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Anahita Temple

Anahita temple Bishapour is one of the most famous buildings in ancient city of Bishapur in Iran. This cubic structure is about 14 high and was built with clean cut stones attached together with metal staples inspired by Acheamenid architecture in Sassanid period.

There was no roof for it from the beginning. The roof was open due to the easy flow of water into the Shapur River so that the stored water could be drained off the aqueduct near the temple. Furthermore, the temple has no ceiling and was built 6 meters lower than the surface to direct the flow of Shapur river into it.

Anahita Temple Bishapur , Iran Destination

Anahita Temple Bishapur , Iran Destination

Who is Anahita?

Anahita is a goddess of Aryan and is known as the goddess of all the waters of the world. However, this goddess was so highly regarded among the Zoroastrians that Ahura Mazda and Zoroastrians also praised her.

Moreover, Anahita temple was a place for admiring water and its goddess, Anahita. Interestingly, cow is a sign for Anahita which is a symbol of Water Goddess. This Cow is also resembled fertility that is curved in stones in symmetrical positions above the temple.

However, this temple is a fascinating building not only from architectural point of view but also because of the great system for dividing and controlling water.

Iran Destination , Anahita Temple of Bishapur

Anahita Temple is not only located in Fars Province, but also in Kermanshah Province and Kangavar province, which is known as Persia’s second stone building after Persepolis.

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