Faiz Square and the front of the mosque square also built. In the distance between the shop also several caravanserai wide in front of each other with Chahrsou and corrugated, also built at the end of each shop to Apron caravanserais in the window, and bright as well.

Professor Edward Brown has also said about the cogs market: “The Kashan copper market with the permanent sound of the hammer that eats on copper, and the furnaces in which copper turns red are one of the spectacular parts of the Orient.”

Kashan bazaar

Kashan bazaar

Kashan Bazaar

After market Mesgarha most famous of the market in the traditional Bazaar Kashan was mint of Kashan. It is in the upper part of the market and near the mosque of the field are also located. A pair of large wooden door that such monuments ago from the Safavids to be expected. Also in this market can be seen, a bit of poetry on the wooden door market, the Mint is also written that is as follows:

“For the benefit of the people, chow Foundation became eight hundred and eighty-eight”

A large number of markets available in the market, traditional Kashan now gone, including the ambassadors of great and Famous, which is generally the so-called local to them, passing or crossing is also said to be low, and over the number of those that remained, respectively, is also the name of the pass gate in Isfahan, Iran.

The traditional market Kashan, Iran in the Safavid era. It is also at the peak of the boom, especially at the time of the reign of Shah Abbas the first. Also tourists, much to the market when they buy and sell a lot in it as well, done. But gone from the importance of this market. It reduce and the current market, Kashan, the remnants of the ancient market, made-in fact, hand art, architects, Qajar era.


When you go to the traditional market of Kashan, apart from the sort of coppers, Goldsmiths, shoes and water reservoirs in this market, try to go to the markets of mienchal, property, mint and colors. Each of these buildings built in a certain period. Mi-CHAL is also the main focus of the market, and unlike other patterns, this market also has no linear shape. The complex includes several elements such as Timcheh, Serra, water reservoir and school mosque.

Other attractions that in the market for traditional Kashan. There are also Caravansarai that made of the caravanserai charcoal XHamster caravanserai. And Mirpanj of the most important and the most famous of the courtyard market, traditional Kashan. The importance of the caravanserais of this direction was that the merchants. It is to buy into this market came in the residence, has lived. And because it is also close to being it to the main gate of the city has also been.

The traditional Kashan Bazaar registere as one of the historical monuments of the country in 1976.

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