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Spring In Shiraz Gardens

Shiraz, with great figures such as Sa’di and Hafez, and later other poets who have already followed literary indicators, is known as the city of poetry in Iran. Also, it has a national and global reputation in terms of numerous gardens to the city of gardens and flowers and nightingales. Besides, the garden has a special place in Iranian culture and Shiraz has long known for its beautiful gardens. In addition, today, most of the gardens of this city are located in the northwest of it and in Qasrdasht, chamran and Maaliabad areas. Moreover, a number of gardens in Shiraz are historically very important and considered as important tourism centers.

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In addition, if you want to travel to a place where the sound of birds, lush trees and skyrocketing and pleasant weather turns the hum of life into a dream life, don’t forget the dream gardens of Shiraz. Besides, that attract tourists like a painting board and turn the eyes of every viewer for hours.

Moreover, spring is beautiful everywhere. But in Shiraz all these beauties with the pleasing aroma of Citrus Aurantium in the dreamy and historical gardens are spectacular and most importantly the hospitality of Shirazis draws tourists to this city and province.

Of course, few people in our country who have not traveled to Shiraz. But the beauty, cool climate of this city is a strong reason to travel again to the city of historical gardens of Iran. Also, if it is the first time that you travel to Shiraz, it recommended to visit the most beautiful and dreamy gardens in Iran.


Shiraz Gardens

Persian garden is a garden based on architecture and its constituent elements such as geometric structure, water and trees and middle koshk, etc. mainly in the Iranian plateau and surrounding areas influenced by its culture.

In Iranian literature, the Persian garden is called “Baghsara”, Pardis or Ferdows, Bustan or Bostan. The word “new Persian garden” and “persian garden translation”

Shiraz known as the city of flowers and birds in Iran is the most pleasant in Farvardin and Ordibehest (April and May). With its many orange gardens,you can almost smell the scent of spring everywhere in the city.

Shiraz has so many beautiful gardens, Eram, Afif Abad, Jahan Nama and Delgosha are just some of them.The particular tree which is planted in these gardens are orange trees and their blooming season is March and April.Shiraz gardens are ornate in different manners with this aromatic trees.In below we are going to introduce some of these gardens where you can visit during your trip to Iran:

Ghavam Naranjestan palace

One of the most important orange gardens of Shiraz which was built during Qajar dynasty .Most of the miniature paintings of the building was done by Lotf Ali Khan Soratgar the famous miniaturist of that period.


Delgosha Garden as Shiraz Gardens

The history of this garden dates back to Sassanid period and is located near Saadi tomb. Almost all of the trees of the garden are citrus specially orange gardens which makes Delgosha garden extremely delightful during the blooming season of orange trees. The garden also has a beautiful pavilion in the center of it.

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Eram garden

Maybe one of the most famous Gardens of Iran  built in the late period of Zandiyeh dynasty. From the point of view of architecture, painting and tile-working is a masterpiece of Qajar period. The two pillars of the building is inspired by Persepolis and on the frontal head of are the paintings of Shahname histories.

In addition, it  called Golshan is one of the oldest gardens of the city. Also, the architecture inspired by Achaemenid too. Besides, in front of the building is a tile-work showing the crowning of a Sassanid king.

Afifabad Garden (Golshan) as Shiraz Gardens

Another garden in Shiraz, which is full of citrus aurantium on spring days, is Afifabad Garden (Golshan). Also, this garden located at the end of Afifabad Street in Shiraz and near the masfa gardens of Qasrdasht in Shiraz. Besides, its air freshness is twofold in terms of its influence on the climatic texture of the region. In addition, the garden purchased by the army at auction in 1961 and is now an army property, but it is open to the public by providing tickets.

Moreover, the wooden door of the garden entrance located on the northern side and a large rectangular pond. Besides, the surrounding trees stare the eye at the beginning of the entrance to the garden. Also, inside the garden, a very beautiful palace decorated with beautiful tiles and stone columns like the pillars of Persepolis. Furthermore, in this traditional coffee shop garden, there is a treasury bath and two military museums and a sign.


Nazar Garden

Nazar Garden is another masterpiece of Zandiyeh era, now known as the Pars Museum. Also, it now located in downtown Shiraz and south of Karimkhani Citadel.



Jahannama Garden as Shiraz Gardens

Jahan Nama Garden is a beautiful garden that located near Hafez Mausoleum and on Qur’an Street since the period of Al Muzaffar and Al Inju. Besides, the garden built during the Zandiyeh era. Also, there is an octagonal mansion with a brick façade. Furthermore, it built by KarimKhan Zand in 1185 AH and remains intact to this day. Moreover, the garden’s flowers make it one of the most beautiful gardens in Shiraz.


Janet Garden

Jannat Garden, a garden in the south of Shiraz city, remains the first road in Bushehr from the Qajar period. Besides, it has high-stature cedars, national fountains, lawn mowing and beautiful floristry. Also, in the past, there was a beautiful building belonging to Mashri al-Mulk in this garden, which today has no sign of it. Moreover, Part of this garden today is a place to accommodate Nowruz travelers as well as a space for cyclists and exercises related to the sport.

If you choose to travel Iran during March and April you can visit these pleasing garden along with Fin garden in Kashan or Dowlat Abad garden in Yazd.

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