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Fire Temple of Yazd

Fire Temple of Yazd dates back to the Pahlavi era and dates back to 80 years ago. Also, the fire inside it has remained lit for more than 1,500 years. Besides, in fact, it is a fire from the Karian Fire temple in Larestan, which brought to Aqda, Yazd.

Moreover, it kept bright for nearly 700 years. Then, moved from Aqda to Ardakan in 522 and lit in Ardakan for nearly 300 years. Furthermore, until it moved from Ardakan to Yazd in 852. So, the fire continued in Yazd, first held in a neighborhood called Khalaf Khan Ali. Furthermore, in the home of a great chaplain named “Chaplain Shooter Azargashb”. Thus, in 1934, after the fire built, he took inside.

In addition, officials at the valuable Zoroastrian monument have handed over the fire to a trusted and trusted person. Besides, the Zoroastrian Fire temple of Yazd, has been a lovely place to visit domestic and foreign tourists in recent years. Also, visitors will only allow to see the holy fire from behind the glass. So, according to the people and Zoroastrians of Yazd and according to the Zoroastrian faith, human souls should not treat with pure fire.


Geographical location of Fire Temple

Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Yazd is one of the sights of Yazd and located on Shahid Montazer Ghaem Boulevard, Ayatollah Kashani Street, facing Akbar Road.

Also, these headstones and flowering stones at the bottom of the walls are among the artists and artists of Isfahan province. Besides, after shaving the stones in Isfahan, have transferred them to Yazd. Moreover, it seems that the tiles carried out in Forouhar’s painting above the entrance of the Zoroastrian Fire Temple have carried out by artists in Yazd province. In addition, Designers and masters have decorated the walls inside the building with forms of Zoroastrian images and sentences derived from the Avesta Bible, very beautiful and artistic.

History of Yazd Fire Temple

Yazd province is home to several famous Zoroastrian temples. Besides, it is one of the reasons why Zoroastrians all over the country and the world attracted to this beautiful province. Also, Fire Temple is one of the sacred monuments of Zoroastrianism dating back to November 1934, during the First Pahlavi era.

In addition, it seems that this place built with the capital of a Zoroastrian named Homaba’i. Besides, in a plot of land that built with the efforts of a number of Zoroastrians in Iran, including the Amanat brothers, with the help of funds donated by the Indian Parsian Association, on an endowed land called Ardeshir Mehraban Rostam Amanat. Also, the map of the house of fire said to have drawn by Persian engineers.


Customs of Worship in Fire Temple

Entering Fire Temple, which considered as a Zoroastrian Fire temple and as it exists for hierarchical worship, has always accompanied by special rituals for Zoroastrian worshipers. Also, because in Zoroastrian religion, men and women must use white hats. Besides, they scarves as well as brightly colored clothing, respectively. Besides, Wearing shoes, which has long not permitted in Iranian culture to enter holy places. Also, it was one of the prohibitions for entering the fire temples. Furthermore, after Islam, these practices observed in entering mosques. Moreover, as well as the cleanliness of the worshipers is another law of entering the mansion.

In addition, when the Yazd Fire Temple came to the list of historical monuments of the country a group of Zoroastrians did not agree with this. Also, because they believed that by entering the complex tourists would destroy the tranquility of the worshipers and the cleanliness of this place. Besides, which has a high status in the Zoroastrian religion, will destroy. Furthermore, due to the high request of tourists to visit this place, part of it intended for visitors.


Other Fire Temples in Iran

One of the fire temples that protected the fire of Varahram known as the Azarfarnbegh Fire Temple. Also, it located in karian city of Fars. Besides, in the 10th century CE, officials and guards of this fire forced to move it to the great fire temple of the city. In addition, because of the enemies’ attack on the city of Yazd. However, the fire destroyed in 513 AH and forced the Zoroastrians to relocate their holy fire. So, they went to a cave located in Mount Eshkeft yazdan and kept varahram fire from aliens for 30 years.

In addition, this continued until Reza Shah’s order granted permission to build a fire temple in Yazd. Finally, with this official authorization, the Zoroastrians  able to have a place of worship without the hardships of the past. Besides, the fire, in a large bronze container, kept in a glass chamber, above ground, in a nearly wide room and in a place far from sunlight. Also, other rooms for Zoroastrian rituals and rituals intended by the architects of this valuable building.


Yazd Fire Temple Architecture

By examining the buildings that used as fire temples, we will come to the principle that since ancient times. Besides, the fire temples have designed and built without any luxuries and glamour and as a simple and sacred place. Also, like its peers, Yazd Fire Temple has a simple and beautiful architecture and design.

Moreover, the design of Yazd Fire temple based on the hierarchy and spatial scope of The Persian Temples of India. Also, the architecture of this building, has the same patterns of Iranian architecture. Besides, the building located in the center of the courtyard and surrounded by evergreen trees. Furthermore, its height reaches 21 meters above the ground and  it is necessary to cross 8 embedded stairs.

In addition, Forouhar‘s painting and stone headstones have brought a special imposing and beautiful beauty to Yazd fire temple building. Also, it can state that the architecture used in this sacred work is one of the contemporary architectural works of Yazd by artist makers in 1934.



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